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Ream, J.J.
Reed, Richard Jr.
Reeve, Thomas T.
Ripley, Sylvanus
Ripsom, Joseph B.
Ripsom, William M.
Roberts, Griffith
Roberts, John
Roe, Gilbert W.
Roenitz, Henry
Rounds, Erastus, George, James & Lester
Rowland, D.W.
Rush, J.D.
Russell, F.T. & J.B.
Russell, T.P.

Safford, David W.
Samphier, James W. & Peter
Sargeant, Edward
Sawyer, Edgar P. & Philetus
Schloerb, George C.
Schmid, George
Schmidt, J.F.W.
Schmidt, Peter
Schneider, Joseph

Schrage, Frank A.
Schrottky, Hugo
Schwalenk, Louis
Scott, George F.
Scott, Jesse R.
Scott, W.H.
Seaver, Calvin W.
Sessions, Lyman C.
Sharp, George T.
Sheerar, I.H.
Shell, William
Sherry, Henry
Shiels, Robert
Sill, William
Stowe, Franklin M.

Whittaker, George
Wille, Franz
Williams, P.R.
Williamson, George M.
Wilson, Andrew
Wilson, Henry
Wood, E. Barton
Woodworth, E.G.
Wright, L.B.
Wright, Platt M.
Wyland, W.
Wyman, William H.

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