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Richland County, WI
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This county has been adopted by Michael Burdick.
However, these biographies were originally submitted by me,
your State Host, but do not appear on his site.

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Ragles (Reagles), Abel
Recob, William
Renick, Lattimore
Reynolds, Jefferson J.(2 bios)
Rice, Daniel
Richards, William
Richardson, William
Rizer, John H.(2 bios)
Robinson, Henry
Robinson, Robert T.
Robinson, William
Robinson, William F.
Robinson, William (2)
Rockwell, James B.
Rogers, Salma
Rognholt, Andrew
Rose, Sidney
Ross, O.
Ross, William D.S.(2 bios)
Roth, Daniel A. & George F.
Rummery, Thomas J.
Runyan, Levi

Wiltrout, Adam A.
Winn, John
Winterburn, Benjamin
Winton, Nathan
Wolf, Abraham
Wright, I.J.
Wulfing, William

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