Jefferson County, Wisconsin
Biographical Index
P Names

Palmer, William G.
Parrish, Edmund
Pattee, George W., M.D.
Peardon, Richard, M.D., D.D.S.
Pearl, Horace
Pearse, John
Pease, Rev. P.E.B.
Pease, Walter
Peck, Charles B.
Pester, Josiah
Peters, Dennis
Petrie, J.D.
Pickett, Seth G., M.D.
Pierce, Daniel
Pierce, Nelson W.
Piper, William
Plum, Henry
Podewell, Hermann A.
Poe, Isaac
Pohlmann, Fred
Pollock, Wm. John
Porter, H.A.
Porter, W.H.
Payne, James
Payne, Stephen
Phelps, William
Piper, Hon. Jonathan
Piper, Samuel
Pixley, J.S.
Potter, H.H.
Potter, Leonard
Potter, Matthew
Potter, Stacey S.
Potter, W.K.
Powers, Moses
Powers, T.F.
Prentice, Judson
Prentiss, Theodore
Preston, George
Price, Daniel P.
Pritzlaff, Henry
Pritzlaff, R.
Proctor, T.T.
Puerner, Henry

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