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Picture've searched and searched and finally nailed those elusive ancestors.....but guess what? They're on the move and you're moving right along with their tracks or beside their tracks. The Census has been an enormous help. They're in CT, then VT, then MN, and lose them again.....a census that is unreadable or incomplete or records that no longer exist. They moved "west" but when or where? Consider the possibility that they returned to their place of origin.....but when and how? Perhaps they returned through Canada or perhaps they moved "south" instead of "west." Suddenly you are stuck and asking yourself "where did they go?" There are no clues or are there? Someone may hold a small but significant clue or they may have the "whole enchilada".....and now, you're back on track. Many of our ancestors were habitually's as if they got off the boat and just kept moving, never remaining in one place long enough for us to catch them in our research. They moved about for political, personal, & religious reasons and "failed to leave a note." Or so it seems.


If your ancestors lived in New Milford and then moved on to "greener pastures," please consider submitting their migratory information to this web site so that others might benefit in their search. If you have information to submit, please contact me regarding content and format. Your migratory story about your New Milford ancestor can be posted to this site.



Thomas LEWIS and Mary TURRELL From New Milford, Litchfield Co., CT
to Wyalusing, Bradford Co., PA in 1787
Captain Garry Brooks From New Milford, CT to Monroe County, NY
Nathaniel Hendryx From New Milford, CT to Wabash County, Illinois
Sarah Ketchum Pool From New Milford, CT to Ashtabula, Ohio
Daniel & Sarah (Baldwin) Baldwin From New Milford, CT to La Salle County, Illinois to Michigan
The Noble Family From Danbury or Norwalk to New Milford, CT to New Brunswick and Maine
MacDonald-Sanford Ancestry From New Milford to New York State

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