Nathaniel Hendryx
New Milford, Litchfield County, CT
Wabash County, Illinois
Contributed by: Ty Goodart

Nathaniel Hendryx was a true pioneer who from a humble beginning in New Milford, CT, joined the great Migration West helping to settle new communities in Allegany County, New York and Wabash County, Illinois.

According to his Revolutionary War papers, Nathaniel Hendryx was born in New Milford, CT, on the 24th day of Nov. 1752. Little else is known about his ancestors or his family and their time spent in CT. We do not know his parents name, origin or in fact, we do not even know his wife's name. A brother, name unknown, did at some point in time remove to Ohio. What we do know is that in his childhood, Nathaniel,  removed with his parents to the "King District (Albany)" of NY State. He resided there till 1776 when, in the month of May, he enlisted for nine months in the state troop of NY and served under Captain George Darrer and Lieut. Smith. He was Mustered at Kings District and marched to Albany and then to Saratoga and from there to Lake George and stationed there until his discharge from duty by Col. Livingston.

Then in 1777 he again volunteered for 14 months under Captain Smith and marched to Ticonderoga, where they were defeated by Burgone's Army and they were obliged to retreat back to Saratoga. On their retreat in Hubbardton they had a small skirmish with the enemy and suffered the loss of several of their men. At Saratoga they entered into a desperate battle with the enemy. Nathaniel was one of the solders who help pull General Arnold from under his horse when his horse was shot from under him falling on the General's leg. Of the battle Nathaniel remarked, "I discharged 60 rounds at the enemy and my gun became so hot and I had to let it cool before I could discharge another 60 rounds at which time it was dark and the British gave back". They were able to maintain the ground and in October they had the pleasure of seeing the final resignation of Burgone's Army.

Nathaniel was again discharged and he return home to Albany Kings District, where he lived for about 4 years and had the misfortune to have his house burn and he suffered the loss of his household goods and papers. He then removed to Pennsylvania to the West Branch of the Susquehanna River, where he lived for 3 years. He then removed first to Steuben County and then Allegany County, NY.

Nathaniel and his family lived some thirty years in Steuben & Allegany Counties. He fathered, from 1787 through 1800, six children (Rachel, Deborah, Abraham, Lydia, Nancy, & Olive), who grew to adulthood, married and also made their way to Wabash Co., IL. Nathaniel lived 26 years in Wabash County dying there on February 1st 1846 (at the age of 93) and he is buried on the Adam Marx Farm near Lancaster, IL.

In the History of Edwards, Lawrence and Wabash County, IL, Nathaniel was reported to have signed along with his son Abraham and sons-in-law Henry Utter and John Anno a petition objecting to the new siting of the county seat in 1822.

Two of Nathaniel's sons-in-law are know to have served in the War of 1812. Private Jonathan Leet (husband of Deborah Hendrix) and Major Henry Utter (husband of Rachel Hendrix).

A Note from the Contributor:
Nathaniel Hendryx died Feb. 2, 1846 in Wabash Co., IL. I have found a Nathan'l Hendryx on the 1810 US Census in Caneadea, Allegany Co., NY. I know  some of Nathaniel's children: Abraham, Lydia(married Wanzer), Olive (married Cory), Nancy (married Anno), Rachel ( married Henry Utter) & Deborah (married Jonathan Leet).

UNFORTUNATELY I don't know Nathaniel's Parents, siblings, or his wife's names.  If anyone has any ideas of where or how I could look for Nathaniel's ancestors, I would love to hear from you. Thanks.
Ty Goodart

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