of Buckinghamshire, England
Migration pattern from New Milford, Litchfield County, CT
to Farm Ridge, La Salle County, Illinois
to Flint, Michigan

Contributed by: Douglas Baldwin

I am researching my BALDWIN family name. I have traced the Baldwin surname back to Buckinghamshire in England.
We are descendants of Sylvester Baldwin who died on the Ship Martin on his way to Milford Connecticut in 1638.

The Baldwin line I am following moved from Litchfield County, Connecticut to La Salle County Illinois. From there we ended up in Mid Michigan. I have one question that I cannot answer. The first Baldwin of my line to move to Farm Ridge, La Salle County, Illinois was Daniel Baldwin (1786 to 1860). Daniel married his cousin (If my records are correct) Susan Baldwin on November 8, 1809 in New Milford. This means that I am related to two separate Baldwin lines (very fascinating!). Unfortunately I can find nothing about Susan (except she was born in Connecticut in 1794 and died in Farm Ridge in 1854). I also have a record that says Susan's father was John Baldwin of Mount Toms, Conn.

Here is a quote from my source: "Theophilus III had eight children, and the youngest was Daniel, born November 20, 1786 in Northville Village, New Milford, Connecticut. Daniel Baldwin married his cousin Susan Baldwin on November 8, 1809, who was the daughter of John Baldwin of Mount Toms in New Milford. Mr. Baldwin (Daniel) was a Baptist minister and resided at New Milford until 1846 when he moved to Farm Ridge, La Salle County, Illinois......."

***I am looking for help in locating information on Susan's background? Any information would be greatly appreciated***

For other researchers of the BALDWIN line, I offer ancestral information as follows:

Douglas Lee Baldwin (Me) married Katherine Louise Jones (in Flint, MI, 1968)

Douglas Wallace Baldwin (my father) married Grace Marie Biddis (Flint, MI, 1943)

Leo Baldwin married Mabel Rutherford (Flint, MI, 1918)

Marquis La Fayette Baldwin married Mary Bellinger (unknown)

Daniel Baldwin married Susan Baldwin (New Milford, Conn., 1809)

Theophilus III Baldwin married Martha Sherwood (unknown)

Theophilus II Baldwin married Jerusha Beecher (July 5, 1722)

Theophilus Baldwin married Elizabeth Canfield (unknown)

Richard Baldwin married Elizabeth Alsop (February 5, 1642 or 43)

Sylvester Baldwin (the II?) married Sarah Bryan (England);
(he died on the ship Martin on the way to America)

Sylvester Baldwin married Jane Wells (Wilde/Willis?) (England)

If anyone has any information on the BALDWIN line (especially the ancestors of Susan Baldwin),
please contact
Douglas Baldwin

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