The Noble Family
From Danbury or Norwalk
To New Milford
To New Brunswick & Maine

John Noble, the founder of New Milford was a great(several times) uncle of
mine. (His brother Thomas was my direct ancestor). I have a daughter named
Sarah, who read the "Courage of Sarah Noble" when she was a youngster.
Daniel Smith, a great (several times) grandfather on my Mother's side, was
born either in Danbury in 1729 or in Norwalk in 1732. Daniel Smith helped
to guide the British on their 1777 raid on Danbury during which all the
town records were destroyed, including those identifying Daniel Smith's
parents. He married Ruth Fitch, daughter of Theophilus Fitch and Ruth
Kellogg of New Canaan in 1760. He owned property in New Milford and ran a
public house there at the start of the American Revolution. He was a Tory
and his property in New Milford was seized by a court decision of 1777
(along with that of one of John Noble's sons, Thomas, who was also a Tory,
but because of his age, he did not flee as a Loyalist to Canada, but is
buried in New Milford). (This information comes from the Boltwood Genealogy
of the Family of Thomas Noble of Westfield, Mass page 43, which mentions
both Thomas Noble and Daniel Smith and two others having their property
seized by the court for being "inimical", ie Tories who opposed the

Daniel Smith was captured, escaped and helped bring other Tory
families through the lines. He sailed from New York in the spring of 1783
to what is now New Brunswick, Canada in 1783. He brought two slaves with
him and granted them their freedom, but they stayed with his family for
the rest of their lives. His claim for compensation of his losses in New
Milford was accepted by the British Commission of Inquiry and he and his
sons, Orlo, Clapman and Daniel Jr. were granted land along the South West
Branch of the Oromocto River in New Brunswick near the town of Blissville.
I have a copy of his claim and the list of the properties which Daniel
Smith owned in New Milford which totalled over 112 acres (the latter is in
the New Milford Town Hall records).

I note from the Early History of New Milford posted on this site that mention is
made on one Josiah Smith from Danbury as having been one of the earliest
settlers of New Milford. I am trying to get information on this Josiah Smith as a
possible grandfather or father of Daniel Smith. Any information would be greatly

Another Noble ancestor, the Rev Seth Noble was the first Protestant
Minister on the Saint John River at Maugerville in 1774. He and most of the
residents of Maugerville supported the American Revolution, and Seth had to
flee back to Maine in 1777 with a price on his head. He served in the
American Revolution and was later granted 200 acres of land in Franklinton,
Ohio (now Columbus). After the death of his first wife, Hannah, in Bangor,
Maine in 1790, he sent his two sons back to Maugerville to be brought up
with their in-laws, which explains why I am a Canadian and not an American.

John Noble

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