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Abbey, R.W.
Ahrens, Carl
Alger, L.W., M.D.
Anderson, Marcus
Anderson, Mons
Anderson, Wendell A., M.D.
Appleby, A.D.
Atwood, Dr. Isaac
Austin, David
Balch, Rev. M.B.
Ballard, John A., M.D.
Barclay, J.M.
Barron, W.H.
Bartl, Frank
Bates, F.A.
Bean, H.S.
Bean, Sylvanus
Becker, S.
Beckwith, E.M.
Benson Brothers
Benson, John
Bensson, Niels Elias
Benton, Judge C.S.
Bergseth, H.
Berkenmeyer, Frank
Bird, John P.
Blackman, R.R.
Blanchard, L.D.
Blanchard, Oliver P.
Blashek, Robert
Boma, X.
Borgen, Rev. Edward
Borresen, P.A.
Borreson, Emil N.
Borreson, Simon
Boycott, James
Brabander, Jacob
Bradley, David W.
Brakke, A.
Brigham, Rev. L.W.
Brindley, John
Bristow, John H.
Brockliss, W.H.
Brown, J.J.
Bryant, Benjamin French
Buckle, A.
Buel, William
Burgermeister, Joseph
Burnham, Prof. J.
Burroughs, William S.
Butt, Edward J.
Buttles, Mark M.
Cameron, Angus
Cameron, Hon. Hugh
Cameron, Lieut. Alexander
Canterbury, J.B.
Capellen, P.H.
Cargill, W.W.
Carl, Gustav
Carleton, George T.
Childers, Samuel
Clark, Sylvester
Clarke, Joseph
Cleveland, Prof. J.J.
Clifford, James
Cogswell, George H.
Colby, C.A.
Cole, John J.
Colman, Charles L.
Colver, Franklin D.
Nicolai, William
Olson, Peter
Ritter, Frank X.
Roberts, Evan
Roddle, William C.
Tausche, Raymond
Willey, George L.
Wilson, James
Young, John L.

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