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March 5, 2002

I am currently looking for information and/or photos that may be available for the Surnames
McLean (Allen and Alexander) and family (buried in East Cemetary)
King (Oliver, Reuben, Russell and Roxcy)
I currently reside at 138 Vernon Avenue and have traced the residence back through the land records to Vol 1, page 1 entry 1 where it refers to a deed from Alexander McLean (father Allen) to Reuben King, but predates 1809.
I have found out that Allen MacLean emigrated here from Scotland in 1740 and died in 1786. Alexander being one of his sons and his spouse being Johanna. I have references to him as Capt. Alexander and his brother (I believe) Col Francis.
I am looking for pictures of the property, family or other families residing at the property, which I believe to be the McLean Farm.
Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Marcia Bennett
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December 6, 2001

BARTHOLIC - I'm working on the Bartholic family.
My great-grandfather was Daniel D. Bartholic born January 12, 1854 in Vernon.
His parents were William M and Harriett.
That's all we know on the family. Haven't found them in any Census except for Vernon for the year 1880.
Other Children of William and Harriet are;
Delbert Born 1855
Wesley Born 1851
MARY Born 1853

Janet Smith

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October 8, 1999

TEFFT - Looking for information about George Tefft (1745-1810+) who resided in Vernon from 1804 until after the 1810 US census. He had lived previously in Lebanon (1798-1803) and South Kingstown, RI (1745-1798). Need all information about George and his wife Mary (_______) TEFFT. Did they have a son named Caleb TEFFT who resided in Vernon and died in 1864? Where and when did George TEFFT die?
Judi Watson

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August 9, 1999

Looking for information on Alfred and Dora NEUMANN, she 1887-1974, looking for burial place, dates for him. He would have been my great great Uncle. Also, info on Jennie LESSIG 1885-1967, and a husband? she was related somehow, visited there as a child in 1964. Also interested in burial information.
Diane DeMore
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