This gentleman appears on a postcard dated July 12, 1909 and it is postmarked Buffalo, NY. It is addressed to "Friend Ben", who would be Bernhard Krueger in Watertown, WI. It is signed: "Wm. S. or L."
If you can identify this person, please notify me at my e-mail address and refer to the photo number beneath the picture.
Photo #1
This gentleman is one of my "brick walls" as we say in genealogy.  He is my grandfather, Corline Jackson, born in 1882.  This photo was taken in Waco, Texas and sent to my grandmother, Bernice Krueger in Watertown, WI.  It is signed "Your Jack".

If you know of this man or have him in your family tree, please
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Photo #2
UPDATE:  Corline Jackson has been found.  He died in Portland,Multnomah County, Oregon on August 28, 1948.  A special thanks to and the State of Oregon for their help in my search.  Although I have now found his final resting place, I would still like to know about his life  between the years 1926 and 1948.  If you are related to or acquainted with Corline Jackson, please notify me via e-mail.
Photo #3
This photo was taken by M. Stengler of Watertown, WI probably about 1900. On the back of the photo are the names "Mrs. A. Roessler, Meta (looks like), Hildegarde, and Hazel."  These folks may have lived in Rockford, Illinois.
If you recognize these ladies,
notify me please, and refer to the photo number.
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