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WADE, W. L. Rock WILLFORD, Benjamin Rock
Wade, William Dodge-Jeff Willhoft, Frederick Racine
WADEWITZ, EDWARD B. Racine Williams, Charles A. Dodge
Wadleigh, A.J. Jefferson WILLIAMS, Charles G. Rock
WADSWORTH, F. N. Rock Williams, Clarence E. & Cornelius Kenosha
WAGG, Solomon Outagamie Williams, Clark Green  
WAGLEY, N. O. Rock Williams, Clinton St. Croix
Wagner, Adolph Dane Williams, Daniel Kenosha
WAGNER, ANTHONY Fond Du Lac Williams, David J. Jefferson
Wagner, Jacob Jefferson Williams, DeWitt C. Dodge
WAITE, Frederick H. Rock WILLIAMS, Edson S. Rock
WAITE, George A. Rock Williams, Edward J. Dodge
Waite, Willard Jefferson WILLIAMS, Frank H. Rock
Wakeley, Charles Thompson Dane WILLIAMS, Frank H. Rock
Wakeman, John Dane Williams, George L. Wood
Wakeman, Thaddeus B. Dane Williams, George S. Eau Claire
Walker, Andrew J. St. Croix WILLIAMS, George W. Rock
Walker, David H. Jefferson Williams, George W. Jr, & Sr Eau Claire
WALKER, Ira Rock Williams, Griffith J. & John Green Lake
WALKER, Samuel Rock Williams, Harry M. St. Croix
WALKER, William (Rev.) Rock WILLIAMS, I.A. Pierce
WALKLY, L. G. Rock Williams, J.L. Kenosha
Wall, John Dane Williams, James A. Dodge
Wallace, Francis E. Dane Williams, John & Thomas H. Juneau
Wallace, William Dodge-Jeff WILLIAMS, John A. Outagamie
WALLER, Gilbert Pierce Williams, John E. Dodge
WALLIHAN, Pierce Rock Williams, John J. Dodge
WALLIHAN, Susan (Mrs.) Rock Williams, John K. Lafayette
Walls, John Dodge WILLIAMS, John Phillips Iowa
WALSH, David Rock Williams, L.L. Eau Claire
Walsh, Edmund St. Croix Williams, Le Roy Dodge
Walsh, John J. St. Croix Williams, Lewis C. Kenosha
Walsh, Thomas St. Croix Williams, M.F. Washington
Walter, Joseph Jefferson Williams, P.R. Winnebago
WALTERS, John Rock Williams, R.H. Lafayette
Walther, Andrew Jefferson Williams, Robert T. Dodge
Walton, William Lafayette Williams, Roger Dodge
WARD, Harvey B. Rock Williams, T.L. Dodge
Ward, John Jefferson Williams, Thomas E. Eau Claire
WARD, John V. Rock Williams, Ward Spooner St. Croix
WARD, THOMAS Fond Du Lac Williams, William D. Green Lake
WARD, THOMAS  Fond Du Lac Williams, William E. Green Lake
Ward, William Sauk WILLIAMS, William F.  Rock
WARDNER, Nathan (Rev.) Rock Williams, William M. Dodge
WARNER, Albert Rock WILLIAMS, William W. Rock
Warner, August St. Croix Williams, Wirt C. Dane
Warner, Hans B. Pierce WILLIAMSEN, Hans Rock
WARNER, Milton S. (Deacon) Rock Williamsin, John T. Racine
WARNER, Mrs. Amy Outagamie Williamson, Allan Eau Claire
Warner, Wilber W. Dane Williamson, E.M. Dane
WARREN, Eugene F. Rock Williamson, George M. Winnebago
WARREN, George A. Rock Williamson, James Dunn
Warren, George W. Dodge-Jeff Willich, William Racine
WARREN, Gore A. Rock Willink, Herman St. Croix
WARREN, J. H. (Dr.) Rock Willink, Herman Fond Du Lac
WARREN, Lemuel H. Rock Willis, Charles M. Dodge
Warren, Marcus Sauk WILLIS, Gilbert N. Rock
WARREN, Nathaniel Rock Willis, Nelson Jefferson
WARWICK, Shannon W. Grant Willis, Z.C. Chippewa
Washburn, Royal J. Jefferson WILLISTON, George H. Rock
WASHBURN, Rufus Rock Williston, Nancy Howell Fordham Rock
Wasson, C. Edmund St. Croix Wills, Henry Manitowoc
WATERMAN, Allen B. Rock Wills, Samuel Eau Claire
WATERMAN, Anson P. Rock Willsey, Clark B. Dane
WATSON, E. M. Rock WILLSON, Daniel, Reverend  Pierce
WATSON, John Rock Willson, Hiram C. Dane
WATSON, John G. Rock Willson, Mrs. B.R. Jefferson
WATT, David A. Rock Willson, Z.C. Jefferson
Watters, Joseph      Grant Wilmont, Frank P. Washington
Wears, Richard St. Croix Wilmott, J.F. Kewaunee
Wears, Thomas St. Croix Wilms, John C. Dodge
WEAVER, M. G. Rock Wilson, A. Juneau
WEAVER, Mortimer G. Rock WILSON, A. O. Rock
WEBB, ANNA Fond Du Lac Wilson, Alexander Racine
Webb, George W. Jefferson Wilson, Andrew Winnebago
WEBBER, Andrew Rock Wilson, Ann Mrs. Kenosha
Weber, J.H. Jefferson Wilson, August H.P. Sheboygan
Weber, Jacob Jefferson WILSON, E. C. Racine
Weber, Jacob Dodge-Jeff Wilson, Edward N. Eau Claire
WEBLEY, James Outagamie Wilson, Estes Dane
WEBSTER, Buel G. Rock Wilson, Ezra Adams
Webster, Byron St. Croix Wilson, G.W. Eau Claire
WEBSTER, George H. (Dr.) Rock Wilson, Henry Dane
Webster, James Jefferson Wilson, Henry Winnebago
Webster, Waldo E. St. Croix Wilson, James LaCrosse
Wedemeyer, H.A. Jefferson Wilson, Joel F. Washington
Wedge, Charles Dodge-Jeff Wilson, Munson Washington
Weeks, George Dane Wilson, Peter M. Jackson
Wegemann, August Jefferson Wilson, Richard F. Eau Claire
WEGHORN, Jacob Pierce Wilson, Robert A. Kenosha
WEIRICK, Charles H. Rock Wilson, Samuel Racine
Weissleder, Herman Washington Wilson, Sanford J. Washington
WELCH, E. F. Rock WILSON, William Outagamie
WELD, ALLEN H. Professor Pierce Wilton, Michael Racine
WELD, Allen P. Pierce Wiltrout, Adam A. Richland
WELKER, Martin Pierce Wiltse, C.J. Chippewa
WELLER, William Outagamie WINANS, John (Hon.) Rock
WELLS, Byron H. Rock Winchell, W.W. Kenosha
Wells, Daniel W. St. Croix Winckler, Christopher Racine
WELLS, Henry Rock Windau, A. F. Jefferson
WELLS, Horace Rock Windish, Phillip Kenosha
Wells, Horace Dodge-Jeff WING, C. E. (Dr.) Rock
WELLS, John Rock Wing, Charles E. Washington
WELLS, John Pierce Wing, E.T. Green  
WELLS, Otis F. Green Wing, George W. Kewaunee
WELLS, William G. Rock WINGER, Swend Pierce
Welsh Congregational Church Racine Wink, H.M. Kenosha
Welsh, Roland A. Dodge-Jeff Winkelmiller, Carl Manitowoc
Welton, Chauncey B. Dane Winkenwerder, Frederick Jefferson
Wendtland, C.F. Jefferson Winkenwerder, Henry Jefferson
Wenham, James Jefferson WINKLEY, D. D. Rock
Wenker, Michael Washington WINKLEY, Darius Daniels Rock
Werlich, Gustavus Jefferson WINKLEY, Henry Rock
Werner, Dr. Fred C. Jefferson Winn, John Jefferson
Werner, Frederic C. Dodge-Jeff Winn, John Richland
Wernlund, Cornelius St. Croix WINN, John W. Pierce
Wescett, Walter Jefferson Winnie, Menzo Sauk
WEST, Edward Outagamie WINSLOW, Caleb T. Rock
WEST, James R. Rock WINSLOW, Charles D. Rock
WEST, James R. Rock Winslow, Dr. Joseph Jefferson
Westerkamp, F.H. Buffalo Winslow, John B. Racine
WETHERN, D.N. Pierce WINSTON, Nelson Rock
WETHERN, David Young Pierce WINSTON, Nelson Rock
WETHERN, George Pierce WINSTON, Reuben Rock
Wettleson, Ole Dane WINSTON, Reuben  Rock
WEYH, Henry Pierce Winter, C.S. Dodge
WEYH, William Pierce Winter, George Green  
WHEELER, Guy Rock Winter, Henry Dodge
WHEELER, Guy Rock Winter, Michael & William M. Sheboygan
WHEELER, William G. (Hon.) Rock Winter, Thomas Price
WHEELOCK, Elijah O. Rock Winterburn, Benjamin Richland
Wheelock, Hiram H. Washington Winton, Nathan Richland
Wheelock, Ira H. Washington Wipf, J. & C. Waupaca
Wheelwright, William S. Dane WIRTZ, Frank Outagamie
Whelan, John W. Buffalo Wirtz, John B. Kenosha
WHIPPLE, C. V. Rock Wisbauer, Rev. Racine
WHITAKER, Henry Rock WISCH, Charles W. Rock
Whitcher, George S.       Grant Wiseman, Christopher Jr. Lafayette
Whitcomb, A.L. Jefferson WISSMAN, John Outagamie
White Oak Springs Creamery Lafayette WITHAM, Lorenzo Rock
WHITE, Alexander Rock WITHINGTON, Daniel Rock
WHITE, B. T. (Rev.) Rock Withrow, Charles W. Chippewa
White, Dr. H.O. Jefferson Witscheber, C. Kenosha
WHITE, F.M. Pierce Witt, Charles G. Waupaca
WHITE, F.M. Pierce Witt, Fritz Adams
WHITE, H. Rock Witte, Emil Kewaunee
WHITE, Horace Rock Witter, G.F. Wood
WHITE, James S. Rock Witzig, Frank          Grant
WHITE, John Rock WIXOM, B. D. Rock
White, John Sauk WIXOM, Elijah Rock
White, John Jefferson WIXOM, Elijah P. Rock
White, R.S. Jefferson WIXOM, Elijah P. Rock
WHITEHEAD, James Rock Woelfel, S.G. Dane
WHITEHEAD, James Rock Woelfel, Simon G. Dodge
WHITEHEAD, John M. Rock Wogan, P.J. Lafayette
WHITFORD, Albert (Prof.) Rock Wohlfert, Franz Adams
WHITFORD, Albert E. Rock WOLCOTT, Frank Outagamie
WHITFORD, Alfred (Prof.) Rock WOLCOTT, Gideon Outagamie
WHITFORD, William C. Rock Wolf, Abraham Richland
WHITFORD, William C. (Hon.) Rock Wolf, Adam Sheboygan
WHITFORD, William Clarke Rock Wolf, Frank X. Racine
WHITING, EBENEZER Racine Wolf, Joseph Dodge
WHITING, Joseph B., Jr. (Dr.) Rock Wolf, Louis Sheboygan
WHITING, Joseph Bellamy (Dr.) Rock Wolf, Philipp Jefferson
WHITING, Joseph Bellamy (Dr.) Rock Wolf, Victor Eau Claire
WHITMAN, A.B. Outagamie Wolff, Jacob Henry & Louis Sheboygan
WHITMAN, Hon. Joel Iowa Wolfsen, Ludwig Sheboygan
Whitney, George Green Lake Wollering, Henry Jefferson
Whitney, George W. Wood Wolpert, William H. Langlade
WHITON, Edward Vernon Rock WOLTER, Frederick Outagamie
Whitson, Townsend W. Marquette Wood, Asa Jackson
Whittaker Engine & Skein Co. Kenosha Wood, Charles J. Jefferson
Whittaker, George Winnebago WOOD, D. B. Rock
Whittet, James D. Jefferson WOOD, D. B. Rock
Whittet, John Jefferson Wood, E. Barton Winnebago
Whittlesey, L.M., Mrs. Bayfield WOOD, Eliza ANDREWS (Mrs.) Rock
WHORTON, W.D. Outagamie WOOD, Frank Rock
Whyte, George S. Kenosha Wood, Henry Lafayette
Wickert, E.C. Jefferson Wood, Henry F. Dodge
WICKHAM, A. D. (Judge) Rock Wood, Henry G. Pierce
WICKHEM, James G. Rock WOOD, Hiram N.  Pierce
Widmann, John G. Crawford Wood, Hiram T. Dodge
Wieboldt, P.W. Manitowoc WOOD, Joel Breese Rock
Wieczorek, Simon Green Lake WOOD, John Rock
Wiedermann, F. Jefferson Wood, John Racine
Wiedermann, F. Dodge Wood, John Dodge
Wiener, S.M. Jefferson Wood, John Green
Wiesman, Henry Racine Wood, Luman D. Wood
Wiesmann, Henry Racine Wood, Marquis Waupaca
Wigand, William Jefferson Wood, Nathan E. Dodge
Wigdale, Ole Jefferson Wood, Ned C. Adams
WIGER, Chris N. Pierce WOOD, Sylvester Rock
WIGER, Hans Pierce WOOD, Volney Rock
Wiggenhorn, August Jefferson WOOD, W. R. Rock
Wiggenhorn, C. Jefferson Wood, William S. Dane
Wiggenhorn, Constance Dodge-Jeff WOODARD, Archibald Rock
Wiggenhorn, Eugene Jefferson WOODARD, Archibald Rock
Wiggert, E.B. Dodge Woodard, M.J. Jefferson
WIGGIN, Richard Rock Woodard, Stephen S. Jefferson
WIGGINS, Alexander Colden  Rock Woodard, Washington Dane
Wiggins, George A. Dodge WOODBURY, Charles Rock
Wigginton, J.M. Jefferson Woodhouse, Peter        Grant
Wightman, James W. Juneau WOODLE, Isaac Rock
Wightman, John G. Juneau Woodling, John H. Green
Wigman, John H.M. (2bios) Brown Woodnorth, J.H. Waupaca
Wikkerink, D.G. Sheboygan Woodruff, Martin R. Adams
Wikoff, Harry Holmes Dodge Woods, E.L. Lafayette
Wilber, Charles H. Jefferson WOODS, Edmund F. Rock
Wilber, Gordeus J. Jefferson Woods, James Lafayette
Wilber, Havens Jefferson Woods, William Waupaca
Wilbur, Miles Jefferson WOODSIDE, William Wesley (Rev.) Rock
Wilcox, Asahel Green   Woodward, Francis W. Eau Claire
WILCOX, Augustus E. Rock Woodward, Stephen Dodge
Wilcox, C.H.P. Jefferson Woodworth, D.S. Dodge
Wilcox, Charles R. Eau Claire Woodworth, E.G. Winnebago
WILCOX, Edgar Green Woodworth, Lafayette D. Kenosha
Wilcox, Ira J. Dodge WOOSTER, H. S. Rock
Wilcox, John Juneau Wootton, Robert Dane
WILCOX, John L. Rock Wormley, Frank F. Racine
Wilcox, Levi P. Kenosha Worthing, Samuel T. Dane
Wilcox, Nelson C. Eau Claire Worthman, James S. Sauk
Wilcox, O.B. Dodge Wortley, George #1 Lafayette
Wilcox, Sylvanus H. Eau Claire Wortley, George #2 Lafayette
Wilcox, T. Lafayette WRAY, James G. Rock
Wilcox, Thomas H. Juneau Wright, A.P. Dodge
Wilcox, William Henry Jr. Kenosha Wright, Abel Dodge
Wild, Frederick Racine Wright, Albert O. Dodge
Wild, John Dodge Wright, Datus Dodge
Wilder, Abbott P. Eau Claire WRIGHT, Edwin Outagamie
WILDER, Charles H. Rock Wright, F.A. Dodge
WILDER, Charles H. Rock Wright, Frank Racine
WILDER, Perry C. Rock Wright, G. W. St. Croix
WILDER, Perry C. Rock Wright, Henry W. Racine
Wilford, Elizabeth Mrs. Racine Wright, Hollister Trempealeau
WILHELM, Eugene Rock Wright, I.J. Richland
Wilkin, Charles B. Jefferson Wright, Joel Barrett (birth name: Spaulding) Adams
Wilkins, Edwin C. Eau Claire WRIGHT, John P. Rock
WILKINS, Francis H. Rock Wright, John Q. Lafayette
Wilkins, William         Grant WRIGHT, Josiah Rock
Wilkinson, A.C. Juneau Wright, L.B. Winnebago
WILKINSON, Henry J. Rock Wright, M. Shaw Lafayette
Wilkinson, Norris B. Juneau WRIGHT, Mark Rock
Wilkinson, R.A. Juneau Wright, Platt M. Winnebago
WILL, Carl Rock Wright, Stillman Green Lake
Willa, Chris K. St. Croix WRIGHT, William L.  Rock
Willard, Andrew Dodge WUERZBERGER, HENRY Racine
WILLARD, Frances Elizabeth Rock Wulfing, William Richland
Willard, George Juneau WUNDERLICH, Charles Outagamie
Willard, Horace B.,M.D. Jefferson WURL, Louis Outagamie
Willard, Hubbard Schoff Adams Wurm, Joseph H. Kenosha
Willard, John H. Jackson Wustum, George Racine
WILLARD, Joseph F.  Rock Wyatt, J.D. Price
Willard, W.H. Eau Claire Wyatt, Jane Eau Claire
Willard, William Jefferson Wyland, W. Winnebago
Wille, Franz Winnebago WYLIE, Robert Rock
Willemin, Joseph Kewaunee Wyman, Edward Kewaunee
Willerton, Alfred & Charles H. Kenosha Wyman, F.G. Lafayette
WILLEY Josiah Grant WYMAN, William Rock
Willey, George L. LaCrosse WYMAN, William Rock
WILLEY, John Franklin Rock Wyman, William H. Winnebago
Willey, John R. Racine Wyman, William Wallace Buffalo

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