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TABOR, Jesse Pierce Tipple, Huntington Dane
TAFT, Franklin D. Green Tipple, Mrs. Emma Roberts Dane
TAGGART, Wm. H. Rock Tipple, O.F. Dane
TAIT, Thomas Pierce Tipple, Richard E. Dane
TALLMAN, Daniel M. Rock Tischaefer, August Jefferson
TALLMAN, William Morrison Rock TITSWORTH, B. F. Rock
TALMADGE, Frank A. Rock TITUS, Alanson M. Rock
TANBERG, O. P. Rock Toal, H. S. St. Croix
TANNER, Ford Outagamie TODD, John G. Rock
TANNER, Herbert Battles Outagamie TODD, S. I. Rock
Tannert, Paul Dane Toelke, August Jefferson
TAPLIN, W.D.  Pierce TOGSTAD, C. I. Rock
TARRANT, Henry Rock Tolman, Herbert Cushing Dane
TASKER, Daniel Rock TOMKINS, Peter Rock
Tauck, A. Jefferson Tompkins, Daniel W. Dane
Tausche, Raymond La Crosse TOMPKINS, James Outagamie
TAYLOR, D. W. H. Rock TOMPKINS, William Freeman (Judge) Rock
Taylor, David Dane Torgerson, Christian St. Croix
Taylor, Elias Jefferson Torgerson, Louis St. Croix
Taylor, H.B.      **no Link Washington Torpey, William  Jefferson
Taylor, Henry W. Jefferson Torrey, William H. Jefferson
TAYLOR, ISAAC Racine Tostenson, Helleck Dane
TAYLOR, John Siebert (Prof.) Rock TOUSLEY, William F. Rock
TAYLOR, Lote Rock TOWLE, Allen R. Rock
Taylor, Mrs. Lucinda Jefferson TOWLE, R. S. Rock
TAYLOR, Nelson Rock TOWLEY, F.A. Outagamie
TAYLOR, Robert Rock TOWNE, John P. Rock
Taylor, Thomas G. Dane TOWNE, John P. Rock
TAYLOR, William Rock Townsend, James H. Dane
TEAGUE, David Rock TRACY, John Outagamie
Teal, Joseph Sauk TRACY, M. M. (Mrs.) Rock
Techenburg, Henry Buffalo TRACY, T. (Dr.) Rock
Teich, August Jefferson Travers, Thomas   **no Link Washington
Teich, Frederick Jefferson Travis, James Dane
Teipner, Charles  Langlade TREAT, Cornelius Mortimer (Hon.)  Rock
Teisberg, Ole K. Dane TREAT, E. Hamlin  Rock
Telfer, C.M. Jefferson TREAT, Milton P. Rock
Telfer, John Jefferson TREAT, Robert Byron (Dr.) Rock
Templeman, F. C. St. Croix TREGLOWN, L. H., MD Grant
Tenney, Charles Kent Dane TREGONING, Samuel Uren Iowa
TERWILLIGER, Henry Rock Trenary, Frank E.      Grant
TERWILLIGER, John Rock Trenary, John P.      Grant
Tester, John A. & John W. Buffalo TRENTLAGE, John H. Fond Du Lac
TEWS, Earnest William Rock Trickey, John St. Croix
Thayer, A. P. St. Croix TRIPP, N. W. Rock
Thayer, Elijah Jefferson TRIPP, William H. Rock
Thayer, Emerson H. Jefferson TRIPP, William Henry Rock
Thayer, Joshua Jefferson TRIPP, William Henry Rock
THAYER, Lindley M. Rock Troeger, Christopher Jefferson
Thein, George Dane Trowbridge, Henry Harrison Dodge-Jeff
THELANDER, N.A. Pierce Trowbridge, Sidney S. Dodge-Jeff
Thelen, Michael St. Croix Truax, F.E. Jefferson
THIESEN, T. W. (HON.) Racine Trucks, George Jefferson
THOM, Alexander Rock TRUITTMAN, John Joseph  Pierce
THOMAS, A. H. Racine Trumbule, Edward N. Sauk
Thomas, Henry Howell Dodge-Jeff TRUMBULL, J. W. Racine
THOMAS, J. P. Rock Trumbull, Mrs. Mary Dane
THOMAS, J. W. Rock Trzcinski, F. Jefferson
THOMAS, PETER D. Racine TUBBS, Lucy Amelia Pierce
THOMAS, Samuel Esq. Iowa TUBBS, Peter Outagamie
Thomas, Walter Jefferson TUBBS, Thomas Emerson Pierce
THOMAS, Walter D. (Prof.) Rock TUBBS, Vidle (Vi) Pierce
Thomas, William R. Dodge-Jeff TUBBS, Willard E. Pierce
THOMPSEN, KNUTE Racine Tubman, edward St. Croix
Thompson, A. N. St. Croix TUCKER, Joseph S. Rock
Thompson, Charles Jefferson Turk, James Dane
THOMPSON, Christian A. Rock Turk, John Dane
Thompson, George Pierce TURNER, Charles F. Rock
THOMPSON, J.Q. Outagamie TURNER, Curtis Rock
THOMPSON, John Rock Turner, Frank A. Dane
THOMPSON, Oscar T. Rock Turner, Henry Jefferson
Thompson, S.W. Dane Turner, O.M. Dane
THOMPSON, Samuel Outagamie TURNER, Watson Rock
THOMPSON, Wilbur Outagamie TURNEY, Charles G. Rock
THOMPSON, William Rock Tuschen, Andrew Dane
THOMPSON, WILLIAM DWIGHT Racine Tusler, James Dane
Thomson, George Dane TUTTLE, Charles Rock
Thomson, Robert D. Jefferson TUTTLE, Chauncey Rock
THORBURN, Adam Rock TUTTLE, Chester L. Rock
THOROUGHGOOD, John Rock Tuttle, Frank B. Jefferson
THORPE, Rollin Rock TUTTLE, Henry Rock
THORSON, Stener Pierce TUTTLE, Thomas Rock
THURMAN, George Rock TWOHIG, David Fond Du Lac
TICE, Jacob A. Rock TYLER, Charles Pierce
Tilton, F.O. Jefferson TYLER, Clarence Pierce
TILTON, H. C. Rock Tyler, Jason C.  Jefferson
TINKER, John (Dr.) Rock    

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