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Rabb, Stephen O. Dane Roberts, Joseph Mrs. Racine
Rabbach, Gustav Jefferson Roberts, Joshua Dodge
Rabbas, Henry Buffalo Roberts, L. Marvin Jefferson
RACE, Frank E. Rock Roberts, Robert F. Kenosha
Racek, Edward Jefferson Roberts, Robert W. Dodge
RADWAY, Lovell Rock Roberts, Russell Bayfield
Ragles (Reagles), Abel Richland Roberts, Thomas R. Dodge
Rahn, Martin Buffalo Roberts, Thomas R. Dodge-Jeff
RAKOW, MRS. ALBERT  Fond Du Lac Roberts, Vincent Dodge
Rambusch, William T. Dodge-Jeff Roberts, William H. Lafayette
Ramsey, Charles Jefferson Roberts, Winnifred Mrs. Racine
RANDALL, Helen Rogers, Mrs. Outagamie Robertson, Adam Lafayette
RANDALL, Levi Outagamie Robertson, Isabella Mrs. Racine
RANDALL, R.H. Outagamie Robertson, Lewis Kenosha
Randall, S.E. Jefferson Robertson, Lewis C. Lafayette
Randall, S.J. Washington Robertson, Robert Jefferson
RANDALL, Thomas Outagamie ROBEY, Manuel Pierce
RANDOLPH, K. F. Rock Robie, James Jackson
RANDOLPH, Thomas D. Rock Robinson, Almanzo Dodge
RANOUS, Clark E. Rock Robinson, Dwight Kenosha
RANOUS, Henry E. Rock Robinson, Frederick Kenosha
RANSOM, A. G. Rock Robinson, George W. Green Lake
RANSON, Asa G. Rock ROBINSON, H. F. Rock
RAPLEY, Charles J Fond Du Lac Robinson, Henry Richland
RAPLEY, George Henry Fond Du Lac Robinson, Henry J. Sheboygan
Rasdall, William M. Dane ROBINSON, Judson Le Grand Rock
RASEY, Edwin L. Rock ROBINSON, O. P. (Dr.) Rock
RASEY, Lorenzo Rock Robinson, Robert T. Richland
RASMUSSEN, A. & C. Racine Robinson, Thomas Lafayette
RASMUSSEN, FREDERIK Racine Robinson, Thomas Dane
Rathbun, John C. Buffalo ROBINSON, W. B. Rock
Rathbun, William Sauk Robinson, William Richland
RATHERAM, James Rock Robinson, William (2) Richland
RAU, ALBERT Fond Du Lac Robinson, William F. Richland
RAU, Charles Frederick Rock Robinson, William Howard Kenosha
RAUCH, Elvir Ernst  Fond Du Lac ROBLEE, Wallace Outagamie
RAUSCH, MRS. CLARA Fond Du Lac Robson, Thomas Lafayette
Ravn, C.F. Jefferson Roby, Jacob W. Dodge
RAY, A. J. Rock Roch, Frank Dodge
RAY, Addison J. Rock Roche, John J. Lafayette
RAYMOND, ELISHA Racine Roche, Patrick Dodge
Read, George W. Kenosha ROCHE, R. J. Rock
Read, John Milton Kewaunee Rock, Abner Lafayette
Ream, J.J. Winnebago ROCK, Michael Pierce
Reamer, R.J. Jefferson Rockwell, Charles Jefferson
Reas, William H. Waupaca Rockwell, Charles L. Kenosha
Rease, Daniel W. Kenosha Rockwell, J.P. Lafayette
REBEDEW, MRS. MARY Fond Du Lac Rockwell, James B. Richland
Recker, Val Eau Claire ROCKWELL, William M. (Dr.) Rock
Recob, William Richland RODD, John Rock
Reddeman, August Dodge Roddel, Joseph Kenosha
Redfearn, John Lafayette Roddle, William C. La Crosse
Redfield, Frank W. Racine RODEBUSH, David Outagamie
Redman, James W.          Grant Rodgers, Alexander Adams
Reed, Andrus A. Dodge RODLY, S. Rock
Reed, Calvin E. Adams RODRIGUES, RAYMOND Fond Du Lac
Reed, Edwin T. Dane ROE, George E. Rock
Reed, Ezra Racine Roe, Gilbert W. Winnebago
Reed, James M. Racine Roe, Halleck K. Dane
Reed, John C. Jefferson Roe, Ole K. Dane
Reed, Myron Waupaca Roe, William H. Racine
Reed, Richard Jr. Winnebago Roeber, Gustave Sheboygan
REED, Simeon S. Rock Roeber, William Louis Jefferson
Reed, Sumlar A. Jefferson Roeder, Theodore Sheboygan
Reed, W.W. Jefferson ROEHRIG, Robert Outagamie
Reed, William E. Kenosha ROEMER, Christian Outagamie
REEVE, James Outagamie Roenitz, C.T. Sheboygan
Reeve, Thomas T. Winnebago Roenitz, Henry Winnebago
Regan, Thomas Dane Roepke, Deidrich Johann Manitowoc
Regez, Jacob Green Rogan, James Jefferson
Regner, John M. Kenosha Rogan, Patrick Jefferson
Rehden, E. B. St. Croix ROGERS, A. B. Rock
Rehfeld, C.W. Dodge ROGERS, Benjamin C. Rock
Reible, August P. Dodge ROGERS, Benjamin C. Rock
Reichardt, John Jefferson ROGERS, Daniel Sheldon Rock
REICHERT, FRED Racine Rogers, E.D. Juneau
REICHERT, NICHOLAS F. Racine Rogers, E.M. Washington
REICHLING, George Fond Du Lac Rogers, E.P. Lafayette
REID, Archie Rock Rogers, E.S. Juneau
Reidenbach, Gustave H. Kenosha ROGERS, H.H. Outagamie
Reidenbach, Philipp Kenosha ROGERS, Henry Rock
REIGART, A. E. Rock Rogers, Henry M. Kenosha
REIGART, Amos E.  Rock Rogers, James S. Jr. Racine
REIGART, H. M. Rock ROGERS, L. T. Rock
REIGART, Henry M. Rock Rogers, S.C. Dunn
REIGART, J. H. Rock Rogers, Salma Richland
REIGART, John R. Rock Rogers, W.H. Jefferson
Reighard, Jacob & Ellis Sauk ROGERS, W.H. Outagamie
Reik, John A. Washington Rogers, William Kenosha
Reinel, John, Jr. Jefferson Rogers, William Henry Dane
Reinemann, Peter Manitowoc Rogers, Z. Racine
Reinger, Edward Racine Roggenbau, Dethloff Racine
Reinhard, Christian Dodge Rognholt, Andrew Richland
Reinhard, Peter Dodge ROHERTY, James S. Rock
Reinhard, Peter Dodge Rohlinger, John Dodge
Reinhard, Philip Dodge Rohr, Nicholas Kenosha
Reinhart, Father Henry Jefferson Rohr, William H. Jefferson
Reinsdorf, Herman Kenosha Rolfson, Lewis Racine
Reitz, Jacob Fond Du Lac ROLOFF, Frederick Outagamie
Remer, Harry E. Kenosha ROLSON, Robert Pierce
Remmel, Peter Dodge Ronneberger, J.F. Dunn
RENDALL, WILLIAM J. Racine Rood, John Q.A. Dane
Renick, Lattimore Richland Rood, S.R. Marquette
Renkauf, Fredrick Racine Rooker, Chauncey J. & William L. Racine
Renne, Edward S. Wood Rooney, John Sauk
Rennick, Robert Lafayette Rooney, Patrick J. Kewaunee
Renzelmann, Bernard Sheboygan Root, Gad W. Washington
RESSEGUIE, Alexander Case Rock Root, James Green
RESTIGEN, Gunder K. Rock Root, John E. Dodge
RETZLAFF, FREDERICK  Fond Du Lac Root, Lyman N. Dodge
Reul, John M. Jefferson ROOT, Philo Outagamie
Reuss, Hugo A. Manitowoc Root, Tilden S.         Grant
Reuter, C.E.L. Fitz Dane Roper, Horatio Dodge
Reuterskiold, Alexander F. Jefferson RORK, DANIEL Racine
Reuterskiold, Charles C. Jefferson ROSA, Charles D. Rock
Rex, Henry Dodge Rosbrook, William Eau Claire
REXFORD, John Dewitt Rock Rose, James R. Lafayette
Reynolds, Andrew T., George & Thomas Adams ROSE, John Outagamie
Reynolds, B.F. Kenosha Rose, P. Herman Eau Claire
Reynolds, Benjamin Racine Rose, Sidney Richland
Reynolds, Frank S. Dodge ROSENBLATT, H. Rock
Reynolds, George W. Dane Rosenhauer, George E. Racine
Reynolds, Jefferson J.(2 bios) Richland Rosenthal, Fritz Sheboygan
REYNOLDS, John N. Rock Roser, C.H. Price
Reynolds, John S. Kenosha ROSS, Alexander Outagamie
Reynolds, Lewis Wood Ross, Alexander D. Dodge
REYNOLDS, Nelson Rock ROSS, Chancey Rock
Reynolds, William F. Jefferson ROSS, Charles F. Rock
Reysen, John H. Sheboygan Ross, G.W. Waupaca
Rhenstrom, Anthony Kenosha Ross, John A. Dane
Rhode, Peter Sr, Jr, & Joseph G. Kenosha ROSS, L. E. Rock
Rhodes, Joshua Trempealeau Ross, Michael St. Croix
RHODES, Phillip Rock Ross, O. Richland
Rhodes, William J. Kenosha Ross, William C. Jackson
Rice, Arthur A. & Charles A. Waupaca Ross, William D.S.(2 bios) Richland
Rice, Christian Crawford Rossier, E.B. Wood
Rice, Daniel Richland ROSSITER, Frederick R. Rock
RICE, G. M. Rock ROSSITER, Robert Rock
Rice, George J. Dodge-Jeff Rossman, George P. Jackson
Rice, Harvey Dodge Rossmann, Paul Sheboygan
Rice, Ira A. Racine ROSSMEISSL, Joseph Outagamie
Rice, J. Rossman Washington Rostad, K.T. Lafayette
RICE, M. M. Grant ROSTAD, Kittil C. Rock
RICE, Roswell Rock Roswoll, John Racine
Rice, Samuel T. Kenosha Roth, Daniel A. & George F. Richland
RICE, Thomas E. Rock Roth, Ludwig Dodge
RICH, Allen Eugene Rock Rottman, Jacob Washington
Rich, Joel Dodge Rottman, Jacob Fond Du Lac
Rich, Martin Dodge-Jeff Rottman, John B. Door
Rich, Truman Waupaca ROUCHE, Jacob Rock
RICHARDS, Albion Rock ROUDEBUSH, Silas Outagamie
RICHARDS, David A. Rock Roughan, Cornelius Racine
Richards, E.R. Sheboygan Rounds, Charles R. Crawford
Richards, Edward Racine Rounds, Erastus, George, James & Lester Winnebago
Richards, Horace Pierce Rous, Francis Marion Adams
Richards, Jeremiah Dane Row, James Lafayette
Richards, John Jefferson Rowe, D.F. Lafayette
Richards, John Green Rowe, David B. Jefferson
RICHARDS, John  Rock Rowe, Irwin Buffalo
Richards, O.M. Lafayette ROWE, O. D. Rock
Richards, Thomas Jefferson Rowe, O.H. Waupaca
RICHARDS, Wilbert B. Rock ROWE, Oscar D. Rock
Richards, William Richland Rowe, William Eau Claire
Richardson, Albert Lafayette Rowell, A.D. Washington
RICHARDSON, Alexander Rock Rowell, A.J. Eau Claire
Richardson, David Dane ROWELL, D.G. Outagamie
RICHARDSON, Edmund W. Grant Rowell, E.G. Washington
Richardson, Egbert & William H. Sheboygan Rowell, Ira Dodge
RICHARDSON, Frank Outagamie Rowell, J.S. & Samuel W. Dodge
RICHARDSON, Hamilton Rock Rowells, Luke Dodge
RICHARDSON, Hamilton Rock Rowland, D.W. Winnebago
Richardson, Isaac B. Jackson Rowland, John Racine
Richardson, M.W. Lafayette Rowlands, David W. Racine
RICHARDSON, Malachi Langdon Rock Rowlands, John Lafayette
RICHARDSON, Marshall Pease Rock Rowley, Antinous A. Dane
Richardson, William Richland ROWLEY, Daniel M. Rock
Richmann, H.L. Crawford ROWLEY, Daniel M. Rock
Richmond, Ezra W. Dane Rowley, Fred & Mark Racine
RICHMOND, Norman Outagamie Rowley, Manley S. Dane
Richmond, Riley S. Dodge Rowley, Moses Dane
Richter, A.M. Manitowoc Roy, John B. Lafayette
Richter, B.F. Manitowoc Roy, Leon Taylor
Richter, Simon John Jefferson ROYCE, Fayette (Rev. Dr.) Rock
Richter, Theodore Racine ROYCE, Fayette (Rev. Dr.) Rock
Richtmeyer, Leander Kenosha Royce, Lewis Racine
Rick, August C. Eau Claire ROYER, Daniel Rock
Rick, Thomas Lafayette RUBLE, Sarah (Mrs.) Rock
Rickard, Charles & Harlow E. Eau Claire Ruckert, John G. Jefferson
Rickert, Samuel Lafayette Rudd, John Dodge
Rickmeier, Simon A. Sheboygan Rudd, John Lafayette
RIECHERS, Henry Rock Rudd, Sheldon Sauk
Riechers, Justus Lafayette Ruddock, A.D. Green Lake
Rieck, Herman J. Buffalo Rudolf, Alexander Dodge
Riely, Robert Dodge Rudolf, Solomon Dodge
Riemenschneider, Christian Trempealeau Rudolph, Fritz Manitowoc
Rifenbergh, John Dodge Rudolph, Henry Trempealeau
Riley, Catherine Mrs. Kenosha RUDOLPH, Paul Rock
Riley, Edward Farrell Dane Rudolph, Solomon Dodge-Jeff
Riley, George W. Eau Claire Ruedebusch, Charles Dodge
Riley, Philip Dodge Ruedebusch, Henry Dodge
Riley, T. E. St. Croix Ruel, G.G. Clark
RILEY, William W. Rock RUGER, Thomas J. (Father)  Rock
Rimkel, Henry Racine RUGER, William Rock
Rinehart, George P. Jefferson Rumanoff, Joseph Wood
Rinehart, Jane Jefferson Rummery, Thomas J. Richland
Ringle, Charles Dodge Runals, Frank A. Kenosha
Ripley, George H. Kenosha RUNDELL, Samuel Cochran Iowa
Ripley, Sylvanus Winnebago Rundle, James Jefferson
Ripsom, Joseph B. Winnebago Runge, Frederick C. Sheboygan
Ripsom, William M. Winnebago Runkel, Jacob-John-Louis & Phillip Dodge
Risk, R. Juneau Runkel, John Kenosha
Risley, William L. Lafayette Runkel, John P. Kenosha
RISSUE, Jacob Pierce Runkel, Philip Juneau
RITCHER, John Rock Runyan, Levi Richland
Ritter, Frank X. La Crosse Rush, J.D. Winnebago
Ritz, C.H. Waupaca Rushlow, Lewis Dodge-Jeff
Rix, J.L. Dodge Rushlow, Louis Dodge
Rizer, John H.(2 bios) Richland Russakov, Samuel Irwin Kenosha
Roach, Joseph Eau Claire Russell, A.J. Racine
ROATCH, James Pierce Russell, Alexander St. Croix
Roatch, James S. Fond Du Lac Russell, Charles E. Green Lake
Robbins, E. Wheeler Eau Claire Russell, F.T. & J.B. Winnebago
Robbins, Herbert Eugene Kenosha Russell, G.W. Lafayette
Robbins, J.C. Lafayette RUSSELL, George W. Rock
Robers, Herman Racine RUSSELL, H.W. Outagamie
Roberts, Adam Manitowoc Russell, James Racine
Roberts, Allen P. Eau Claire Russell, James St. Croix
Roberts, David M. Dodge Russell, John H. Wood
Roberts, Edward Dodge RUSSELL, Joseph (Col.) Rock
Roberts, Edward T. Dodge Russell, T.P. Winnebago
Roberts, Evan La Crosse Russell, Thomas H. Eau Claire
Roberts, G.F. Racine Rutledge, D. Jefferson
Roberts, George W. Dodge Rutledge, Hon. John Jefferson
Roberts, Griffith Winnebago RYAN, Daniel Outagamie
Roberts, Hervey E. Sheboygan RYAN, David Outagamie
Roberts, Ida, Mrs. Dane RYAN, Edward H. Rock
Roberts, James Racine RYAN, James Outagamie
Roberts, John Winnebago RYAN, Patrick Rock
Roberts, John Lafayette Ryan, Peter St. Croix
Roberts, John C. Kenosha RYAN, Samuel Outagamie
Roberts, John J. Dodge Ryan, Thomas St. Croix
Roberts, John W. Jefferson Ryder, F.C. Dodge
Roberts, Joseph Racine Ryder, Lewis Jefferson
Roberts, Joseph Door    

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