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Padden, D. L. St. Croix Phillips, Thomas P. St. Croix
Paddock, Benjamin Sauk PHINNEY, James Outagamie
PADDOCK, Sarah Outagamie Phipps, William H. St. Croix
Page, Henry D. Sauk Pickett, MD, S. L. St. Croix
PAGE, Lucas H. Rock Pickett, Seth G., M.D. Jefferson
PAGE, Lucius Hubbard Rock PIEPER, CARL Fond Du Lac
Palmer, A. L. St. Croix PIERCE, Charles E.  Rock
PALMER, Benjamin F. Rock Pierce, Daniel Jefferson
PALMER, Bernard Morey Rock PIERCE, Dudley Outagamie
PALMER, C. H. Rock PIERCE, George M. Rock
PALMER, E.S. Outagamie PIERCE, Humphrey Outagamie
PALMER, Ephraim Rock PIERCE, James Rock
PALMER, George H. Rock PIERCE, James Rock
PALMER, Henry (Dr.) Rock Pierce, Nelson W. Dane
PALMER, Henry (Dr.) Rock Pierce, Nelson W. Jefferson
PALMER, Henry (Dr.) Rock PIERCE, Perry Pierce
PALMER, J. Rock PIERCE, Thomas Rock
Palmer, James Sauk PIERRON, J. J. Rock
PALMER, N. N. Rock PIERSON, F. F. Rock
PALMER, Philip Rock Pierstorff, William F. Dane
Palmer, William G. Jefferson Pinch, Joseph      Grant
Pape, Ferdinand Dane Pinkerton, Adam, Rev. Dane
PARDEE, Ida Outagamie Pinkerton, William, Dr. Dane
Pargeter, George Dane Pinney, Silas U. Dane
Parish, Charles E. Dane PIPER, DOROTHY  Fond Du Lac
Parker, Amasa Dane Piper, Hon. Jonathan Jefferson
PARKER, Charles D. Pierce Piper, Samuel Jefferson
PARKER, Charles H. Rock Piper, William Jefferson
Parker, Fletcher Andrew Dane Pipher, John Dodge-Jeff
PARKER, J. J. Rock Pitts, Fred L. St. Croix
PARKER, John J. Rock Pixley, J.S. Jefferson
PARKER, L. Holden Rock PLACE, Halvor Pierce
PARKER, L. Holden Rock Place, J.C. Washington
Parker, William Shawano PLACE, Lewis Pierce
Parkin, Sutcliffe Dane PLACE, Peter Pierce
Parkinson, Frank E. Dane Platt, Arthur B. Dane
Parkinson, John Barber Dane PLATTS, Lewis Alexander Rock
Parkinson, Marshall M. Dane PLAYTER, Charles J. Rock
PARKS, Emma Fond Du Lac PLAYTER, George Rock
PARKS, Mary Fond Du Lac PLAYTER, George Henry Rock
Parman, Christian Dane Plum, Henry Jefferson
Parman, John Dane Plumb, Festus St. Croix
PARMELY, L. (Rev.) Rock PLUMB, John C. Rock
PARMLEY, Geo. I. Rock Podewell, Hermann A. Jefferson
PARMLEY, James Rock Poe, Isaac Jefferson
Parnell, Lawrence St. Croix Pohle, William Sr.     Grant
Parr, William S. Dane Pohlmann, Fred Jefferson
Parrish, Edmund Jefferson POLIFKE, William Outagamie
Parsons, Andrew S. Dane Polin, Martin Buffalo
Parsons, William K. Dane Polleys, Thomas A. Dane
Partridge, Albert M. Dane POLLOCK, David H. Rock
PASS, GERRIT TEN  Fond Du Lac POLLOCK, Robert Rock
Patrick, Thomas Dodge-Jeff POLLOCK, Robert Rock
PATRIQUEN, John Rock Pollock, Wm. John Jefferson
Pattee, George W., M.D. Jefferson POLZEEN, ANDREW Fond Du Lac
PATTERSON, Henry A. Rock POMEROY, Hugh Outagamie
PATTERSON, J. G. Rock POMEROY, Luke Pierce
Patterson, Jacob G. Dane POMEROY, Ralph Rock
Patterson, Joseph Dane POMEROY, Ralph Outagamie
PATTERSON, W.S. Outagamie POMEROY, W. T. Rock
PATTERSON, William B. Rock POND, Orson Outagamie
PATTERSON, Wilson Outagamie POOLE, John H. Rock
PAUL, Homer M. Rock POOLE, Orlow Outagamie
Paul, James     Grant POPE, Virgil Rock
PAUL, Lemuel Rock POPE, Virgil Rock
PAUL, Wallace Rock POPPLE, Clark Rock
Paustian, F. Dodge-Jeff POPPLE, Samuel F. Rock
Payne, James Jefferson PORTER, ALLEN Racine
Payne, Stephen Jefferson Porter, Frederick E. Shawano
PAYNE, William Rock Porter, H.A. Jefferson
PEABODY, George Outagamie PORTER, Joseph K. P. Rock
PEAKE, Thomas Dewitt (Rev. Dr.) Rock PORTER, Philo Rock
Peardon, Richard, M.D., D.D.S. Jefferson Porter, W.H.   Jefferson
Pearl, Horace Jefferson PORTER, William (Prof.) Rock
PEARSALL, Charles J. Rock Porter, William H. Dane
Pearse, John Jefferson POST, Wilkerson Rock
Pearson, Charles & Manelious Sauk Posten, William         Grant
PEARSON, John J. Rock Pott, Harris C. St. Croix
PEASE, Chauncey C. Rock POTTER, Charles  Pierce
PEASE, Clark G. (Dr.)  Rock POTTER, Charles A. Rock
PEASE, John J. R. Rock Potter, H.H. Jefferson
Pease, Rev. P.E.B. Jefferson Potter, Leonard Jefferson
Pease, Walter Jefferson Potter, Matthew Jefferson
PECK, A. R. Rock Potter, Stacey S. Jefferson
Peck, Charles B. Jefferson Potter, W.K. Jefferson
PECK, Francis E. Rock POTTS, George Outagamie
Peck, George W. Dane POUND, Thaddeus Coleman Marinette
PECK, Levi S. Rock POWELL, Edward C. Rock
PECK, Sheldon W. Rock Powell, Henry Dane
Peck, Victor E. Dane POWELL, Nathaniel Pierce
PECKHAM, John A. Rock POWELL, Oliver Pierce
Pedley, John S. Lafayette POWELL, William, Deacon Pierce
Pedley, William Lafayette POWERS, Ambrose C. Rock
PEERENBOOM, Julius Outagamie POWERS, Ambrose C. Rock
PEET, Stephen (Rev.)  Rock Powers, Moses Jefferson
PELTON, Milford  Rock Powers, T.F. Jefferson
PEMBER, J. F. Rock Poynor, Charles Dane
PEMBER, R. T. Rock PRAMER, Jesse Rock
Pendell, James L. Dodge-Jeff PRATT, A. M. Rock
PENNINGTON, Joseph Rock PRATT, Calvin Rock
PENNYCOOK, Francis Rock PRATT, Frank F. Rock
PENTLAND, Henry Rock PRATT, Henry Rock
PENTLAND, Henry Rock PRATT, Martin V. Rock
PENTLAND, Henry Rock PRATT, Miles Outagamie
PEPPER, L. Rock PRATT, Selden Rock
PEPPER, Nicholas Rock PREBLE, James Pierce
PERKINS, Calvin Rock Prentice, Judson Jefferson
PERKINS, J. L. Rock Prentiss, Theodore Jefferson
PERLEY, John Pierce PRESCOTT, Philander Pierce
Perrin, H. E. St. Croix Preston, George Jefferson
PERRY, Frederick Clark Rock Preston, Leander P. Dodge-Jeff
Perry, Israel Sauk Price, Daniel P. Jefferson
PERRY, Miles Outagamie PRICE, James Rock
PERRY, P.G.H. Outagamie PRICHARD, Amos P. Rock
PERRY, Seth Outagamie PRICHARD, Amos P. Rock
PERRY, T. A. Rock PRICHARD, Moses S. Rock
PERRY, William Rock PRICHARD, Moses S. Rock
Pester, Josiah Jefferson Priem, William   Langlade
PETER J. PETERS  Fond Du Lac Prien, Fritz Washington
Peters, Dennis Jefferson PRIEPKE, JULIUS Fond Du Lac
PETERS, John W. Rock PRIEST, A.W. Outagamie
Peters, Peter Dodge-Jeff Pritzlaff, Henry Jefferson
PETERS, SHARON RITA  Fond Du Lac Pritzlaff, R. Jefferson
PETERSEN, ANTON Racine PROCTOR, Benjamin Outagamie
PETERSEN, F., Sr. Outagamie PROCTOR, Eli Rock
Peterson, Alexander Shawano PROCTOR, Eli Rock
PETERSON, Charles Pierce PROCTOR, G. A. Rock
Peterson, Chris St. Croix PROCTOR, George A. Rock
Peterson, Edward St. Croix Proctor, T.T. Jefferson
Peterson, Swan A. St. Croix Prouty, John Sauk
PETRI, Thomas Evert Marinette Prussing, Adolph      Grant
Petrie, J.D. Jefferson Pryor, James St. Croix
PETRIE, JOHN  Fond Du Lac Puerner, Henry Jefferson
Pettengill, Asa E. Dane Pugh, Jacob Dane
PETTERSON, Andrew R. Rock Pugh, James Racine
PFLUGER, Everett Pierce PUGH, WILLIAM R. Racine
PFLUGER, John Pierce Pulcifer, Daniel Shawano
Pfund, Hermann Dane PULLEN, L. T. Rock
PHELPS, Frank Bain Rock PURDY, T. M. Rock
PHELPS, Henry J. Rock PURVES, Luther E. Rock
PHELPS, MRS. FRED R. Fond Du Lac PURVES, Thomas Rock
Phelps, William Jefferson PURVES, William D. Pierce
PHILLIPS, Albert J. Rock PUTNAM, Jesse C. Rock
PHILLIPS, Alfred J. Rock PUTNAM, S. J. M. Rock
PHILLIPS, Allen F. Rock Pyburn, Mrs. Cornelia Dane
Phillips, Henry D. Dodge-Jeff PYNN, J.E. Outagamie
Phillips, P. St. Croix PYRE, Frank Rock

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