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Mackin, Arthur J. St. Croix Melcher, C.H. Washington
MACKIN, Thomas Rock Mellberg, Gustaf Jefferson
MacLEAN, T. W. (Rev.) Rock Melvin, John R. Dane
MacLOON, William (Capt.) Rock MENDENHALL, James Rock
MACY, JOHN B. Fond Du Lac Mengedoth, Adolph Dane
MACY, Oscar F. Rock Mentink, Albertus St. Croix
Maegerlein, Francis Sauk MENZIE, Charles Henry Rock
Maerzke, Frederick Jefferson MENZIE, James (Hon.)  Rock
Magee, Charles Sr. Shawano MENZIE, Silas W. Rock
MaGEE, Percy F. Rock MENZIES, Hugh (Dr.)  Rock
Maguire, P. J. St. Croix MENZIES, John Rock
MAIBUCHNER, ROBERT H.  Fond Du Lac MENZIES, Thomas, Jr. Rock
Mailer, John Buffalo MERLET, Thomas Rock
Main, Alexander & Willett Dane Merrill, Alfred Dane
Main, Edwin Dakin Dane MERRILL, David Rock
Maldaner, Henry Jefferson MERRILL, Hiram Rock
MALONE, Booth Rock Merrill, Lorenzo Dodge-Jeff
Malone, James E. Dodge-Jeff MERRILL, MARY, Mrs Outagamie
Maloney, Patrick St. Croix MERRILL, S. T. Rock
Maloney, Thomas St. Croix Merriman, R.D. Jefferson
Malony, Patrick, Jr. St. Croix MESSER, C. M. Rock
MALTBY, James M. Rock MESSER, Fred Rock
MaMERES, William Outagamie Messerschmidt, John Jefferson
MANCHESTER, Sarah (Mrs.) Green Metcalf, Judson   Jefferson
Mandt, Gunder G. Dane Metlie, James St. Croix
MANI, David Green Meyer, A. W. Jefferson
MANION, Timothy Pierce MEYER, ADAM  Fond Du Lac
MANLEY, Adelmorn B. (Dr.) Rock Meyer, F. H. Jefferson
MANLEY, James Orson Outagamie Meyer, Fred A.          Grant
MANLEY, L.O., Mrs Outagamie MEYER, H.W. Outagamie
MANLEY, William Outagamie Meyer, Henry Jefferson
Mann, Joel Buffalo Meyer, Julius Jefferson
Mannegold, A. F. Jefferson Meyer, Paul H. Shawano
MANNENBACH, JOHN Fond Du Lac Meyer, Samuel Shawano
Mansfield, George C. Jefferson Meyer, William Sauk
MANSUR, John T. Rock MEYERS, B. H. Racine
MANTHEY, MRS. RUDOLPH Fond Du Lac Meyers, Ezra H. Buffalo
MARCH, FREDERIC Racine Meyers, Jesse S. Dane
MARCUSSEN, F. W. Grant Miles, Oscar J. Jefferson
Marden, Alfred & Ella Sauk Mill, Richard H. Jefferson
MARSDEN, Henry Rock MILLEN, Barney Rock
Marsden, Joseph Jefferson Miller, A.F. Jefferson
Marsh, Edward Sauk MILLER, Charles Rock
Marsh, Riley E. Jefferson MILLER, Charles Rock
Marshall, George Jefferson MILLER, Charles E. Rock
MARSHALL, Joseph R.  Rock MILLER, D. P. Rock
MARSHALL, MRS. MARY  Fond Du Lac MILLER, David P. Rock
Marshall, William Jefferson MILLER, Ephraim Rock
MARSKIE, Albert H. Rock Miller, F. Jefferson
MARSTON, C. C. (Rev.) Rock MILLER, FRED  Fond Du Lac
MARSTON, Joseph Outagamie MILLER, George Outagamie
Martens, Henry        Grant Miller, George Grant
MARTIN, C. Loftus (Dr.) Rock Miller, George P. Dane
Martin, F.J. Shawano MILLER, GEORGE W. Racine
Martin, George St. Croix MILLER, Harrison Outagamie
MARTIN, John James Rock MILLER, Harvey Marshall Rock
Martin, Jules & Anna Shawano MILLER, HENRY C. Racine
Martin, Nathaniel Dane MILLER, Jason B. Rock
MARTIN, Willard Paul Rock Miller, John C. Dane
MARZLUFF, F. M. Rock Miller, John M. Jefferson
MASON, James F. Pierce MILLER, LOUIS Fond Du Lac
Mason, John Dane MILLER, MRS. EMILIE Fond Du Lac
MATATALL, Andrew Rock Miller, Peter Jefferson
Mathews, George B. Jefferson MILLER, Richard Outagamie
Mathison, James Jefferson Miller, William Jefferson
Mattausch, Joseph Buffalo MILLER, WILLIAM HENRY Racine
Matthews, Ernest St. Croix MILLETT, Sarah A. Rock
Mattmiller, Harold S.  Langlade Mills, A.V. Jefferson
MAUCH, BENEDICT Fond Du Lac MILLS, David L. Rock
Maul, John Jefferson MILLS, George K. Grant
MAWSON, John E. Rock MILLS, James (Dr.) Rock
MAXON, H. N. Rock MILLS, James (Dr.)  Rock
May, Carl Dodge Mills, James F. Dane
May, Christian Jefferson MILLS, Luther Outagamie
May, J. B. Jefferson MILLS, Roger H. (Judge) Rock
Mayer, Casper Dane Mills, Simeon & Maria L. Dane
Mayer, Christian Jefferson Mills, Thomas J. Jefferson
Mayer, Laurence P. St. Croix Minch, William Dane
Mayers, Charles George Dane Miner, James B. Jefferson
MAYHEW, William A. Rock MINER, Joel Rock
MAYHEW, William Asa Rock MINER, S. J. Rock
MAYNE, Dexter D. Rock Minier, D. H. St. Croix
MAYO, Joseph Rock MINOR, J. Benjamin Rock
McAllister, E. H. St. Croix MITCHEL, GEORGE Racine
McARTHUR, Duncan Rock Mitchell, Frank L. Racine
McARTHUR, H. G. (Minister) Rock MITCHELL, HENRY Racine
McBRIDE, James Rock MITCHELL, John (Dr.) Rock
McBride, John        Grant MITCHELL, Michael Rock
McCabe, Thos. Jefferson MITCHELL, Thomas Outagamie
McCaig, James Dodge Mitchell, W.H. Jefferson
McCall, James Jefferson MITCHELL, William, Reverend Outagamie
McCann, James Jefferson MIX, Homer P., M. D. Iowa
McCARTHY, Dennis Rock MIZO, Michael Rock
McCarthy, Robert L. Jefferson Moak, J.T. Jefferson
McCARTY, THOMAS Fond Du Lac MODER, Joseph Outagamie
McCaughn, Alexander Dane MODINE, ARTHUR BERNARD Racine
McCAUSEY, George H. (Dr.) Rock MOE, STILES Racine
McCHESNEY, D. H. Rock Moelter, Nicholas St. Croix
McChesney, Frederic S. Dane MOENNING, WILLIAM  Fond Du Lac
McCOLLOUGH, David Rock MOESKES, G.T. Outagamie
McCollow, Thomas A. Dodge-Jeff MOLE, James R. Rock
McCOMB, Matthew Outagamie Monahan, James F. St. Croix
McConnell, James Dane MONROE, Thomas H. Rock
McConnell, William Tyler Dane MONTGOMERY, George Rock
McCoy, Susan (Married name McNeely)  Fond Du Lac MONTGOMERY, John Outagamie
McCRARY, Alva Outagamie MONTGOMERY, Tracy Rock
McCUE, Michael Pierce MONTGOMERY, W.F. Outagamie
McCUE, Timothy Pierce MOORE, Ambrose Rock
McCULLOUGH, MICHAEL  Fond Du Lac Moore, Aubertine W. Dane
McCutchan, R.F. Jefferson MOORE, Clinton W. Rock
McDivitt, John Shawano MOORE, Clinton W. Rock
McDonald, Edward M. Dodge-Jeff MOORE, J. S. Rock
McDonald, George Jefferson Moore, James W. Dodge-Jeff
McDonough, Michael Dodge Moore, John Jefferson
McDOUGALL, Alfred Rock Moore, Joseph St. Croix
McELROY, Horace Rock Moore, Lawrence D. St. Croix
McElroy, John W. Dodge-Jeff Moore, Patrick St. Croix
McEWAN, James Rock Moore, Smith Jefferson
McEWAN, James Rock MOORE, Zeba Clark Rock
McEWAN, James Rock MOORE, Zeba Clark Rock
McEWAN, Peter Rock Moot, Hartman Buffalo
McEWAN, Peter Rock Moran, John Washington
McEWAN, William Rock MORE, Robert Rock
McEWAN, William Rock Moreth, Carl Dane
McFARLAN, John Rock Morgan, Harvey J. Shawano
McFarland, Joseph Dane MORGAN, Isaac Parsons  Rock
McFarlane, John Jefferson Morgan, James Shawano
McFetridge, Edward C. Dodge-Jeff MORGAN, L.D. Pierce
McFetridge, James St. Croix MORGAN, MRS. EVA Fond Du Lac
McFetridge, William St. Croix MORGAN, Sylvester Rock
McGAVOCK, Hugh Rock Morgan, William      Grant
McGee, Thomas Jefferson MORGAN, William H. Rock
McGILLEN, James Outagamie MORGAN, William H.  Rock
McGinnis, James Jefferson MORGAN, William S. Rock
McGinnis, Patrick Jefferson MORGAN, William Taylor Rock
McGINNITY, Eugene M. (Rev.) Rock MORGAN, Wm. T. Rock
McGINNITY, Eugene Mary (Rev.) Rock MORIARTY, Timothy Rock
McGovern, Phil.      Grant Morley, Isaac Sauk
McGOWAN, Emmett D. Rock Morris, Richard Jefferson
McGOWEN, James S. Rock Morrison, Joseph F. Jefferson
McGREGOR, Duncan Pierce MORROW, James Outagamie
McGUIRE, Peter Alvin Rock MORSE, ABNER Pierce
McHenry, William S. St. Croix MORSE, Calvin Pierce
McHugh, Michael Jefferson MORSE, Hilen Canfield Rock
McIlroy, Robert St. Croix MORSE, John Outagamie
McINTYRE, William J. Rock MORSE, T. W. (Dr.) Rock
McINTYRE, William J. Rock MORTON, James Rock
McKay, Hector Outagamie MORY, Charles Outagamie
McKay, J.W. Buffalo MOSELEY, Charles E. Rock
McKELLIPS, Daniel Rock MOSELEY, Lucius S. Rock
McKELLIPS, Daniel Rock MOSELLE, Louis J. Rock
McKenzie, Duncan J. Buffalo MOSER, Baldasar  Pierce
McKenzie, Monroe Jefferson Moser, Conrad Jr. Buffalo
McKEY, Edward Rock MOSES, MARY  Fond Du Lac
McKEY, George M. Rock MOSHER, M. J. (Mrs.) Rock
McKEY, Michael  Rock Mosher, Robert Dodge-Jeff
McKILLIPS, Daniel Rock MOUAT, Peter J. Rock
McKINNEY, H. D. Rock Mould, Thomas Jefferson
MCLAUGHLIN, FRANK P.  Fond Du Lac Moulding, John J. Jefferson
McLAY, David Rock Moulton, Hiram N. Dane
McLAY, George A. Rock Mower, William H. Buffalo
McLAY, John Rock Mowery, Samuel A. Washington
McLEAN, Colin C.  Rock MOYER, Charles Pierce
McLEAN, George C. Rock MOYLAN, EDWARD Fond Du Lac
McLEAN, John (Pastor) Rock Mueller, John G. Dane
McLimans, John        Grant MULLOOLY, Michael Rock
McMahon, Edward Jefferson Mulvaney, Thomas St. Croix
McMANIS, John Rock MUMFORD, Alexander Pierce
McMILLIN, David Rock Muncy, John W. St. Croix
McMILLIN, John Rock MUNGER, Andrus (Deacon) Rock
McMullen, Edward St. Croix MUNGER, Augustus C. Rock
McMullen, Edward St. Croix Munger, Levi Jefferson
McMURDO, John Outagamie Munger, William H. Jefferson
McMURPHY, George Pierce MUNROE, ORLANDO Racine
McMurran, Alexander Dane MUNSON, John D. Rock
McNAB, Duncan Outagamie MURCH, B.B. Outagamie
McNAIR, Samuel Rock Murdock, Henry M. St. Croix
McNamara, Christopher, Jr.  Jefferson Murphy, Abraham Dane
McNAMARA, Henry C. Rock MURPHY, Edward Pierce
McNamara, William St. Croix Murphy, J.B.        Grant
McNEE, James Rock MURPHY, James Pierce
McNeely, Patrick Fond Du Lac Murphy, James W.      Grant
McNeil, Charles Dane MURPHY, John Pierce
McNEIL, Martin Rock MURPHY, JOHN E Fond Du Lac
McVey, Newton Buffalo MURPHY, M. D. Rock
McWilliams, Ira Sauk MURRAY, B. F. Rock
MEACHAM, John A. Green MURRAY, George M. Rock
MEACHEM, JOHN SR. Racine MURRAY, James D. Rock
MEAD, ALVIN Racine Murray, Lyman Sauk
Mears, Charles S. Dane MURRAY, William A. Rock
Meath, Peter St. Croix MURTY, Peter Rock
Meath, Thomas F. St. Croix Mutchler, Levi Dane
Meath, William St. Croix Muth, John Jefferson
Megginson, James Jefferson Muzzy, Samuel Dane
MEIDAM, Miles Outagamie MYERS, Andrew Rock
MEIER, PETER  Fond Du Lac MYERS, George Outagamie
Meisner, Charles H. Shawano MYERS, John H. Rock
Meisner, Herman Shawano MYERS, Peter Rock
MELAY, L. A. Rock    

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