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Fagg, Peter Dane FLAGLER, Sylvester Rock
FAHERNY & O'NEILL Grant Flak, Marcus St. Croix
Failinger, Conrad Jefferson Flanagan, Mrs. Amelia R.  Fond Du Lac
FAIRBANK, E. W. Rock Fleming, Henry V. St. Croix
FAIRBANKS, Charles M. Rock Fleming, John J. St. Croix
Fairchild, L.L. Dodge-Jeff FLETCHER, JOHN Racine
FALES, H. P. Rock FLETCHER, John A. Rock
FALES, Henry P. Rock Flinn, Hon. H. Jefferson
Falk, Ole Nelson Dane FLOETER, ARNOLD A.  Fond Du Lac
Falkenhagen, George Jr.  Langlade Florin, Christian Buffalo
Fanholts, Adam Jefferson FLOWER, Calvin Dane
FANNING, William Rock FLYNN, Edward Fond Du Lac
FAREWELL, Joseph Iowa FLYNN, James Jr. Fond Du Lac
Fargo, E.B. Jefferson FLYNN, James Sr.  Fond Du Lac
Fargo, George T. Jefferson FOBES, Francis Rock
Fargo, L.D. Jefferson Foley, Martin Sauk
FARMER, Thomas H. Rock FOLLANSBEE, Willard S. Rock
Farness, Ole H. Dane Folsom, William Dodge-Jeff
Farnham, Luther E.  Langlade Folts, Jonas Jefferson
FARNSWORTH, Elon John Rock FONDA, John P. Rock
Farnsworth, Henry E. Jefferson FOOT, E. A. Rock
FARNSWORTH, James P. Rock FORD, Charles F. Dane
Farnsworth, William Holden Dane Ford, John Jefferson
FARR, Shubell Rock Ford, John Dodge-Jeff
FATHERS, James A. Rock FORD, O. B. Rock
FATHERS, James A. Rock Ford, Thomas E.  Langlade
FATHERS, John Rock FORESMAN, Charles M. Dane
FATHERS, Samuel  Rock FORESMAN, William M. Dane
FATHERS, William  Rock Forncrook, Henry Jefferson
Faust, Edward P.  Langlade FORSETH, Gilbert Pierce
Favill, Henry Baird Dane FORTUNE, George Pierce
FAVILLE, John, Reverend Outagamie FOSSUM, John O. Rock
FECTEAU, ROSEMARY LOUISE Marinette Foster, Albert Sauk
Fehlandt, Carl Dane Foster, B. C. B St. Croix
Feigl, R.W. Buffalo FOSTER, David Humphrey Rock
Felbel, William J. Jefferson FOSTER, David Smith Rock
FELLENZ, MRS. JOHN  Fond Du Lac FOSTER, Henry Outagamie
FELLOWS, Frank E. Rock FOSTER, John Rock
FELLOWS, George Rock FOSTER, John Rock
FELLOWS, HARRISON Racine Foster, L. O. St. Croix
FELLOWS, Jonathan A. Rock Fouks, George A. St. Croix
FELLOWS, Joseph Rock FOUNTAIN, Charles Rock
FELLOWS, Joseph Rock Fowler, Abel C.     Grant
FELT, Eugene K. Rock Fox, C.D. Jefferson
FENNEL, George W. Grant FOX, Charles Outagamie
FENNELL, G.W. Grant FOX, Daniel  Pierce
FENTON, Cornelius Pierce FOX, George H. Dane
FENTON, Franklin Sprague Rock FOX, Ira Grant
FENTON, Philo Servetus  Rock FOX, Mrs. Viola Outagamie
FERGUSON, Donald Pierce FOX, Sylvester  Pierce
FERGUSON, Richard M. Rock FOY, MRS. JAMES  Fond Du Lac
FERN, John Grant FRADELL, Oliver A. Rock
FESS, George E Dane FRAMBACH, Henry Outagamie
FESSENDEN, Austin B. Rock Francis, George L. Dane
FESSENDEN, Edmund S. (Dr.) Green Frankenburger, David B. Dane
FETHERS, Ogden H. Rock FRANKLAND, Mathew Grant
Fetherspil, J. P. St. Croix Frantz, Adam St. Croix
Fetterley, Thomas Jefferson Frantz, Charles St. Croix
FEULING, Martin Dane Franz, George John  Langlade
Fiedler, Henry Buffalo Frary, John S. Dane
FIEDLER, John Junior Rock FRATT, NICHOLAS Racine
Fiedler, Leonard Jefferson Fratt, Nicholas D. Racine
FIELD, Jesse Pierce Frawley, Thomas St. Croix
Field, S. Jefferson FRAWLEY, WILLIAM  Fond Du Lac
FIELD, Samuel Dane Frazer, George H. Shawano
FIELDS, Byron Rock Frear, James A. St. Croix
FIESTEDT, Joachim Outagamie FREDENDALL, Jacob Rock
FIFIELD, Elbridge Gerry Rock FREDENDALL, Nelson Rock
FIFIELD, Thomas B.  Rock FREDRICH, A. Outagamie
FILBACH, George Pierce FREDRICKSEN, Frederick Rock
Filbrandt, Joseph  Langlade Fredrickson, Nils Dane
FILLINGHAM, Edward J. Rock FREEBORN, Daniel P. Rock
Filyes, L. W.  Langlade FREEMAN, CHARLES Racine
FINCEL, KATHERINE  Fond Du Lac Freeman, John C. Dane
FINCH, Loren Rock Freiburger, Leonard  Langlade
FINDLAY, Alexander Dane Freile, Jens Nelson St. Croix
Findlay, John Jefferson FRENCH, EDWARD E.  Fond Du Lac
Findlay, Thomas Jefferson FRENCH, J. H. Rock
FINGER, Joseph Dane French, James Jefferson
FINK, HERMAN  Fond Du Lac French, Myron B. Dane
Finkelnburg, Augustus Buffalo FREUND, William Outagamie
FINKLE, John Outagamie FRICKE, HENRY A.  Fond Du Lac
FINN, Charles B Grant Friday, John Jefferson
FINNAM, Thomas Rock FRIDAY, LOUIS P.  Fond Du Lac
FINNEGAN, Edward Outagamie Friedel, John A. Jefferson
Finvold, P. C. St. Croix Friedeman, H. A.  Langlade
Fischback, John J. Jefferson FRINK, Ezekiel P. Rock
FISCHER, L. Rock FRINK, Horace B. Rock
FISCHER, William Dane Frisch, Joseph  Langlade
FISH, ABNER Racine Frisch, Peter  Langlade
FISH, Alfred C. Rock Frissell, William H. St. Croix
Fish, Charles Wesley  Langlade FRITTS, Joshua M. Rock
FISH, EDWIN Racine FRITZ, Melchor  Pierce
FISH, TITUS Racine Froggatt, John Dane
FISH, William T. Dane Frost, Richard Douglas Dane
FISHER, Abel L. Rock FROST, Samuel H. Rock
FISHER, Arthur M. Rock Fryer, Nelson Jefferson
Fisher, Charles Jefferson Fuchs, Michael   Jefferson
FISHER, E. W.  Rock Fuermann, August Jefferson
FISHER, E. Whitney Rock Fuermann, August, Jr. Jefferson
FISHER, F. T. Rock Fuerstenau, Wm. Jefferson
Fisher, Frederick Buffalo Fugina, Joseph & Markus Buffalo
FISHER, Giles Rock Fuhrmann, Albert Sauk
FISHER, Jacob Rock Fuiten, Garret St. Croix
FISHER, James E. Dane FULLER, J.F. Outagamie
FISHER, L. C. Rock Fuller, S.B.   Jefferson
FISHER, Perry Rock Fuller, Stephen G. Buffalo
FISHER, Seth Rock Fuller, William Sauk
FITCH, Denning Dane Fullerton, Byron S. Shawano
FITCH, Newell D. Rock FULLRE, J.F. Outagamie
FITZGIBBON, William A. Dane Funck, Genevieve Outagamie
FITZPATRICK, Mary Fond Du Lac Fuoter, Samuel Buffalo
FITZPATRICK, William,  Fond Du Lac Fyfe, Malcolm Buffalo
FLAGG, Abner S. Rock Fylpaa, Carl St. Croix
FLAGLER, Joseph Rock    

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