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Eagan, Michael  Dodge ELLIS, O. C. Rock
EAGER, Almeron Rock ELLIS, Richard F. Green
Earl, A.R. Jefferson ELLWOOD, James H. Rock
EARLE, Thomas Rock Elver, Charles Dane
EARLE, Xenaphon Outagamie Ely, Richard T. Dane
Earley, Michael G. St. Croix EMERSON, Joseph (Dr.) Rock
Eason, George W. Jefferson EMERSON, Joseph (Prof.) Rock
EASTERLEY, William G. Rock EMERY Albert W. Grant
EASTMAN J. F. Grant EMERY J. C. Grant
Eastman, Charles F. Jefferson Emery, Samuel Sauk
Eaton, Almon R. Jefferson Emrath, Jacob Jefferson
EATON, Beldon Pierce ENDORF, Frederick Pierce
Eaton, Edward Sauk Engbertson, Peter E. St. Croix
EATON, Edward Dwight (Dr.) Rock ENGEBRETSON, Lars Rock
Eaton, F.M. Jefferson ENGEL, HERMAN S.  Fond Du Lac
Eaton, S.M. Jefferson ENGELHARDT, GEORGE Racine
Eaton, S.M. Dodge-Jeff ENGELS, Henry Fond Du Lac
Ebbett, William Jefferson ENGLE Charles Grant
Eberle, Gustav Jefferson ENGLE George Grant
Eck, George      Grant English, Albert Jefferson
ECKSTEIN, Ferdinand Pierce ENNIS, T. Rock
EDDEN, Ransom W. (Dr.) Rock Epley, Dr. F. W. St. Croix
EDDINGTON, Edward E. Rock ERB, Herman Outagamie
EDDY, Susan (Mrs.) Rock Erdall, John L. Dane
EDMUND, HARNEY Racine Erickson, Ole Shawano
EDWARDS Family Fond Du Lac Erikson, Lewis St. Croix
EDWARDS, Daniel Wood (Rev.) Rock Ernst, A.F. Dodge-Jeff
Edwards, Gunder Dane Ernst, Rev. August F. Jefferson
Edwards, Henry L. Jefferson ERSKINE, MASSENA Racine
Edwards, John M. Jefferson Esser, Jacob and Mathias Dane
EDWARDS, Nathaniel Outagamie ESTEE, Henry Rock
EDWARDS, William Rock Estes, August G. and John M. Dane
Effinger, Ferdinand Sauk Eustis, William Jefferson
EGERY, Daniel D. Rock Evans, Edward R. Jefferson
Eggleston, Charles H. Dodge-Jeff EVANS, Evan Rock
Ehrke, H. Fond Du Lac EVANS, Evan J. Rock
Eigenmann, Frederick, Rev. Dane Evans, George Jefferson
Eighmy, Eugene Dane EVANS, John M. (Dr.) Rock
Ekkestad, Niels J. Dane EVANS, John M. (Dr.) Rock
ELDRED, F. S. Rock EVANS, John M., Sr. (Dr.) Rock
ELDRED, Frederick Starr Rock Evans, Niels C. Dane
ELDRED, MRS. HARRY  Fond Du Lac Evans, Thomas D. Jefferson
ELDREDGE, Barnabas Ballou Rock Evans, William E. Jefferson
ELDREDGE, Barnabus Ballou Rock EVEINGHAM, Chas. Rock
ELDREDGE, William M. Rock Evenson, M. J.  Langlade
Elkins, Mrs. Emily Dodge-Jeff EVERETT, Edward A. Rock
ELLICSON, Seymour Fond Du Lac EVERETT, J. M. Rock
Ellingwood, Alexander Sauk EVERETT, Josiah M. Rock
ELLINGWOOD, Marshall A. Rock Everill, Thomas A. Dane
Elliot, James Jefferson Everson, Charles John St. Croix
Elliott, George Dane Everson, Julius E. St. Croix
Elliott, Walter L.  Langlade Everson, William Jefferson
Ellis, Amos Dane EWART, Gilbert Pierce
Ellis, Claudius Dane EWING, Mary Lloyd (Dr.) Rock
ELLIS, F. W. Rock Ewing, Thomas Washington
Ellis, George H. Dane Exel, Martin Buffalo
ELLIS, John W. Pierce    

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