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Dahl, John C. St. Croix Diment, Frederick Dane
DAHL. JOHN J. Racine DIMOCK, Edward L. Rock
Daib, Rev. Herman S.W. Shawano DINGMON, Winard Rock
Dailey, A. R. St. Croix Dippel, Conrad Jefferson
Dailey, Edwin St. Croix Ditschler, Jacob Jefferson
DAILEY, Herman P. Rock DIVALL, Fred Grant
Dailey, Jacob St. Croix DIVAN, Isaac Green
DALAND, William Clifton Rock DIXON, Martin Rock
DAMEROW, August Rock Doan, Nelson R. Dane
DANA, JAMES T. Fond Du Lac DOCKSTADER, Joseph Rock
DANA, JOHN L.  Fond Du Lac Dodd, H.B. Jefferson
DANA, JOHN.  N Fond Du Lac DODD, William A. Rock
DANA, LEO Fond Du Lac DODGE David Grant
DANA, LOUIS M.  Fond Du Lac Dodge, Bamford Dane
DANA, MISS AGNES Fond Du Lac Dodge, Hiram G. and McClelland Dane
DANA, MRS. JOHN (MRS. ELIZABETH) Fond Du Lac Dodge, John W. Dane
DANA, MRS. LOUISA Fond Du Lac DODGE, Richard Pierce
DANA, PAUL J.  Fond Du Lac Dodge, Rufus C. Jefferson
Dangel, Peter Sauk DODGE, Sumner Pierce
Daniells, William Willard Dane Dohm, John Dane
Daniels, N.C. Jefferson Dohr, James Dane
DANIELSON, Abe Outagamie DOHS, D. Rock
DANO, Francis Rock Dolan, Philip  Dodge
Danyus, Fred Jefferson DOLL, Joseph Grant
Darling, E.G. Jefferson Donahue, James St. Croix
Darrow, Henry Sauk Donegan, Michael Dodge
Daskam, Walter  Langlade Donnelly, Thomas W. Sauk
DATES, John Rock Donohue, Charles St. Croix
DATES, John  Rock Donohue, Dr. Michael J.  Langlade
Daub, Henry Jefferson DONOVAN, H. V. Rock
DAVIDSON, Thomas Rock DOOLITTLE, Sarah K. Rock
Davidson, Thomas Dane DOPKINS, Charles Pierce
DAVIES, Thomas  Grant Dorn, Frank M. Dane
DAVIES, THOMAS J Fond Du Lac Dorsett, A.D. Sauk
DAVIES, WILLIAM T. Racine Dorzeski, Walter Vincent  Langlade
Davis, Edward Dodge-Jeff Doschades, Edward Jefferson
DAVIS, F. N. Rock DOTY, Edward P. Rock
DAVIS, German Harmon Rock DOTY, Ellis Rock
DAVIS, H. N. (Hon.) Rock Doty, Erastus E. Dane
DAVIS, Henry Rock DOTY, Ezra Philo Rock
DAVIS, James Rock DOTY, Henry A. Rock
Davis, Oscar F. St. Croix DOTY, Henry A. Rock
DAVIS, P. F. Rock Doud, Lyman Jefferson
Davis, Rees Sauk DOUD, REUBEN Racine
Davis, Thomas Dane Dougan, Samuel W. Dodge-Jeff
DAVIS, Vernon S. Rock DOUGHERTY, EDWARD E.  Fond Du Lac
DAVIS, William J. Rock DOUGHERTY, Smith Rock
DAVY, Hiram L. Rock DOUGLAS, Byron Outagamie
DAWE, John Rock DOUGLAS, Elon A. Rock
Dawley, E. W.  St. Croix DOUGLAS, Elon A. Rock
DAWSON, William A. Rock DOUGLAS, H. O. Rock
Day, Alfred St. Croix DOW, Joel B. Rock
DAY, Joseph W. Rock Dow, Oliver P. Jefferson
DAYTON, Jeremy S. Rock Dowd, John St. Croix
De Lano, Henry Jefferson DOWD, R. J. Rock
De Paradis, Rev. Dr. P. A. St. Croix DOWD, Rex J. Rock
DE VOE, MRS. ELIZA  Fond Du Lac Down, William Jefferson
Dean, Dr. George St. Croix DOWNER, G.R. (w/photo) Outagamie
DEAN, Frances CHESEBROUGH (Mrs.) Rock DOWNER, J. L. Rock
DEAN, James (w/photo) Outagamie Downey, Patrick Dane
DEAN, Judith COLEMAN Rock Downing, Alvin H. Jefferson
DEAN, W. H. Rock DOWNING, Donald William Rock
DEANS, John Pierce DOYLE, Michael Fond Du Lac
DeBOCK, Albert John Rock Doyle, Michael A. Dane
DeBower, Gert and Simeon Dane DOYLE, Patrick Fond Du Lac
DECKER, Cornelius S. Rock DOYLE, ROSE  Fond Du Lac
DECKER, Cornelius S. Rock Doyon, M. Ransom Dane
DeFOREST, O. Lansing Rock Drager, Gus Sauk
Deitjen, John Jefferson Drake, Hollis B. Dodge-Jeff
Delaney, John Dane DRAKE, Jefferson Green
Delaplaine, George P. Dane DRAKE, John F. Rock
DELLER, Joseph Iowa DRAVES, MRS. JOHN  Fond Du Lac
DeLONG, Homer Bradley Rock DREFAHL, Christopher Rock
Dempsey, Raymond C.  Langlade Dreher, Charles Washington
Denison, John C. Washington DREIS Joseph A. Grant
Denison, William H. Dane DREMEL COMPANY Racine
DENNETT, James J. Rock DRESSER, Jasper Gilbert Rock
DENNING, William L. Rock Dresser, W. B.  Langlade
Denninger, John B. Jefferson DREW, Thomas Rock
Denninger, Rev. Fred'k W.A.  Jefferson Driscoll, Jeremiah Dodge
Dennis, Peter St. Croix DRIVER, SINCLAIR M. Racine
Dentzler, William H.          Grant DROUGHT, David Lee Rock
Denu, John Dane Drown, A.H. Dodge-Jeff
DENZER, Bernard Jr.  Pierce Druckrey, Herman Shawano
DENZER, Bernard Sr. Pierce DRURY, Dexter Rock
DENZER, Stephen  Pierce DU FRANE, GEORGE  Fond Du Lac
DENZIN, WILLIAM G.  Fond Du Lac Dudley, John Dane
Derenthal, Rev. Odoric Ignaz Shawano DUDLEY, Samuel E. Rock
Dervin, William E. Jefferson DUFFY, A. James Fond Du Lac
Dessereau, William H.  Langlade Dufrenne, Fred W. Dane
DETTMER, Henry Rock Dukershein, Louis W. Dane
DeVall, James D. and Solon Dane Dunbar, Edward St. Croix
DEVEREAUX, Charles E. (Dr.) Rock Dunbar, Michael C. St. Croix
DEVEREAUX, Edward Rock Dunbar, Peter St. Croix
DEWEY, Alfred Rock Dunbar, Peter St. Croix
Dewey, David C.  Langlade DUNHAM, George Oliver Pierce
DEWY, Almira STILES (Mrs.) Rock Dunlap, Adam Dane
DEY, John (photo coming) Outagamie DUNN, Elston M. (Rev.)  Rock
DIBBLE, George W. Rock DUNN, FRANK  Fond Du Lac
Dick, James J. Dodge-Jeff DUNN, Frederick C. Rock
Dick, Walter Moody Dane Dunn, Peter J.  Langlade
Dicke, Rev. Peter Henry Shawano DUNN, William Rock
DICKERMAN, Perry D. Rock Dunstone, James Jefferson
DICKINSON, Charles H. Rock DUNWIDDIE, Benjamin F. Rock
DICKINSON, Enos C. Rock Duquette, Joseph Jule  Langlade
DICKSON, John P. Rock DURANT, MRS. EMMA  Fond Du Lac
DIEDRICH, MISS ELIZABETH  Fond Du Lac Durrie, Daniel Steele Dane
DIEDRICH, MRS. F. W.  Fond Du Lac DUSTRUDE, Ole T. Rock
DIENER, Henry  Outagamie DUTCHER, Daniel  Pierce
DIERENGER, Andrew, Fond Du Lac DUTHIE, William Rock
DIERINGER, Sigmund Fond Du Lac DUTHIE, William Rock
DILLAMATER, Peter Rock DUTTON, Charles Rock
Dillon, Franklin H. Buffalo DUXSTAD, Knudt B. Rock
DILLON, JOHN W.  Fond Du Lac Dwight, Edward W. Dane
Diment, Alfred Dane DYER, William J. Grant
Diment, Frank Dane DYKEMAN, William W. Rock

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