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CADMAN, L. P. Rock Clausen, Christ. & Frederick Buffalo
CADWALLADER, Samuel Rock Cleary, Edward Langlade
CADWELL, William Pierce CLEGHORN, J. F. Rock
Cady, Benjamin A. Shawano CLELAND, Samuel Rock
CADY, E. J. Rock Cleland, William A. Dane
CADY, MRS. JULIA ANN,  Fond Du Lac CLEOPHAS, Halvor Rock
CAHOON, Joseph Outagamie CLEOPHAS, Ira Rock
CAIRNS, George Pierce Cleveland, Benjamin Dane
CALDWELL, A. H. Rock Cleveland, Prof. J.J. Lacrosse
CALDWELL, Alexander H. Rock CLIFFORD, Alvin S. Rock
CALDWELL, James Rock Clifford, Claude Langlade
CALHOUN, John Fond Du Lac Clifford, James Lacrosse
CALKINS, Willard Rock CLIFFORD, John Fond Du Lac
Callahan, John F.  Langlade CLIFFORD, John Pierce
Callahan, Stephen Buffalo CLIFFORD, John W. Rock
CALVERT, W. H. Rock Clifford, Wright P. Dodge-Jeff
Cameron, Angus Lacrosse CLINCHY, Robert H. Rock
Cameron, Hon. Hugh Lacrosse CLOOS, Frank Outagamie
Cameron, Lieut. Alexander Lacrosse CLOSE, Alexander Outagamie
Campbell, Barney Dane CLOSE, BETTY JEAN, Fond Du Lac
CAMPBELL, Hon. Archibald Iowa Clough, George H. Dane
CAMPBELL, James S. Rock CLOUGH, James Rock
CAMPBELL, John S. Rock CLOW, Daniel Rock
Campbell, William Jefferson COAKLEY, James E. (Dr.) Rock
CAMPBELL, William H. Rock COAKLY, James (Dr.) Rock
CAMPBELL, William H. Rock COBB, David H. Rock
CANAVAN, J.V. Outagamie COBB, H. M. Rock
CANAVAN, Patrick Outagamie COBB, Hiram M. Rock
Canedy, W. E. St. Croix COBB, Judd M. Rock
CANFIELD, Richard Pierce Cochrane, John Dodge-Jeff
CANNON, E. D. Rock Cody, Dr. James Jefferson
Cannon, Joseph C. Dane Cody, Edward Langlade
Canon, William O. Sauk Coerper, Chris Washington
Canterbury, J.B. Lacrosse COFFEE, MRS. MARGARET,  Fond Du Lac
Capellen, P.H. Lacrosse COGH, Jere W. Outagamie
Capen, D.D. Jefferson Cogswell, George H. Lacrosse
CARD, Stephen Rock Cohen, Izze   Langlade
CAREY, George (Dr.) Rock COLBURN, DE FOREST SMITH Marinette
CAREY, H. P. (Dr.) Rock Colby, C.A. Lacrosse
Carey, Margaret, Mrs. Dane COLBY, Charles A. Rock
Cargill, W.W. Lacrosse Cole, Ed W. Lafayette
CARHART, JOHN WESLEY Racine Cole, Emilus Prescott St. Croix
CARHARTT, Peter Rock Cole, John J. Lacrosse
Carisch, C. Buffalo Cole, John W. Jefferson
Carl, Gustav Lacrosse Cole, Luther A. Jefferson
CARLE, Levi B. Rock COLE, Michael Rock
CARLE, Wilbur F.  Rock COLE, N. Rock
Carleton, George T. Lacrosse Cole, Samuel Lafayette
Carlin, A. W. Jefferson COLE, William Rock
CARLTON, C. C. (Dr.) Rock Coler, Thomas Dodge-Jeff
CARLTON, W. Rock COLLETT, James  Pierce
CARMICHAEL, Thomas  Pierce COLLEY, S. G. Rock
Carnes, Jedediah Jefferson COLLIE, George Lucius (Dr.) Rock
Carns, James F.      Grant COLLIER, JOSHUA Racine
Caron, Father Eugene St. Croix COLLING, George Kallaway Rock
Carow, Carl St. Croix COLLINS, C. F. G. Rock
Carow, Carl St. Croix COLLINS, Charles R. Rock
CARPENTER, A. B. Rock COLLINS, George Kallaway Rock
CARPENTER, Alvin B. Rock COLLINS, Jesse Rock
CARPENTER, Alvin B. Rock Collins, Sanford Sauk
CARPENTER, Edwin F. Rock Colman, Charles L. Lacrosse
CARPENTER, Edwin F. Rock Colonius, Henry Jefferson
CARPENTER, James Madison Rock Colovin, Rev. P.J. Jefferson
Carpenter, Jarius H. Dane COLT, L. M. Rock
CARPENTER, John W. Rock Colver, Franklin D. Lacrosse
CARPENTER, William H. Rock COLWELL, John Rock
Carr, Cornelius St. Croix COLWITZ, Charles Outagamie
Carr, Fred J. St. Croix COMBACKER, A. Pierce
Carr, I.T. Jefferson COMERFORD, William (M.D.) Outagamie
CARR, J. G. Rock COMFORT, Isaac Clendening *W/Portrait Iowa
CARR, Joseph G. Rock COMFORT, O. F. Rock
CARR, Joseph Goodrich Rock Comstock, Cooley L. Dane
CARR, Robert Rock Comstock, George C. Dane
CARR, S. C. Rock COMSTOCK, J. I. Rock
CARR, Solomon C. (Hon.) Rock Conan, Thomas Jefferson
Carr, Willard P. St. Croix CONANT, M. M. Rock
CARRIER, Edwin Rock Condon, P.W. Dodge-Jeff
CARRIER, N. M. Rock Condon, Robert B. Sauk
Carroll, Barnard Jefferson CONDUIT, Elias  Pierce
CARRUTHERS, John Pierce Congdon, Isaac Jefferson
CARTER, A. M. Rock CONGER, David Rock
CARTER, Almerine M.  Rock CONGER, Harmon S. Rock
CARTER, Almira M. Rock CONKEY, Theodore (Colonel) Outagamie
CARTER, Harvey Fond Du Lac Conklin, James Dane
CARTER, Robert C. Rock CONKLIN, Nathan Outagamie
Cartwright, Charles S. Jefferson CONLEY, Stephen Rock
Cartwright, Paul W. Jefferson Conner, Ernest St. Croix
CARVER, RUFUS Racine Conover, Frederic & Obadiah Dane
CARY, _____ (Rev. Elder) Rock CONRAD, Charles B. Rock
CARY, Charles E. Rock CONRAD, Charles H. Rock
CARY, E. Rock CONRAD, J. S. Rock
Caryl, Charles Jefferson Conradson, Conrad M. Dane
Caryl, Horace Jefferson CONWAY, John Outagamie
Caryl, R.C. Jefferson Cook, Charles D. Jefferson
Casanora, Christ St. Croix COOK, Frank C. Rock
CASE, Edwin Rock COOK, James C. Rock
CASE, George W. (Rev.) Green COOK, Jonathan Rock
CASE, Hiram Rock COOKE, Isaiah P. Rock
CASE, James O. Rock Cooley, Alfred Jefferson
CASE, JEROME INCREASE  Racine Cooley, Charles F. Dane
CASE, Martin R. Rock COON, E. C.  Fond Du Lac
CASE, MRS. HAZEL,  Fond Du Lac COON, Fred W. Rock
Case, William R. Jefferson Coon, Henry C. Dane
CASHMAN, James Outagamie COON, Marshall R. Rock
CASLER, Edgar S. Rock COON, MRS. MATHILDA  Fond Du Lac
CASS, Rachael, Mrs. Pierce Cooney, Thomas Washington
CASSODAY, J. B.  Rock COOPER, Hiram Rock
Cassoday, John B. Dane COOPER, John H. Rock
CASSON, Curtis P. Rock COOPER, John H. Rock
Caswell, L.B. Jefferson Copeland, Edward Jefferson
Catlin, H.B. Dane Copeland, George Jefferson
CATOR, Hiram W. Rock Copley, John Sauk
CAUFMAN, P. L. Rock COPLEY, John Pierce
Caughlin, John St. Croix CORBETT, James  Fond Du Lac
CAVANAUGH, Bernard Outagamie CORBY, ELLEN Racine
Cavanaugh, Thomas E.  Langlade CORDES, Carl Outagamie
Cave, F. G. St. Croix Cordes, Joachim C. Jefferson
Cech, Charles Jefferson Cordes, L.H. Jefferson
Cech, Wenzel Jefferson Cordes, Ludwig Jefferson
CERNY, JOHN Racine CORDNER, J. Thomas Rock
Chadwick, John Jefferson COREY, John B. Outagamie
CHAMBERLAIN, George Dr. Outagamie CORIELL, Abram Rock
CHAMBERLAIN, James Rock Cork, William Dane
CHAMBERLAIN, James A. Rock Corliss, Allen Sauk
CHAMBERLIN, Celia (Mrs.) Rock CORNELL, Henry B. Rock
CHAMBERLIN, T. C. Rock Cornish, Oscar S. Jefferson
CHAMBERS, Henry B. Rock CORRELL, John Iowa
Chandler, Joseph C. Dane Corscot, John H. Dane
Chandler, Luzerne Stephen Dane CORY, J. Rock
Chandler, Willard H. Dane Cory, John Dane
CHAPELL, Daniel O. Rock COTO, T. O. Rock
CHAPIN, Aaron Lucius Rock COTTER, James Outagamie
CHAPIN, Aaron Lucius (Dr.) Rock Cottingham, John Jefferson
CHAPIN, Daniel F. Rock Cottington, Amos Sauk
CHAPIN, Henry Rock COTTRELL, Thomas Rock
CHAPIN, Thomas P. Rock Coughran, Samuel Sauk
Chapin, Thomas P. Dane COUSENS, J. F. Rock
CHAPIN, Thomas Potwin Rock COVERT, George (Dr.) Rock
Chapman, A.B.      Grant COVERT, George (Dr.) Rock
CHAPMAN, Arthur Pierce COVERT, John A. Rock
Chapman, Arthur E. St. Croix COWAN, G. E. Rock
Chapman, Edward R.,M.D. Jefferson Cowdery, Henry Dane
Chapman, Frank P. St. Croix Cowdery, James Dane
CHAPMAN, JAMES R.  Fond Du Lac COWLES, Aaron J. Rock
Chapman, Warren D. St. Croix COX, George G. Iowa
CHARLES, Richard B. Rock Cox, John Jefferson
Charlesworth, Phebe Dane COX, Orson Rock
Chase, Sherwood Jefferson Cox, Walter Jefferson
CHASE, William C. Rock Coxe, Hopewell Washington
CHEEVER, Dustin G. Rock COYLE, William, Fond Du Lac
Cheney, Calvin Dodge-Jeff Crabtree, Job Hampton      Grant
CHENEY, Henry Rock Crabtree, John C. Dane
CHENEY, Martha Lea FOWLE Rock Craig, David Jefferson
Cherf, John Langlade Craig, Hon. Alexander J. Jefferson
Cherf, John J. Langlade Craig, John Alexander Dane
CHESEBRO, Ezra Rock Craig, William Jefferson
CHESEBRO, Ezra D. Rock CRALL, John Rock
CHESEBRO, James Pierce CRALL, Joshua Rock
Chesmore, J.B. Jefferson CRAM, George H. Rock
CHIKALLA, RUTH JANET Marinette Cramer, Aaron Jefferson
CHILD, Frank B. Rock CRAMER, Joel Grant
CHILD, Mark A. Rock Cramer, Nathaniel Jefferson
CHILD, William Rock CRANDALL, E. M. Rock
CHILD, William Wallace Rock CRANDALL, Ezra Rock
Childers, Samuel Lacrosse CRANDALL, J. B. (Dr.) Rock
Chinnock, Freeman St. Croix CRANDALL, S. H. Rock
Chinnock, John A. St. Croix CRANE, B. P. Rock
Chinnock, Jr., George W. St. Croix CRANE, W.A. Racine
CHITTENDEN, George W. Rock CRAVAN, George Rock
CHITTENDEN, George W. (Dr.) Rock CRAVATH, Miles Rock
Chittenden, John Jefferson CRAWFORD John J. Grant
Chittenden, Rev. Ezra Porter St. Croix CREEK, Samuel Rock
Cholvin, Samuel Dane Creighton, Boyd Jefferson
Christiansen, Christian Andrew Dodge-Jeff CRICHTON, MRS. KATE  Fond Du Lac
CHRISTIANSEN, NELS Racine Crist, George B. Jefferson
CHRISTMAN, Harmen A. Rock CRIST, John W. Rock
CHUBBUCK, Thomas E. Outagamie Crocker, Hollis & William Dane
Church, Cyrus Walworth CROFOOT, ALVA Fond Du Lac
CHURCH, James Rock CROFT, James Rock
CHURCH, Silas Rock CROFT, Joseph L. Rock
Churchill, James Buchanan Shawano CRONIN, F. M., MD Grant
CHURCHILL, Norman Green CROSBY, J. B. Rock
CHURCHILL, Wilbur  Pierce CROSBY, Thomas Rock
CILLEY A. M. Grant Cross, Daniel W. Jefferson
CILLEY W. W.  Grant Crossfield, F.O. Jefferson
CLAGGETT, Stephen Pierce CROSSMAN, Benjamin P. Rock
Claggett, Stephen Fond Du Lac CROSSMAN, George W. Rock
Clapp, J.D. Jefferson CROUCH, B. N. Rock
Clapp, M. R. Jefferson CROW, John Rock
Clark, Albert J. Dodge Crowe, Michael F. Langlade
Clark, Albert J. Dodge-Jeff CROWELL, A. B. Rock
Clark, Amasa B. Dodge-Jeff CROWELL, A. B. Rock
CLARK, Austin D. Rock Crowfoot, I.S. Washington
CLARK, Charles Rock CROWLEY, JAMES L. Fond Du Lac
CLARK, Charles L. (Dr.) Rock CROWLEY, John Rock
CLARK, Clarence L. Rock CRUMB, Clem W. Rock
Clark, D.P. Jefferson Crummy, Joseph Langlade
CLARK, Elijah N. (Dr.) Rock Crump, James Jefferson
CLARK, James Rock CUCKOW, Samuel Filmer Rock
Clark, James Dodge-Jeff CUCKOW, Samuel J. Rock
CLARK, John (Mrs.) Rock CUCKOW, Samuel Jarvis Rock
Clark, K.P. Jefferson CUDMAN, George Rock
CLARK, Lewis Rock CULBERTSON, Matthew Outagamie
CLARK, Lewis Rock CULLEN, George Grant
CLARK, Luther Rock Culver, Corydon Jefferson
CLARK, Norman Outagamie CULVER, George H. Rock
CLARK, ORLANDO E. Outagamie CULVER, Lamira Lacy (Mrs.) Rock
CLARK, Patrick Rock CUMMINGS, E. B. Rock
Clark, R.W. Jefferson CUMMINGS, John Rock
CLARK, Robert Rock Cunningham, Michael Jefferson
CLARK, Steven Pierce CURRAN, DAVID R Fond Du Lac
Clark, Sylvester Lacrosse CURRAN, ED Fond Du Lac
CLARK, W. F. Rock CURRAN, Thomas Fond Du Lac
CLARK, William Rock CURRIER, Elbridge Pierce
CLARK, William Outagamie Currier, George Wilson Dane
Clark, William H. Jefferson CURTIS John Grant
CLARKE, Alvit Rock Curtis, Charles Jefferson
Clarke, Bascom B. Dane Curtis, David W. Jefferson
CLARKE, Charles C. Rock CURTIS, George K. Grant
CLARKE, Ella J. (Dr.) Rock Curtis, John Jefferson
CLARKE, Erastus P.  Rock Curtis, Mark Jefferson
Clarke, John Buffalo CURTIS, Milo Hurlburt Rock
Clarke, Joseph Lacrosse CURTIS, Moses Outagamie
CLARKE, NORMAN Racine Curtis, Steven S. Jefferson
CLARKE, Ray Willis Rock Cushing, David St. Croix
CLARKE, William Wallace  Rock Cushman, Cyrus   Jefferson
CLARKE, Willis P. Rock Cutler, George Dane
CLARKE, Willis P. Rock CUTTER, Copeland C. Rock
CLARKE, Willis Peck Rock CUTTING, Jeremiah W. Rock
CLARY, Dexter (Rev.) Rock CUTTS, J. Newton Rock
CLATWORTHY, William Rock CUTTS, Rufus I. Rock
CLATWORTHY, William Rock    

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