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BAAKE, C.H. Outagamie Blashek, Robert Lacrosse
BABBITT, Clinton Rock BLEASDALE, Benjamin Rock
BABCOCK, Alexander Rock BLEASDALE, Ralph Parker Rock
Babcock, Dalph L. Dane Bleck, August Shawano
BABCOCK, Daniel C. Rock Bleecker, George Jefferson
BABCOCK, Daniel C. (Dr.) Rock BLEICK, John Outagamie
BABCOCK, Emilus W.  Rock BLEISNER, August Pierce
BABCOCK, George C.  Rock BLESER, Adam Outagamie
Babcock, Joseph Weeks Juneau BLISS, C. J. Rock
Babcock, Nathaniel R.  Langlade BLISS, Howard F. Rock
Babcock, Stephen Moulton Dane BLISS, Howard F. Rock
Babcock, William W. Jefferson Bliss, James Jefferson
BACH, Christof Fond Du Lac BLISS, James H. Rock
BACH, Dominic Fond Du Lac Blodgett, Benjamin Jefferson
BACON, Charles Alfred (Prof.) Rock BLODGETT, S. K. Rock
BACON, Freeman Rock BLODGETT, Selvey K.  Rock
Bacon, Mrs. Eliza Dane BLODGETT, William Rock
BACON, Phinley V. Rock Bloecher Shawano
BACON, Robert Rock Bloedom, Mrs. Johanna Fond Du Lac
BADGER, Joseph S. Rock BLOMQUIST, Eric  Pierce
BAER, John M Outagamie BLOOD, Fred H. Outagamie
Bagley, Zack T., Jr.  Langlade BLOOD, Henry Outagamie
BAHNEMANN, GUSTAVE Racine Bluemke, Gustave William Fond Du Lac
BAILEY, Chester  Rock Blumenfeld, D. Jefferson
BAILEY, D.B. Outagamie Blumenfeld, D. Dodge-Jeff
Bailey, Dana Reed St. Croix BLUNT, Arthur L. (Dr.) Rock
BAILEY, E. C. Rock Boardman, Grant C. St. Croix
BAILEY, James (Elder) Rock Boardman, Mrs. Nancy Fond Du Lac
Bailey, Joseph Jefferson Boardman, Stephen C. St. Croix
Bailey, Nelson B. St. Croix Bodenstab, G.A. Buffalo
BAILEY, William H. H. Rock Boehme, Charles A. Buffalo
BAINES, William B. Rock Boehnlein, Mrs. Andrew Fond Du Lac
BAINES, William B. Rock Boerner, Karl Langlade
BAIRD, Frank G. Pierce Boettcher, Frederick Jefferson
Bairenther, Charles Jefferson Boettcher, Mrs. Herman Fond Du Lac
BAKER & STEARNS  Rock BOGAN, Mattie Outagamie
Baker, Aaron E. Dodge-Jeff BOGEL, Herman Grant
BAKER, Allen S. Rock Bogie, Richard Jefferson
BAKER, Allen S. Rock Bohn, Christopher & Robert Sauk
BAKER, Allen S. Rock Bohn, Herman H. Fond Du Lac
BAKER, C. W. (Capt.) Rock Bohrer, John W. St. Croix
BAKER, Charles M. Rock Bohri, Christian & Frederick Buffalo
BAKER, Francis Iowa Bold, L.C. Shawano
BAKER, Francis A. Rock Boll, Joseph Langlade
Baker, Henry C. St. Croix Boll, Nicholas Langlade
Baker, John U. Dane Bolt, Frederick Jefferson
BAKER, Joseph Rock Boma, X. Lacrosse
BAKER, Joseph (Rev.) Rock BOND, D. M. Rock
BAKER, Joseph P.  Rock BOND, L. H.  Rock
Baker, Otis Dane Bond, William F. Jefferson
BAKER, ROBERT Racine BONDS, Alfred Outagamie
BAKER, Stephen J. Rock Boney, John Jefferson
BAKER, William J. Outagamie Bonham, James L. Sauk
Balch, Rev. M.B. Lacrosse Bonner, James Dane
BALDWIN, Almon Rock Bonnin, Hon. Chris Shawano
BALDWIN, Bartlett H. Rock BONSON, Charles E. Grant
Baldwin, Phineas Dane BONSTEEL, David H. Rock
Ball, John St. Croix Boomer, Alanson Jefferson
Ballantine, David      Grant Boomer, Alanson Dodge-Jeff
Ballantine, James        Grant Boorman, William Jefferson
BALLARD, Andrew Outagamie BOOTH, John R. Rock
BALLARD, Anson Outagamie Boothby, E. L. St. Croix
BALLARD, Clinton Outagamie BORDEN, W. H. (Dr.) Rock
BALLARD, George Rock BORDEN, W. H. (Dr.) Rock
BALLARD, George Rock BORDEN, William Henry (Dr.) Rock
Ballard, John A., M.D. Lacrosse BOREN, CLARK HENRY, JR. Marinette
BALLIET, David Outagamie Borgen, Rev. Edward Lacrosse
BALWIN, Ebenzer N. Rock BORGHOLTZER, William Pierce
Bancroft, Henry Valentine Dane Bornhurst, Mrs. Mary Fond Du Lac
Bandelin, John F. Jefferson Borresen, P.A. Lacrosse
Banfield, Thomas      Grant Borreson, Emil N. Lacrosse
BANNON, James, Fond Du Lac Borreson, Simon Lacrosse
BANNON, Owen Fond Du Lac BORTNESS, H. T. Rock
Barber, M.N.,M.D. Jefferson BOSS, George R. Rock
Barclay, J.M. Lacrosse BOSTWICK, Joseph Rock
BARCLAY, Lawrence Outagamie BOSTWICK, Joseph M. Rock
BARDEEN, H. L. Rock BOSTWICK, Merritt Rock
BARG, ALbert Pierce BOSTWICK, Robert M. Rock
BARKER, Cyrus G. Rock BOTTENSEK, John Outagamie
BARKER, George R. Rock BOTTENSEK, John Henry Outagamie
BARKER, James M. Outagamie BOUGHTON, Alanson (Rev.) Rock
BARKER, Judson C. Rock BOWE, J. F. (Father) Rock
BARKER, Phoebe Upton SMITH Rock BOWE, James Francis (Rev.) Rock
BARKULOO, ALbert Pierce Bowe, Mrs. George Fond Du Lac
BARLASS, Andrew Rock BOWEN, James Edgar Green
BARLASS, Andrew Rock BOWEN, Z. H. Rock
BARLASS, Andrew (Hon.) Rock BOWERMAN, Charles C. Rock
BARLASS, David Rock BOWERMAN, Stephen E. Rock
BARLOW, Abel Rock BOWERS, Henry Rock
BARLOW, Mary Outagamie BOWERS, Thomas Pierce
BARLOW, Richard H. Rock Bowler, George J. Langlade
BARNARD, E. D. Rock BOWLES, Thomas Rock
BARNARD, Elliott D. Rock BOWLES, Willard Rock
BARNARD, Shasta E. Rock BOWLES, Willard Rock
Barnes, Arial Jefferson Bowman, John A. Dane
BARNES, Elmer L. Rock Boyce, Reuben Dane
BARNES, George Rock Boycott, James Lacrosse
Barnes, Henry Lafayette BOYD, James Rock
BARNES, William J. Rock BOYD, Samuel Outagamie
Barnes, Wm. J. Fond Du Lac BOYINGTON, Charles H. Rock
Barney, Dr. M.L. Washington BOYNTON, Jerome Rock
Barney, John A. Dodge-Jeff Brabander, Jacob Lacrosse
BARR, Henry M. Rock Bradel, George Fond Du Lac
BARR, Samuel W. Rock Bradford, Dr. E. B. St. Croix
BARRET, Fred Rock Bradley, David W. Lacrosse
BARRETT, George A. Rock Bradley, J. A. St. Croix
Barrett, John A Jefferson BRADLEY, Lent Bristol (Dr.) Rock
BARRON, A.A. Outagamie BRADLEY, LUCAS Racine
Barron, W.H. Lacrosse Bradley, Nathaniel C. Lafayette
Barrows, Hiram Calvin Buffalo BRADSHAW, James Rock
BARROWS, L. J. (Dr.) Rock Bradway, William Jefferson
BARRY, D.W. Outagamie Brakke, A. Lacrosse
Barry, Lawrence Dodge Brandon, H.W. Jefferson
Barry, Thomas Sr. Fond Du Lac Brandon, O.S. Jefferson
BARTEAU, Morris Outagamie BRANDOW, W. H. Racine
Bartell, Dorothy Fond Du Lac Brandt, Edward J. Dodge-Jeff
Bartell, Mrs. Wm. Fond Du Lac BRAUN, HUBERT HENRY Racine
Bartelt, Julius Fond Du Lac Braun, John Dane
Bartelt, Mrs. Wm. Fond Du Lac Braun, Mrs. Nicholas Fond Du Lac
Bartelt, Wm. Fond Du Lac Brawley, Will C. Langlade
Barth, Nicholas. Jefferson Bray, William J. Jefferson
Bartl, Frank Lacrosse BREDAHL, George Pierce
BARTLETT, Herrick Rock BREED, Edwin Rock
BARTLETT, Jonas H. Rock BREED, Rufus Rock
Bartley, Patrick         Grant BREHM, BERNARD Racine
BARTON, William Outagamie BREHM, JOSEPH B. Racine
Bartsch, August William Dane BREHM, WILLIAM F. Racine
Bashford, Robert McKee Dane BREITENGROSS, AMIL H Fond Du Lac
BASS, Otis Rock BREITERICK, Albert Outagamie
Bastian, Elodie Fond Du Lac BRENTON, J. L. (Dr.) Rock
Batchelder, Mrs. Mary Fond Du Lac Brereton, Arthur J. Dane
BATES, Charles H. Rock Breunig, Jacob Jefferson
Bates, F.A. Lacrosse BREWER, Lasell C. Rock
BATES, Joseph William Rock Brewer, Sylvester Jefferson
Batty, Edward Dane BREWSTER, George Outagamie
Bauer, John Jefferson BRICE, Thomas Rock
Baum, Amos Jefferson Brickley, Michael St. Croix
BAUMAN, John M. Rock Bridgman, Edward Payson Langlade
Bauman, Paul Arnold Fond Du Lac Briggeboos, William Buffalo
Bauman, Wm Fond Du Lac Briggs, Mrs. Orpha  Fond Du Lac
Baumann, A. Jefferson BRIGGS, Theodore Outagamie
BAUMES, William H. Rock BRIGGS, William Outagamie
Baumgartner, Stephen Jefferson Briggs, William T.      Grant
Baus, Mrs. Rose J. Fond Du Lac Brigham, Chester Jefferson
Bauter, Fred W.  Langlade BRIGHAM, MRS. JOSEPH Fond Du Lac
Baxter, Thomas Jefferson Brigham, Rev. L.W. Lacrosse
BEACH, D. C. Rock BRILL, Michael Outagamie
BEACH, H. G. Rock Brill, Peter Fond Du Lac
BEACH, Hopson Rock BRILL, Peter, Fond Du Lac
BEACH, Jason S. Rock Brindley, John Lacrosse
BEACH, William H. Rock Bristow, John H. Lacrosse
BEALS, Charles W. Rock BRITT, Walter Rock
BEALS, Enoch Rock BRITTON, Theodore  Pierce
Beamish, Arthur Jefferson Brockliss, W.H. Lacrosse
Bean, H.S. Lacrosse Brockmann, John H. Dodge-Jeff
Bean, Sylvanus Lacrosse Brockmann, Rev. John H. Jefferson
BEAR, Joseph L. Rock Brodhead, Edward W. Dane
BEARDSLEY, Rush Rock Bromme, George Fond Du Lac
Beattie, James Langlade BRONSON, Bennett D. Outagamie
Beattie, Thomas Dane Bronson, D.W. Dane
BEAU, Frank Fond Du Lac BRONSON, George F. Rock
BEAULIEU, Paul Outagamie Bronson, Seymour Dane
BEAVER, John O. Rock Brook, F.P. Jefferson
Bechmann, Henry Buffalo BROTHERS, D.J. (Captain) Outagamie
Bechtel, Daniel Dane BROUGHTON, Peter Rock
Beck, John L. Dane BROUGHTON, Russell (Dr.) Rock
Beck, Sophia Fond Du Lac BROWELL, Thomas C. Pierce
BECKER, BAKER, John  Fond Du Lac Brown, Alonzo E. Jefferson
Becker, Charles Jefferson Brown, Andrew S. Dane
Becker, Christian Jefferson Brown, Charles C. Jefferson
Becker, Fred Jefferson BROWN, Charles F. Outagamie
BECKER, Henry Outagamie BROWN, Charles H. Rock
Becker, John Dodge-Jeff BROWN, Charles Le Rock
BECKER, John Green BROWN, David Rock
Becker, John T. Shawano BROWN, Edwin Fay Rock
BECKER, Peter L. Rock BROWN, Edwin O. Rock
Becker, Phillip Jefferson Brown, George F. Dane
Becker, S. Lacrosse BROWN, Horance H. Rock
Beckman, Hon. Charles Jefferson Brown, J.J. Lacrosse
Beckwith, E.M. Lacrosse BROWN, James H. Rock
BEDELL, J.W. Outagamie Brown, John W. Langlade
BEEBE, Eugene W. Rock Brown, Lindsey S. Dane
Beebe, Hayden H. Dane BROWN, Norman (Rev.) Rock
BEEBE, Lewis B. (Dr.) Rock BROWN, OLYMPIA (REV) Racine
BEECHER, GUS Racine BROWN, Richard R. Rock
Beer, Julius St. Croix BROWN, Sam P. Rock
Beggs, Allan St. Croix Brown, Solon Jefferson
Behlmer, Henry Buffalo Brown, Timothy Dane
Behm, Fred  Langlade Brown, William Jefferson
BEHNKE, JEANAE Marinette Brown, William F. Jefferson
BEHRENDT, Anton  Rock BROWN, William Fisk Rock
BEHRENDT, Frank E. Rock BROWN, Wilson  Rock
BELDIN, Charles A. Rock BROWN/BRAUN, Nic, Fond Du Lac
BELDING, D. E. Rock BRUCE, E. Wilson Rock
BELDING, Sylvester Outagamie BRUCE, Ellek Rock
BELL, Adam Rock Bruck, Adam Jefferson
Bell, Almon Dane Bruett, Capt. Nelson     Jefferson
Bell, C.G. Jefferson BRUETT, MRS MARY,  Fond Du Lac
Bell, George W. St. Croix BRUGGER, Jacob S Grant
Bell, Marcus Sears St. Croix Brunner, George Shawano
BELL, Margaret P. (Mrs.) Rock Brunner, Peter St. Croix
BELL, Samuel (Dr.) Rock Brusse, G. J. St. Croix
BELL, Samuel (Dr.) Rock Bryan, Alexander Fond Du Lac
Bell, Stephen Fond Du Lac BRYAN, Alexander Fond Du Lac
Bellmyer, John C.      Grant Bryan, George Adelbert Outagamie
Below, Julius Langlade Bryant, Benjamin French Lacrosse
Beltz, Mrs. Herman Fond Du Lac BRYANT, Charles D. Pierce
BEMIS, Jervis Rock Bryant, Daniel D. Dane
Bender, William Fond Du Lac Bryant, George E. Dane
Benedict, Albert M. Dane BUBOLTZ, Albert Outagamie
BENEDICT, Eugene L. Rock Buchen, Edward F.  Langlade
Benishek, John Langlade Buchheit, William Jefferson
Benkendorf, Julius Jefferson BUCHHOLZ, F. Herman Rock
BENNETT, Almon Rock BUCHHOLZ, Herman Rock
Bennett, Amos Jefferson BUCK, C.F. Outagamie
Bennett, Byron Lafayette BUCK, Ellsworth Brewer Marinette
BENNETT, Chester C. Rock BUCK, James Outagamie
Bennett, D.O. Jefferson BUCK, Sylvester Rock
Bennett, Egbert Dane BUCKERIDGE, E. R. Rock
BENNETT, Ensign H. Rock Buckingham, E.L. Jefferson
BENNETT, Isaac M. Rock Buckle, A. Lacrosse
Bennett, James Lafayette BUCKLEY, Cornelius Rock
BENNETT, John R. Rock BUCKMASTER, Samuel Bruce (Dr.) Rock
BENNETT, John R. Rock BUCKMASTER, Samuel Bruce (Dr.) Rock
BENNETT, John R. (Judge) Rock Buckreus, John Washington
Bennett, Joseph Dane Buel, William Lacrosse
BENNETT, Lewis F. (Dr.) Rock Buelow, Fred   Langlade
BENNETT, Orville Rock Buening, H.F. Jefferson
BENNETT, Philo Outagamie Buerger, Sebastian   Langlade
Benson Brothers Lacrosse BUGGS, August William Rock
Benson, Edward St. Croix BULL, STEPHEN Racine
Benson, John Lacrosse Bull, Storm Dane
BENSON, R. M. Rock BULLARD, Hiram Rock
Benson, W.B. Dane BULLOCK, A. W. Rock
Bensson, Niels Elias Lacrosse Bullock, Daniel Jefferson
Bentley, Monroe Sauk BULLOCK, Elijah Rock
BENTLEY, Wm. P. Rock BULLOCK, George Rock
Benton, Judge C.S. Lacrosse BULLOCK, H. J. Rock
BERGH, Johan Arndt Rock Bullock, Hon. John D. Jefferson
Bergner, Louis Shawano BULLOCK, Samuel M. Rock
Bergseth, H. Lacrosse BULLOCK, Samuel M. Rock
BERGSMA, DERKE PETER Racine Bullwinkel, Charles F. Jefferson
Berkenmeyer, Frank Lacrosse Bump, Gile O. Buffalo
BERN, Alfred Rock BUMP, Nelson P. Rock
Bernard, A.G. Jefferson BUMP, William H. Rock
Bernard, Charles Dane BUNBURY, Thomas Iowa
BERNARD, Frank Outagamie BUNCE, FRANK DAVID Marinette
Bernd, W. J. St. Croix BUNCE, Valentine Pierce
Berner, Fred Langlade Bunker, Benn Carroll St. Croix
Berner, Henry, Jr.  Langlade Bunker, George Dane
Berner, Henry, Sr.  Langlade Bunn, Romanzo Dane
BERRY, Edward E. Grant Buntrock, Charles Jefferson
Berry, John Fond Du Lac BURCALOW, William Rock
Bertram, Fred Jefferson BURCH, Aura Outagamie
Bertram, Henry Jefferson Burchard, George W. Jefferson
BESSING, Henry Outagamie BURDICK, B. (Dr.) Rock
Bettridge, Abram Racine BURDICK, E. A. Rock
Beule, Peter Dodge-Jeff BURDICK, E. L. Rock
Beyer, Mrs. Henrietta  Fond Du Lac BURDICK, Edson A. Rock
Bickford, Harley G. St. Croix BURDICK, G. S., Jr. Rock
BICKLE, JOHN MARCHER Racine BURDICK, Justin Herbert (Dr.) Rock
BICKNELL, C. H. (Dr.) Rock BURDICK, Nathan D. Rock
Bieber, William Jefferson BURDICK, Zebulon Palmer (Hon.) Rock
Bieck, Andrew Jefferson BURGER, John Rock
BIEHN, WILLIAM F.C. Racine Burgermeister, Joseph Lacrosse
Bigelow, Lindsey M. Jefferson Burgess, John Buffalo
Billett, George E. Jefferson BURKE, Edmund Pierce
Billett, John Jefferson Burke, Michael E. Dodge-Jeff
Billett, William Jefferson BURKE, MRS. MARY Fond Du Lac
BILLINGS, D. H. Rock Burke, R.H. Jefferson
BILLINGS, ERNEST T. Racine Burkhardt, Christian St. Croix
BILLINGS, William Noble Iowa Burleson, L.H. Jefferson
Binder, Michael J.  Langlade BURLINGHAM, William H. Rock
BINGER, William Green BURNARD, MRS. ADA Fond Du Lac
BINGHAM, Florence E. Rock Burnet, John H. Langlade
Bingham, James M. Jefferson Burnham, Charles Jefferson
BINGHAM, Lucius Rock Burnham, James M. Jefferson
Bingham, Rufus Jefferson Burnham, John T. Jefferson
Binkert, Peter Jefferson Burnham, Prof. J. Lacrosse
BINNEWIES, Frank C. (Dr.) Rock BURPEE, Austin E. Rock
Binning, George Fond Du Lac BURPEE, Austin E.  Rock
Bintliff, James Lafayette BURPEE, Charles L. Rock
BIRD, Amos Rock BURPEE, Fred C. Rock
BIRD, ANN  Fond Du Lac BURPEE, Frederick C. Rock
Bird, August & Family Dane BURR, John C. Rock
Bird, Col. George W. Jefferson Burr, W.D.     Grant
Bird, John Jefferson BURRIER, John Rock
Bird, John P. Lacrosse BURRIER, Samuel Rock
Bird, Joseph R. (2 bios) Lafayette BURRIS, A. P. (Dr.) Rock
Bird, Judge Ira W. Jefferson Burroughs, William S. Lacrosse
BIRD, MICHAEL  Fond Du Lac Burrows, S. A. St. Croix
Birkmose, Christen J. St. Croix Burrows, W. H. St. Croix
Birrenkott, Adolph Dane BURROWS, William H. Rock
BISHOP, Alonzo Rock Bursinger, Joseph    Jefferson
BISHOP, Ansel Fond Du Lac BURTON, Joseph Grant
BISHOP, Sarah Augusta Pierce Fond Du Lac Burton, William Jefferson
BISSING, Herman Outagamie Busby, John Dane
Bittner, William Jefferson Bushman, William Jefferson
Bixby, H. L. St. Croix Bushnell, Allen R. Dane
BJERKE, Glen Allen Rock Bushnell, E.D.      Grant
Black (Block), Henry A. Jefferson Bushnell, Elihu St. Croix
BLACK, Andrew Outagamie Bushnell, Elihu St. Croix
Black, George W. Jefferson BUSHNELL, Jackson J. (Prof.) Rock
BLACK, Nolan Eugene Rock BUSHNELL, Jackson Jones Rock
BLACKMAN, H. L. Rock BUSSEY, George W. Green
Blackman, R.R. Lacrosse Bussey, Thomas Jefferson
Blackstone, Augustus Lafayette BUTEN, Ezra G. Rock
Blackstone, John W. Lafayette BUTEN, Frederick Clinton Rock
Blackstone, John Wilford Lafayette Buth, William Jefferson
Blackstone, Joseph Lafayette Butler, George Dane
Blackstone, Theodore E. Lafayette Butler, James Davie Dane
BLACKWOOD, J.E, Outagamie Butler, M.T. Buffalo
Blado, Mrs. Ida Fond Du Lac BUTLER, William G. Rock
Blair, Adolphus Jefferson Butt, Edward J. Lacrosse
BLAISDELL, J. J. Rock Butterfield, H.K. Washington
BLAISDELL, J. J. (Prof.) Rock Buttles, Mark M. Lacrosse
BLAKE,  LUCIUS Racine BUTTS, George H. Rock
Blake, James Dane BUTTS, Theodore Rock
Blake, John William Sauk BUTTS, Theodore Rock
BLAKE, LUCIUS S. Racine Butz, Charles Dane
BLAKEY, JOHN Racine Butz, Charles Jr. Dane
Blanchard, Caleb S. Dane Butz, Julius Dane
Blanchard, Janette D., Mrs. Dane Buzzell, Gardner H.    Jefferson
Blanchard, L.D. Lacrosse BYERS, James H. Rock
Blanchard, Oliver P. Lacrosse Byrne, E. J. Langlade
Blanchard, T.C. Jefferson BYRNE, John Grant

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