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Abbey, R.W. Lacrosse Anderson, A. G St. Croix
Abbott, Charles F. Dane Anderson, Albert St. Croix
Abbott, Stephen Jefferson ANDERSON, Andrew Rock
ABELL, Frank W. Rock ANDERSON, Christopher Green
ABRAHAM, Henry, M.D. Outagamie Anderson, Daniel St. Croix
Achen, F.W.B. Kenosha ANDERSON, E. Rock
ACHESON, Theodore L. Rock Anderson, E.M. Washington
Achterhof, Matthue St. Croix Anderson, Edward St. Croix
Ackerman, James O. Dodge Anderson, Frank St. Croix
Ackerman, John N.  Dodge ANDERSON, George E. Rock
ACKLAM, GEORGE Racine Anderson, H.J. Jefferson
ADAIR, Norris W. Rock Anderson, Henry St. Croix
Adam Frey, Adam Washington ANDERSON, Henry Sylvanus Rock
ADAMS, A. Fond Du Lac Anderson, James  Dodge
Adams, Charles Kendall Dane Anderson, James R. Kenosha
ADAMS, E. J. Rock Anderson, Marcus Lacrosse
Adams, E.R. Jefferson Anderson, Matthew Dane
Adams, George F. Kenosha Anderson, Mons Lacrosse
Adams, H.T. Washington Anderson, Nicholas Dane
Adams, Henry C. Dane ANDERSON, Nicholas Green
ADAMS, J.P. Pierce Anderson, Niels Langlade
ADAMS, James Pierce Anderson, P. C. St. Croix
Adams, Joel  Dodge Anderson, Peter M. Kenosha
ADAMS, John Rock Anderson, Rasmus Dane
ADAMS, Levi J. Rock Anderson, Samuel Washington
Adams, Lewis L. Dane ANDERSON, Van Buren Rock
Adams, Mrs. Agnes Fond Du Lac Anderson, Wendell A., M.D. Lacrosse
Adams, Percy F. St. Croix ANDERSON, WILLIAM HARRY Marinette
ADAMS, WILLIAM BRIAN Racine Andett, Charles St. Croix
Adamson, George Kenosha Andre, Frank E. Kenosha
ADEE, Richard Rock ANDREW, John S. Rock
Adelmeyer, Ernest  Dodge ANDREWS, A.D. (M.D.) Pierce
Adgate, L. J. St. Croix Andrews, Benjamin B. Shawano
ADKINS, C.G. Outagamie Andrews, Charles Lafayette
ADLAND, P. H. Racine ANDREWS, Frederick Rock
Adraktas, Chris  Langlade Andrews, George W. Lafayette
Adraktas, Ernest  Langlade Andrews, James Amasa St. Croix
AGARD, Timothy Charles Rock ANDREWSON, Andrew Rock
Ahrens, Carl Lacrosse ANDREWSON, Ole (Rev.) Rock
Ahrens, Caroline Bode Fond Du Lac Andrus, William Sauk
Ahrens, George L Kenosha Andruss, Rosson Kenosha
AHRENS, MATTHIAS Racine Angell, William Harrison Dane
AINSLIE, James Rock Anthony, John Jefferson
Ainsworth, Janette W. Dane ANTHONY, John E. (Dr.) Rock
Ainsworth, John Shawano ANTISDEL, Simon Rock
AKERS, William D.  Pierce Antone, Mrs. Elizabeth  Dodge
AKIN, M. J. Rock Antweiler, Philipp Jefferson
AKIN, Morgan J. Rock ANUTA, Michael Marinette
AKIN, William F. Rock Appel, George Deavold Sauk
Alber, Max  Dodge Appleby, A.D. Lacrosse
Albert, Gottlieb  Dodge APPLEBY, George M. Rock
Albert, John  Dodge APPLEBY, William H. Rock
Albrecht, William  Dodge Arenberg, Charles Dodge
ALDEN, J. G. Rock Arenberg, Charles Jefferson
ALDEN, James G. Rock Arians, Charles Dane
ALDEN, James M. Rock Armitage, Joseph  Dodge
ALDEN, James M. Rock Arms, Richard  Dodge
ALDEN, James Madison Rock Armstrong, Alfred G. St. Croix
ALDEN, James Madison Rock Armstrong, B.T. Kenosha
ALDEN, Levi Rock ARMSTRONG, Charles Grant
ALDEN, Levi Rock Armstrong, George W. Jefferson
ALDRICH, W. H. Rock Arnold, Charles Jefferson
Aldridge, A. H. St. Croix Arnold, Charles F.  Dodge
ALEXANDER, William Rock ARNOLD, John Rock
ALEXANDER, William  Rock Arnquist, Andrew St. Croix
Alford, Jabes Dane Arnquist, C. W. St. Croix
Alger, L.W., M.D. Lacrosse Arnquist, John M. St. Croix
Allard, J. G.  Dodge Arnquist, Nels St. Croix
Allard, Peter Fond Du Lac Arnquist, Otto W. St. Croix
Allen (N.R.) Company Kenosha Arnstein, Henry Jefferson
ALLEN, A. B. Rock ARTS, John, Mrs. Outagamie
ALLEN, A. O. Rock Arveson, A. M. Langlade
Allen, Avery T. Buffalo Ash, William H. St. Croix
ALLEN, Benjamin Dwight (Prof.) Rock ASHCRAFT, W. H. Rock
Allen, Charles  Dodge Ashley, Cooper N.  Dodge
Allen, Charles C. & Charles W. Kenosha Ashley, Daniel D.  Dodge
ALLEN, Charles Henry Rock Ashton, William  Dodge
ALLEN, Elijah C. Rock Aspinwall, D.M. Jefferson
Allen, F.M. Jefferson ATHERTON, Alonzo A. Rock
Allen, Frank E. Jefferson Atkins, Thomas Dane
Allen, George H. Kenosha Atkinson, William B. Dane
Allen, George W. Jefferson ATTLESEY, Robert Rock
Allen, James A. Jefferson Atwater, Allen H.  Dodge
ALLEN, Loander Rock Atwell, Orvill H. Dodge-Jeff
ALLEN, Mathias Fond Du Lac ATWOOD, Charles Rock
Allen, Myrtle Fond Du Lac Atwood, David Dane
ALLEN, O. Rock Atwood, Dr. Isaac Lacrosse
Allen, Theodore E.  Dodge ATWOOD, Hiram G. Rock
ALLEN, William H. Rock ATWOOD, Volney Rock
ALLER, Jesse D. Rock ATWOOD, Volney Rock
ALLER, Peter Rock Audus, William Kenosha
ALLER, Peter Rock Auer, John G. Buffalo
Allerton, Jasper W. Langlade Augustine, Frank Langlade
Alme, Erik Buffalo AULD, Josias Rock
Alme, Herman O. Dane AULD, Thomas Rock
Althouse, M. J.  Dodge Aulik, Alois T.  Langlade
ALVERSON, William Rock Aulsebrook, John G.    Jefferson
ALVERSON, William Rock Aune, Hans A. St. Croix
Alward, Mrs. William  Dodge AUSTERUD, John Pierce
Alwart, Joachim Jefferson Austin, Allen  Dodge
Alwart, Joachim  Dodge Austin, David Lacrosse
Alworth, Daniel Jefferson AUSTIN, George A. Rock
American Brass Company Kenosha AUSTIN, Henry Rock
AMERPOHL, Edward Rock AUSTIN, Nathaniel Grant
Ames, Arthur B. Kenosha Austin, R.J. Kenosha
AMES, Hammond Samuel Rock Austin, Samuel M.  Dodge
Ames, Harry Lafayette Austin, Samuel R. Lafayette
Ames, James Jefferson AUSTIN, Thomas H. Rock
Ames, James  Dodge AUSTIN, William L. Rock
Amidon, C.G. Washington Avery, Frank Sauk
Amidon, Willard R. Washington Avery, Walter C. Buffalo
Amory, Eugene H. Kenosha Ayers, Charles & Royal Sauk

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