Vermont Biographies State List

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Ramsay, George Lafayette Essex
Randall, Elias Orlando Orleans
Randall, George W. Washington
Ranger, Walter Eugene Caledonia
Raymond, Albert C. Lamoille
Read, Carleton W. Addison
Read, Levant Murray Windham
Read, Ruth Chittenden
Redfield, Timothy Parker Orleans
Reed, Joshua Chittenden
Reed, Marcus L. Essex
Rich, Charles Addison
Rich, John Essex
Richardson, Orville Hale Washington
Roberts, Daniel Chittenden
Roberts, Elbert James Windham
Roberts, Ellis G. Rutland
Robertson, John Windham
Robertson, William Windham
Robinson, Daniel Sr. & Sons Bennington
Robinson, John Bennington
Robinson, John C. Windham
Rogers, Nathaniel Sewall Orleans
Rogers, Phebe Holmes, Miss Addison
Rood, Azariah & Thomas Drakely Chittenden
Rooney, Michael F. Rutland
Root, Henry C. Chittenden
Root, Henry Green Bennington
Ropes, Arthur Washington
Roscoe, Alfred Painter Addison
Rosebrook, Eleazer Essex
Ross, Jonathan Caledonia
Rowell, George Baker Orleans
Rowell, John W. Orange
Royce (Rice), George Edmund Addison
Rugg, David Fletcher Windsor
Russell, Chandler Miller Windham
Russell, George Kendal Windham
Russell, Ira Chittenden
Russell, Julius W. Chittenden
Russell, Sidney Elihu Chittenden
Russell, Stephen Chittenden
Rutherford, Joseph C. Orleans
Ryther, Fred E. Windham

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