Vermont Biographies State List

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Paddock, Ephraim Caledonia
Page, Carroll Smalley Lamoille
Page, Leslie Thomas Windham
Paine, Milton Kendall Windsor
Palmer, George Chittenden
Palmer, William A. Caledonia
Park, Archibald Caledonia
Park, Trenor William Bennington
Parker, Charles S. Lamoille
Parker, Harry Elwood Orange
Parker, Henry J. Windsor
Parker, Luther Fletcher Caledonia
Parmenter, Jerome Bonaparte Bennington
Parsons, H. Ellsworth Bennington
Partch, William H. Addison
Partridge, Frank Charles Rutland
Partridge, Henry V. Windsor
Pearl, Isaac L. Lamoille
Pearson, Ora Caledonia
Pearson, Thomas Scott Caledonia
Pease, Allen Luther Windsor
Pease, Calvin Chittenden
Peck, Cicero Goddard Chittenden
Peck, Marcus Orange
Peck, Theodore Safford Chittenden
Peck, Warren Addison
Peckett, John Barron Orange
Pember, Emmett R. Rutland
Penniman, Jabez Chittenden
Perkins, Marsh Olin Windsor
Perkins, Nathaniel Caledonia
Perrin, Ephraim Caledonia
Perry, Crosby Alpheus Bennington
Perry, Elbridge Windsor
Perry, James M. Washington
Phelps, Brigham Thomas Windham
Phelps, Edward John Chittenden
Phelps, Frederic B. Orleans
Phelps, Nelson Dewey Washington
Philbrick, Jonathan Essex
Phillips, George Henry Windham
Phillips, Winfield Scott Bennington
Phinney, Truman C. Washington
Pier, Frederick Baldwin Windham
Pierce, Charles Alexander Bennington
Pierce, George W. Windham
Pierpoint, Evelyn, Mr. Rutland
Pierson, James Smith Chittenden
Pierson, Moses, Uzal & Ziba Chittenden
Pike, Paphro D. Lamoille
Pingree, Samuel E. Windsor
Pirie, James Kelman Orange
Pitkin, John G. Rutland
Pitkin, Perley Peabody Washington
Platt, Myron Addison
Plumley, Frank Washington
Plumley, Frank M. Rutland
Poland, Joseph Washington
Pomeroy, Cassius Francis Chittenden
Porter, Charles Walcott Windsor
Porter, Edwin Washington
Potter, Henry J. Bennington
Powell, Edward Henry Franklin
Powers, Heman A. Orange
Powers, Horace Henry Lamoille
Powers, James L. Windham
Pratt, Daniel Stewart Windham
Pray, Rufus M. Washington
Prichard, John B.W. Orange
Prime, Merrill Foster Orleans
Proctor, Fletcher Dutton & Redfield Sr. Rutland
Puffer, Norman Martin Bennington
Putnam, Christopher C., Jr. Washington
Putnam, Warren Edward Bennington
Putney, Charles Edward Caledonia

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