Vermont Biographies State List

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Mackay, James Washington
Mackie, George Cardno Washington
Maclean, Andrew Windsor
Macomber, James Hervey Chittenden
Macoy, Byron Grafton Lamoille
Maltby, William Jackson Bennington
Manchester, Hiram Levi Rutland
Manley, Joseph E. Rutland
Manly, John Jr. Bennington
Mann, Charles David Rutland
Mann, George William Washington
Mann, Hosea Jr. Windham
Marr, Charles Washington
Marsh, Charles Phelps Windsor
Marsh, James Washington
Marsh, Platt T. Windsor
Marsh, William Bennington
Marsh, William B. Chittenden
Marshall, Jesse Caledonia
Marshall, Oscar Azor Windham
Martin, Allen Chittenden
Martin, Frank J. Washington
Martin, James Loren & Joseph Gray Bennington
Martin, Milton Orange
Martin, Willard S. Washington
Martin, William Washington
Martindale, Stephen Bennington
Mason, Andrew J. Mrs. (Annie nee Ward) Addison
Mason, Charles W. Addison
Matthews, Charles W. Essex
Mattison, Fred Leland & William P. Bennington
Mattocks, John Caledonia
May Elisha Caledonia
McCullough, John Griffith Bennington
McFarland, Henry Moses Lamoille
McGee, Charles L. Addison
McGettrick, Felix William Franklin
McLam, James R. Orange
McLean, Albert Essex
McLean, Donald M. Caledonia
McMaster, William D. Windsor
McMillan, Frank Griggs Caledonia
McNiel, Isaac Chittenden
McQuivey, Alson N. Addison
McSweeney, Patrick Eugene Chittenden
Meacham, James Bartlett Bennington
Meack, Frederick Chittenden
Mead, Alpheus, Elisha Ferguson & Lockwood Chittenden
Mead, John Abner Rutland
Mead, John B. & John F. Orange
Meech, Elisha & Ezra Chittenden
Meech, Leonard E. Addison
Melendy, Jonathan Washburn Windham
Merrifield, Edward L. Windham
Merrifield, John Hastings Windham
Merrill, David Caledonia
Merrill, Orsamus C. Bennington
Messinger, Roderick Chittenden
Miles, John Chittenden
Miles, Lorenzo Dow Orleans
Miles, Willard Wesbery Orleans
Miller, Adin Franklin & Joseph Arms Windham
Miller, Crosby Windsor
Miller, Harris M. Orange
Miller, Joseph Windham
Miller, Norris Robinson Chittenden
Miller, Solomon Chittenden
Millington, David Bennington
M'Lellan, Henry Blake & Isaac Essex
Moore, Grove Bennington
Morrill, Joseph Caledonia
Morrill, Justin Smith Orange
Morse, Amasa Caledonia
Morse, Ebenezer Bennington
Morse, George A. Lamoille
Morse, George W. Washington
Morse, James Essex
Morse, Noah Bennington
Moseley, John Luther Washington
Moulton, Clarence Edgerton & Clarence F. Orange
Munson, Loveland Bennington
Munson, William Chittenden
Murray, Daniel Addison

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