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Ladd, Chester M. Washington
Lafountain, Albert William Windsor
Laird, Fred Leslie Washington
Lake, Henry E. Windham
Lamberton, David H. Rutland
Landon, Fred Addison
Landon, Mills J. Addison
Landon, O.B. Lamoille
Lane, Edwin Washington
Lane, Henry Clark Windham
Lane, Henry James Caledonia
Lane, Jedediah Chittenden
Lang, Charles Alfred Washington
Lanier, Amos F. Washington
Latham, Leon Drew Chittenden
Lathrop, Cyrus U. Orange
Lathrop, Ernest McAuley Bennington
Lathrop, Stephen Pearl Addison
Laughlin, Hugh Caledonia
Lavigne, Joseph W. Chittenden
Law, John Chittenden
Lawrence, William Abbott Addison
Lawson, George Benedict Windham
Lawton, Shailer E. Windham
Leach, Chester K. Franklin
Leach, Moses J. Lamoille
Leavenworth, Abel Edgar Rutland
Leavenworth, General Chittenden
LeBaron, Isaac Newton Lamoille
L'ecuyer, Nelson Emery Franklin
Lee, Amariah & John Chittenden
Lee, Edward Payson Caledonia
Lee, Frederic Schiller Windsor
Leland, George Farnham Windsor
Leonard, Amos Chittenden
Lewis, Asa Chittenden
Lewis, Frank W. Washington
Lewis, L. Halsey Lamoille
Lewis, Rodney M. Rutland
Lillicrap, Harry Essex
Lincoln, Benjamin Chittenden
Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin Caledonia
Little, Charles Edward Rutland
Livingston, Fred B. Lamoille
Livingston, James Henry Bennington
Lockwood, Albert H. Windsor
Lockwood, Reuben Chittenden
Long, Isaac G. Bennington
Loomis, Horace Chittenden
Lord, Charles Colburn Caledonia
Lord, Charles Sumner Chittenden
Lord, William Adams Washington
Loveland, Charles Herbert Orleans
Lovell, Charles Edward Windsor
Lovett, John Bennington
Lowe, Frank Edward Washington
Lowry, Heman Chittenden
Lucas, James Essex
Lucia, Joel H. Washington
Lund, Henry W. Essex
Lyford, Horace W. Washington
Lyman, Charles A. Windsor
Lyman, Elias Chittenden
Lynde, George W. & John Orange
Lyon, Frank Chauncey Chittenden
Lyon, John Stanley Rutland
Lyon, Jonathan Chittenden

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