Vermont Biographies State List

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Kasson, John Adam Chittenden
Kelley, Barney F. Franklin
Kelley, John Richard Chittenden
Kelley, Thomas Benton Rutland
Kelley, William Darius Orleans
Kellogg, William Pitt Addison
Kelton, Francis P. Washington
Kelton, Truman Chittenden Washington
Kemp, Dean Gustavus Washington
Kendall, Hobart M. Franklin
Kenfield, Frank Lamoille
Keniston, Nathan Orleans
Kennedy, John Chittenden
Kent, Cephas Bennington
Kent, Dorman Bridgman Eaton Washington
Kent, Merritt W. Addison
Kenyon, Henry Lyman Washington
Keyes, Thomas C. Orange
Kidder, Charles W. Windsor
Kidder, Fred Thomas Windsor
Kidder, J. Frank Chittenden
Kidder, Jefferson P. Orange
Kimball, James L. Caledonia
Kimball, Robert Jackson Orange
King, Aaron N. Orange
King, Charles M. Rutland
King, Charles W. Essex
King, Clark Washington
King, James Clark Orleans
King, James S. Grand Isle
King, Royal Daniel Rutland
Kingsley, Harvey Roberts Rutland
Kingsley, Jerome Orlando Windham
Kiniry, James Henry Windsor
Kinney, Marcus O. Grand Isle
Kinsley, Clayton John & Earl S. Bennington
Knapp, Chauncy L. Washington
Knapp, Dexter J. Windham
Knapp, Lyman E. Windham
Knight, Frank Leonard Washington
Knight, M. Clarence Orange
Knowlton, Frank Hall Rutland

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