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Haile, Benjamin Harrison Franklin
Halbert, Vernon W. Franklin
Hale Family Orange
Hale, Franklin D. Essex
Hale, James Buchanan Orange
Hale, Jerome F. Orange
Hale, Oren H. Washington
Haley, James S. Washington
Hall, Alfred Allen Franklin
Hall, Arthur Crawshay Alliston Chittenden
Hall, Bertrand Warner Addison
Hall, Charles Taylor Franklin
Hall, Edward J. Bennington
Hall, Emerson Caledonia
Hall, George B. Washington
Hall, Isaac N. Caledonia
Hall, Joseph Lindley Chittenden
Hall, Samuel Baker Bennington
Hall, Samuel R. Essex
Hall, Willis Palmer Chittenden
Hallock, George H. Chittenden
Ham, Ernest Guy Orange
Hamblin, Ira Lucius Addison
Hamblin, James Richard Addison
Hamilton, Edgar Gordon Chittenden
Hamilton, Fremont Windham
Hamilton, James M. Rutland
Hamilton, Joseph Caledonia
Hamilton, Merrill Thomas Orleans
Hammond, Fred Burton Orleans
Hammond, Lowell G. Windsor
Hanley, Thomas H. Franklin
Hannon, Thomas Bennington
Hanrahan, John David Rutland
Hanscom, Willis G. Caledonia
Hard, James & Zadok Bennington
Hardie, Robert Gordon Windham
Harman, George Washington & Henry A. Rutland
Harmon, Reuben Bennington
Harrington, Benjamin Rutland
Harrington, John Andrew Addison
Harris, Broughton Davis Windham
Harris, Charles A. Caledonia
Harris, Charles Wesley & John Wesley Caledonia
Harris, Emory S. Bennington
Harris, John Edward Caledonia
Harris, Lucius L. Lamoille
Harris, William James Windham
Hart, Jonathan & Zacariah Chittenden
Hartness, James Windsor
Hartshorn, John Willard & William H. Essex
Harty, Patrick Windham
Harvey, Alexander Caledonia
Harvey, Erwin Maurice & Roney M. Orange
Harvey, George Caledonia
Harvey, Norman Bennington
Haseltine, Erwin Amos Addison
Haselton, Seneca Chittenden
Haskins, Augustus Smith Caledonia
Haskins, Kittredge Windham
Hassett, William D. Washington
Hastings, Jonathan Hammond Washington
Hastings, Stephen Josiah Caledonia
Haswell, Anthony & Nathan B. Bennington
Hatch, Ernest A. Orange
Hatch, Isaac W. Chittenden
Hatch, Royal A. Orange
Hatch, William Moore Orange
Hathaway, Lewis J. Washington
Hawkins, Eugene William Jerome Chittenden
Hawley, Donly Curtis Chittenden
Hawley, Samuel & James Bennington
Hay, Barron Orange
Hayward, Henry R. Orange
Hazen, Albert Rockwell Windsor
Hazen, Lucius Downer Caledonia
Hazen, Perley F. Caledonia
Heath, Charles Henry Washington
Heaton, Charles Henry & Homer Wallace Washington
Hebard, Salmon B. Orange
Hedding, Elijah Addison
Hendee, George Whitman Lamoille
Henderson, Ola Henry Caledonia
Henry, Hugh Windsor
Henry, William Bennington
Henry, William Wirt Chittenden
Herrick, Samuel Bennington
Hewitt, Alexis B. Windham
Heywood, Henry, William & William Henry Essex
Hibbard, David (Sr., Jr., III) & Harry Essex
Hibbard, Joel C. Windsor
Hickok, Samuel Chittenden
Higbee, Lewis Chittenden
Higgins, John Washington
Hildreth, David Wesley Orleans
Hill, Arthur Walton Chittenden
Hill, Edwin King Caledonia
Hill, George W. Essex
Hill, Guy W. Caledonia
Hill, Harlan Henry Orleans
Hill, William Chittenden
Hinsdale, Sidney Edgar Chittenden
Hitchcock, Aaron Charles Orleans
Hitchcock, Ernest Rutland
Hitchcock, Henry, Samuel & Samuel Chittenden
Hitchcock, Samuel Rollin Rutland
Hoadley, Justus Rogers Rutland
Hobart, Irving F. Chittenden
Hobart, John White Franklin
Hobson, Samuel Decatur Essex
Holbrook, Arthur T. Essex
Holbrook, Frederick, John & William Windham
Holcombe, Luman Clayton Chittenden
Holden, Charles Reed Rutland
Holden, George Jean & Jonas Hannibal Chittenden
Holden, James Henry Washington
Holden, John Stedman Bennington
Holden, Lyman E. Windham
Holden, Orsemor S. Windsor
Holden, Sylvanus Windham
Holland, Emerson Addison
Holley, Justus Bennington
Holmes, Charles Chamberlain Washington
Holmes, George C. Franklin
Holmes, Robert Henry Addison
Holton, Charles O. Essex
Holton, Henry Dwight Windham
Holton, Joel Huntington Windham
Hooker, George White Windham
Hooker, Thomas Vernon Addison
Hooper, Marco B. Franklin
Hopkins, Harry Daniel Washington
Hopkinson, David Essex
Horican, John Grand Isle
Horton, Charles Henry Caledonia
Horton, Edwin Rutland
Horton, Guy Bertram Rutland
Hough, Arthur Hugh Windsor
Houghton, Adin Marshall Windsor
Houghton, Frederick Lowell Windham
Houlihan, Patrick J. Rutland
House, Elber B. Washington
Hovey, Herbert W. Caledonia
Howard, Charles Willard Addison
Howard, Harry Stinson & Oliver Otis Chittenden
Howard, Henry Seymour Rutland
Howard, John Chittenden
Howard, Leslie Wilson Windsor
Howard, Roger S. Orange
Howard, Sion Earl Chittenden
Howard, Walter E. Addison
Howard, Warren Joel Washington
Howard, William Sumner Essex
Howe, Elhanan Winchester & Frank L. Washington
Howe, Frank Edmund Bennington
Howe, George Addison
Howe, Harland B. Caledonia
Howe, Hermon T.J. Washington
Howe, John Caleb Windham
Howe, Luther Proctor Rutland
Howe, Marshall Otis Windham
Howe, Reuben & Simon Essex
Howe, Samuel Essex
Howes, Phil Sheridan Washington
Howland, Frank George Washington
Howland, Fred Arthur Washington
Hubbard, George A. Essex
Hubbard, Herbert James Caledonia
Hubbard, Lorenzo W. Caledonia
Hubbard, Walter E. Windham
Hubbell, James Bennington
Hubbell, Myron Rodney Lamoille
Hudson, Solomon S. Essex
Hugh, John & Samuel Essex
Hulburd, Roger W. Lamoille
Humphrey, Charles Timothy Allen Caledonia
Humphrey, Charles Whitlock Rutland
Humphrey, Julius Augustus Caledonia
Hunt, George L. Essex
Hunter, Ellsworth M. Rutland
Huntley, Eber W. Washington
Hunton, Augustus Pingry Windsor
Hurd, Archibald Clifton Windsor
Hurd, Lewis Bennington
Husband, William Walter Franklin
Huse, Hiram Augustus Washington
Hutchins, Eleazer Addison
Hutchinson, James Orange
Hutchinson, William W. Franklin
Hyde, Archibald W. Chittenden
Hyde, David Essex

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