Vermont Biographies State List

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Gage, Nathaniel Chittenden
Gage, Sidney Windham
Gale, Fred P. Washington
Gale, Maurice Alfred Orange
Gallup, O.M. Essex
Galusha, Jonas & Truman Bennington
Galvin, John Windham
Gardner, Abraham Brooks Bennington
Garvey, Peter F. Chittenden
Gary, Frank Ephraim Herbert Washington
Gaskill, David Essex
Gates, Amasa O. Lamoille
Gates, Benjamin Washington
Gates, Calvin Leo Lamoille
Gates, Warren Benton Chittenden
George, Alvah H. Franklin
George, William T. Caledonia
Gibbs, Lyman Alonzo Windsor
Gibson, Ernest Willard Windham
Gibson, William Caledonia
Giddings, William H. Washington
Giffin, Albert J. Caledonia
Gilbert, Bernie B. Orleans
Gilbert, Walter Angier Windham
Gilfillan, John Bachop Caledonia
Gilfillan, William Nelson Caledonia
Gill, Daniel Oscar Windsor
Gillett, Frank B. Chittenden
Gilpin, Wallace Harry Orleans
Gleason Family Washington
Gleason, Fred Elijah Washington
Gleason, Henry Clay & Rolla Chittenden
Gleason, Joseph Thomas Caledonia
Gleason, Samuel Mills Orange
Going, Charles Frank Windsor
Goodell, Jerome Winthrop Chittenden
Goodell, Tyler D. Bennington
Goodenough, Jonas Eli Washington
Goodfellow, John Scoular Grand Isle
Goodhue, Homer Windham
Goodhue, Nathaniel & Samuel Caledonia
Goodhue, Thomas Chittenden
Goodine, Henry W. Caledonia
Goodrich, Chauncey Chittenden
Goodrich, John Ellsworth Chittenden
Goodwillie, David H. & Family Caledonia
Goodwin, Elam Marsh Windsor
Gordon, John Warren Washington
Gordon, Mathew M. Washington
Gorham, Henry George Windham
Goss, Charles Herbert Caledonia
Goss, Story N. Orange
Gove, Moses B. Addison
Granger, Pliny Nye Caledonia
Granger, William Smith Rutland
Grapes, Philip Essex
Graton, Claude Dewing Chittenden
Graves, Charles C. Washington
Graves, Collins Millard Bennington
Graves, Josiah & Increase Bennington
Gray, Jacob G. Caledonia
Gray, James Caledonia
Gray, John Bennington
Gray, John Caledonia
Green, Edwin Canaan Essex
Green, Gardner Leland Orange
Greene, Ceylon L. Chittenden
Greene, Olin D. Washington
Greene, Raymond Louis Windham
Greene, Reuben Windham
Greene, Samuel Harrison Franklin
Griffin, Benoni Rutland
Griffith, Edward Bennington
Griswold, Solon S. Grand Isle
Gross, Otis J. Washington
Grout Family Caledonia
Grout, Charles H. Windham
Grout, Dan DeForest Washington
Grout, Jonathan Essex
Grout, Selim E. Caledonia

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