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Fairbanks, Edward Taylor Caledonia
Fairbanks, Franklin Caledonia
Fairbanks, Henry Caledonia
Fairbanks, Joseph Caledonia
Fairbanks, Thaddeus Caledonia
Fairfield, Charles Telford Rutland
Fancher, W. Grant Lamoille
Farman, Marcellus Winslow Orleans
Farmer, Frank Emerson Caledonia
Farnham, Archie L. Essex
Farnham, Roswell Orange
Farnsworth, Walter Kellog Rutland
Farr, Albert George Rutland
Farr, George Bradford Addison
Farr, Willis Vernon Chittenden
Farrell, Charles Henry & Patrick Joseph Orleans
Farrington, Frederick Horton Rutland
Farrington, Nathaniel Sr. & Jr. Caledonia
Farwell, Asa, Isaac & John Bennington
Fassett, John Bennington
Faulkner, Shepherd D. Windham
Fay, David Bennington
Fay, Jonas Bennington
Fay, Joseph Fay Bennington
Fay, Stephen Bennington
Fellows, William Alfred Windsor
Fennell, Luther Weston Chittenden
Fenton, Edward Joseph Windham
Ferguson, Clarence James Chittenden
Ferrin, Charles H. Washington
Field, Amos Bennington
Field, Edward Davenport & Frederick A. Rutland
Field, Frederic Griswold & Fred T. Windsor
Field, Henry Francis Rutland
Fifield, Benjamin Franklin Washington
Fillmore, Nathaniel Bennington
Fish, David Chittenden
Fish, Enos C. Rutland
Fish, Frank Leslie Addison
Fish, Galen Burch Windsor
Fisk, Nelson Wilbur Grand Isle
Fisk, Perrin Batchelder Caledonia
Fisk, Wilbur Caledonia
Fitch, Charles H. Windsor
Fitch, John Chittenden
Fitts, Clarke C. Windham
Flagg, George W. Orange
Flanders, Frank B. Essex
Flanders, Ralph Edward Windsor
Flanders, William Dana Orange
Fleetwood, Frederick G. Lamoille
Fletcher, Allen M. Chittenden
Fletcher, Carl Chittenden Chittenden
Fletcher, Charles B. & Isaac Caledonia
Fletcher, Henry Addison Windsor
Flint, Homer Abial Washington
Flint, Joseph S. Chittenden
Flint, Kemp R.B. Washington
Flynn, John J. Chittenden
Fogg, Lester D. Essex
Follett, Timothy Chittenden
Folsom, Harley E. Caledonia
Foote, Abram William & Rollin Abram Addison
Foote, Alvin Addison
Foote, Franklin E. Addison
Forbes, Charles Spooner Franklin
Ford, Alvin Wilbur Windsor
Ford, Benjamin S. Essex
Ford, Samuel W. Essex
Fortier, George Ferdinand Rutland
Foss, James M. Franklin
Foss, John A. Washington
Foster Ebenezer Johnson Washington
Foster, Alonzo M. Washington
Foster, Austin Theophilus Orleans
Foster, Enoch Caledonia
Foster, Gilman T. Windsor
Foster, Herbert Sidney Washington
Foster, John M. Caledonia
Foster, Wells A. Windsor
Foster-Eddy, E.J. Washington
Fowler, Jonathan Caledonia
Fowler, Joseph W. Bennington
Francisco, M. Judson Rutland
Frary, Solon Franklin Orange
Frasier, Willard Ashton Rutland
French, George B. Essex
French, Hains & Volney Essex
French, Isaac, Jeremiah & William Henry Chittenden
French, Samuel Caledonia
French, Warren Converse Windsor
Fresn, Albert C. Grand Isle
Frye, James Nichols Windham
Fullam, Eben Joel Windsor
Fuller, Erasmus Darwin Franklin
Fuller, Henry Essex
Fuller, Jonathan Kingsley Orleans
Fuller, Levi K. Windham
Fuller, Thomas Caledonia
Fullington, Frederick H. Lamoille
Fulton, Robert Reed Orange
Furman, Daniel G. Franklin
Fyler, Roman Caledonia

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