Vermont Biographies State List

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Daigle, Hector J. Chittenden
Dailey, John S. Franklin
Dale, George N. Essex
Daley, Olin Weston Windsor
Daly, James Monroe Addison
Daly, William R. Windham
Damon, Charles Essex
Dana, Daniel Essex
Dana, Edward Cushing & Harold Swan Windsor
Dana, Israel Putnam Caledonia
Dana, Marvin Hill & Charles S. Addison
Dana, S.J. Washington
Dane, Walter Alden Orleans
Darling Family Orange
Darling, Charles Hial & Sumner E. Windsor
Darling, Charles Melvin Caledonia
Darling, George W. Caledonia
Darling, John M. Essex
Darling, Jonathan R. & R.Nelson Caledonia
Darling, Lucius A. Caledonia
Dartt, Justus Windsor
Davenport, Charles Newton Windham
Davidson, Alexander Chittenden
Davidson, Milon Windham
Davis, Charles M. Washington
Davis, Dennison Windham
Davis, Earl Frank Windham
Davis, Frank E. Windham
Davis, Frank William Lamoille
Davis, Fred Carlos Windsor
Davis, Fred Ladd Windsor
Davis, George Washington
Davis, Gilbert A. Windsor
Davis, Myron Powers Windham
Davis, Samuel Ray Orleans
Davison, Amory Orleans
Davison, William A. Chittenden
Dawley, Frank R. Washington
Day, Russell Bennington
Deady, Jeremiah Washington
Dean, James Washington
Deavitt, Edward Harrington & Thomas J. Washington
Deavitt, John James Franklin
DeBoer, Joseph Arend Washington
DeForest, Mills (plus Lemington History) Essex
DeLong, Charles Henry Addison
DeMeritt, Richard N. Washington
Deming, Benjamin F. & Franklin Caledonia
Deming, Eleazer Hubbell Chittenden
Denison, George W. Caledonia
Derby, Buel John Chittenden
Derven, John J. Rutland
Dewey, Charles Washington
Dewey, Charles Edward Bennington
Dewey, Elijah Bennington
Dewey, George Washington
Dewey, Hiram Kinne Orleans
Dewey, John Essex
Dewey, Julius Edward Washington
DeWitt, Frank Austin Windham
Dexter, Avery J. & Charles D. Windham
Dexter, Eleazer Windsor
Dickey, Asa M. Orange
Dickinson, Albert Joyce Rutland
Dike, Ezra C. Addison
Dillingham, William Paul Washington
Dillon, John W. Washington
Dimick, George Washington Windham
Dimond, George Mason Windham
Divoll, Natt Lincoln Windham
Dix, Samuel Nevins Orleans
Doane, I. Randall Windsor
Dodds, Ward Beacher Grand Isle
Dodge, Andrew Jackson Orleans
Dodge, Clarence B. Caledonia
Dodge, Harvey Orange
Dodge, John Locke Orleans
Dodge, Prentiss Cutler Orange
Dole, Nelson A. Caledonia
Donnelly, John H. Addison
Donoway, James Bernard Addison
Doolittle, Philo Chittenden
Dorwin, Amasa, Samuel & Thomas Chittenden
Doty, George W. Lamoille
Dowley, George S. Windham
Downer, Charles Windsor
Downs, Henry W. Windham
Draper, Fred Wilson Franklin
Draper, Joseph Windham
Drew, Gardner A. Orleans
Drew, Ira Walton Caledonia
Drew, Luman Augustus Chittenden
Drouin, John A. Caledonia
Drown, George B. Windsor
Drown, Samuel & Stephen Caledonia
DuBois, William Henry Orange
Dudley, Peter Bennington
Duhamel, Treffle Isidore Chittenden
Dukeshire, Willard Baker Franklin
Dunklee, Adelbert Admiral Windham
Dunlap, Thomas Hiram Bennington
Dunnett, Alexander Caledonia
Dunton, Charles Howard Rutland
Durick, Jeremiah C. Rutland
Dustin, John K. Jr. Orange
Dutton, James Fifeld Washington
Dutton, Walter A. Caledonia
Dwinell, Frank A. Washington
Dwinell, Joseph Elmer Orleans
Dyer, Frank C. & William H. Addison

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