Vermont Biographies State List

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Cady, Heber C. Washington
Cahoon, William W. Caledonia
Cain, Albert Lincoln Addison
Calderwood, Charles Arba Caledonia
Calhoun, Allan & Allan Thomas Addison
Callahan, Timothy E. Washington
Cameron, John Caledonia
Camp, Erastus C. Orange
Camp, Lyman L. Lamoille
Campbell, Alfred H. Lamoille
Campbell, Edward Raymond Windham
Campbell, Eugene E. Washington
Campbell, Eugene Milton Caledonia
Campbell, Wallace H. Windsor
Canfield Family Bennington
Canfield, Thomas Hawley Bennington
Cannon, M.W. Rutland
Carbee, Scott Clifton Essex
Carleton, Hiram Washington
Carmody, Dan Rutland
Carney, John Vose Bennington
Caron, Napolean J. Grand Isle
Carpenter, Amos Bugbee & Miner Bugbee Caledonia
Carpenter, Arthur P. Windham
Carpenter, David Bennington
Carpenter, Frank Menzo Bennington
Carpenter, George Byron Windsor
Carpenter, George N. Washington
Carpenter, Henry Otis Rutland
Carpenter, Herbert Lincoln Caledonia
Carpenter, Isaiah Bennington
Carpenter, Orrin H. Windham
Carr, Fred Alton Windsor
Carter, Ezra Caledonia
Carter, Frederick Henry Washington
Cary, George C. Caledonia
Cassie, George Washington
Catlin, Moses & Guy Chittenden
Cave, Thomas H., Jr. Washington
Caverly, Charles Solomon Rutland
Celley, William E.S. Orange
Chafey, Martin Beard Orleans
Chamberlain, Mellen & William Caledonia
Chamberlain, Preston S. Orange
Chamberlain, Thomas Chittenden
Chamberlain, William Caledonia
Chandler, Albert Brown Orange
Chandler, Charles Elmer Washington
Chandler, Frank Rutland
Chandler, John Winthrop Caledonia
Chapin, William Washington
Chapman, Bertrand Azra Windsor
Chapman, Charles Field Windsor
Chapman, Donly Horace Lamoille
Chapman, Thad M. Addison
Chase, Charles M. Caledonia
Chase, Charles S. Windham
Chase, Edgar Merritt Orleans
Chase, Isaac N. Franklin
Chase, John B. Caledonia
Chase, Peter Chittenden
Chase, Rolla Miner Windsor
Chase, Willard Essex
Chase, Zina Goldthwait Lamoille
Chedel, John Asa Windsor
Cheney, Albertus S. Caledonia
Cheney, George F. Caledonia
Cheney, Moses Caledonia
Cheney, Thomas Charles Lamoille
Cheney, William Bennington
Chester, Fred H. Windsor
Child, George Edward Addison
Chipman, Timothy Fuller Addison
Chittenden, Edward Alonzo Franklin
Chittenden, Luther Chittenden
Chittenden, Martin & Noah Chittenden
Chittenden, Merritt Darrow Chittenden
Church, Carleton O. Addison
Churchill, George A. Chittenden
Clark, Charles Edgar Orange
Clark, Ernest Frank Caledonia
Clark, Ezra Warren Essex
Clark, Frederick Chapin Windham
Clark, George Washington Lamoille
Clark, Harry Elias Windham
Clark, Jeremiah Bennington
Clark, John Calvin Caledonia
Clark, Nathan Bennington
Clark, Osman Dewey Washington
Clark, Ripley Windsor
Clarke, John Murray Chittenden
Clarke, Ranslure Weld Windham
Clay, George M. Windham
Cleaves, Kendall Longfellow Washington
Clement, Percival W. Rutland
Cleveland, James P., Jr. Orange
Clifford, Newell E. Chittenden
Clift, Edwin Buxton Rutland
Cobb, Luther A. Essex
Cobb, Nathan Bryant Orange
Cobleigh, Adna B. Orleans
Coburn, James Allen Washington
Coburn, Jonathan Caledonia
Colburn, Edgar Grant Washington
Colburn, Robert M. Windsor
Colburn, Zerah Windsor
Cole, Leonard Townsend Lamoille
Cole, Richard Goldsmith Chittenden
Colton, Eben Pomeroy Orleans
Combs, Byron H. Franklin
Combs, Reuben Franklin
Comstock, Daniel Chittenden
Conant, Edward Orange
Conlin, Henry Chittenden
Converse Family Chittenden
Conway, John Essex
Cook, Edgar R. Orleans
Cook, Edwin A. Orleans
Cook, John Bray Orleans
Cooley, Neil Vinton Washington
Coolidge, John C. Windsor
Cooper, Alanson Lawrence Orleans
Cooper, Stephen Addison
Copeland, Osmon Baker Orange
Corliss, Lorenzo D. Franklin
Corliss, William Franklin
Corry, Frank McMahon Washington
Cota, Charles Henry Franklin
Cotton, Joshua Franklin Addison
Covell, Arthur E. Washington
Cowan, Garnet C. Caledonia
Cowles, Asahel Read Orleans
Cowles, Clarence Porter Chittenden
Cowles, Dennison Windham
Cowles, Elmer Eugene Addison
Cowles, Pliny Jefferson Chittenden
Coyne, Peter M. Essex
Craigie, James Caledonia
Cramton, Charles A. Caledonia
Cramton, John Willey Rutland
Crandall, Charles Hayden Chittenden
Crane, Ephraim Hitchcock Windham
Crane, Joseph Adolphus Orleans
Crockett, Walter Hill Washington
Croft, Allen P. Franklin
Croft, Leonard F. Rutland
Crombie, William Augustus Chittenden
Crosby, Edward C. & Allyn Jones Windham
Crosby, Reuben Caledonia
Cross Family Washington
Cross, Joel Bradley Franklin
Crossett, Janus & James Edward Washington
Crowell, Christie Burnham & George Emerson Windham
Cudworth, Addison Edward Windham
Culver, Frank Munroe Lamoille
Cumings, E.Wilmot Washington
Cummings, Harlan P. Orange
Currier, John Winnick Orleans
Currier, Richard Sawyer Washington
Curtis, John Bennington
Curtis, Zacariah Bennington
Cushing, Daniel L. Windsor
Cushing, Haynes Porter Orange
Cushman, Henry T., 2nd Bennington
Cushman, Henry Theodore Chittenden
Cushman, Isaac & Seth Essex
Cushman, Judson E. Washington
Cutler, Benoni & Children Essex
Cutler, Henry Ralph Orleans
Cutting, Hiram Adolphus Essex
Cutting, Oliver B. Essex
Cutting, William B. Windham
Cutts, Henry T. Addison

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