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Babcock, Fred J. Caledonia
Babcock, Joseph Weeks Franklin
Babcock, Volney Chauncey Windsor
Backus, Quimby S. Rutland
Bacon, Oliver Durkee Lamoille
Bacon, Robert C. Windham
Badger, Albert Henry Windsor
Bagley, Edwin E. Windsor
Bailey, Alanson C. Orange
Bailey, Alden Lee Caledonia
Bailey, Benjamin Franklin Chittenden
Bailey, Charles John Caledonia
Bailey, Guy Winifred Chittenden
Bailey, Horace Ward Orange
Bailey, John Orange
Bailey, Myron W. Franklin
Baker, Austin S. Rutland
Baker, Edward Washington
Baker, Joel Clarke Rutland
Baker, John & Family Bennington
Baker, Orville Clark Rutland
Baker, Remember Chittenden
Balch, William Everard Essex
Baldwin Family Bennington
Baldwin, A.T., Erastus & Hammon T. Orange
Baldwin, Charles Bennington
Baldwin, Edmund & Orange Chittenden
Baldwin, Frederick W. Orleans
Baldwin, Melvin R. Windsor
Ball, Franklin P. Windham
Ballard, Benjamin Bennington
Ballard, Henry Chittenden
Ballard, Smith Sabin Washington
Ballou, Henry Lincoln Windsor
Ballou, Hosea Berthier Windham
Bancroft, Charles Azro Orleans
Barber, Frank Elliot Windham
Barber, Orion Metcalf Bennington
Barclay, R. Douglas M., & William Jr. & Sr. Washington
Barnard, Alonzo Bennington
Barnes, Albert Crane & Millard Fillmore Addison
Barnes, Stephen Goodyear Caledonia
Barnet, John Caledonia
Barnet, Samuel Chittenden
Barney, Herbert R. Windsor
Barney, Thomas Chittenden
Barrett, Byron Simeon Chittenden
Barrett, John Windham
Barrett, John J. Franklin
Barrett, Patrick J. Rutland
Barron, Andrew Jackson Bennington
Barron, Edwin Wayland Orleans
Barron, Lyman P. Orange
Barron, William T. Essex
Barrows, Fletcher K. Windham
Barrows, Gilman Addison Lamoille
Barss, Joseph N. Addison
Barstow, Ebenezer, Hemen & John L. Chittenden
Bartlett, Clayton Witters Bennington
Bartlett, Thomas Caledonia
Bascom, Elisha Addison
Batchelder, Arch Washington
Batchelder, Clark Asa Bennington
Batchelder, Ira K. & James Kendrick Bennington
Batchelder, Wallace Windsor
Batchelder, William Windsor
Bates, Edward Lewis Bennington
Bates, George Lucian Lamoille
Bates, Stoddard B. Orleans
Battell, Joseph Addison
Baxter, Edward K. Windsor
Baylies, Frederick Wheaton Chittenden
Baylies, Nicholas Caledonia
Beach, Harvey F. Addison
Bean, Cromwell Phelps Orleans
Bean, Roy A. Orleans
Beane, John H. Addison
Beard, Aaron Bennington
Beardsley, Justin S. Grand Isle
Beckett, George Orange
Bedell, Henry Edson Orleans
Beebe, Asa & Asa Jr. Bennington
Beebe, William Asahel Lamoille
Belden, Benjamin Caledonia
Belden, Harry Willis Washington
Belknap, Willis Clayton Windham
Bell, Harvey Addison
Bell, James Caledonia
Bell, Ora O. Grand Isle
Benedict, Charles Fremont Addison
Benedict, George Granville Chittenden
Benjamin, Samuel Greene Wheeler Chittenden
Bennett, Edward Cushman & Edward Dewey Bennington
Bennett, Otto Ronald Bennington
Benton, Everett Chamberlin & Jay B. Essex
Benton, Guy Potter Chittenden
Benton, Josiah Henry Sr. & Jr. Caledonia
Berry, Andrew C. Chittenden
Berry, Joseph Essex
Besett, George Melvin Chittenden
Bickford, Eli Caledonia
Bickford, Francis E. Caledonia
Bickford, George H. Caledonia
Bicknell, John Dustin, Mary Ellen, Nathaniel & Simon Chittenden
Bigelow, Reuben Bennington
Bigelow, Walter J. Caledonia
Billings, Franklin Swift Windsor
Billings, Fred O. Windsor
Billings, Frederick Windsor
Billings, George N. Washington
Bingham, William Henry Harrison Lamoille
Bisbee, Edward Wyatt Washington
Bishop, Elwell A. Washington
Bishop, William H. Essex
Bissell, Edgar N. Addison
Bissell, William Henry Augustus Chittenden
Bixby, Armentus Boyden Rutland
Bixby, Hira L. Orange
Bixby, William Gove Addison
Black, Harry Alonzo & Henry Fayette Orleans
Blackman, Nathaniel Chittenden
Blair, Andrew Caledonia
Blair, Myron John Orleans
Blaisdell, Edson George Addison
Blake, John Mason Orleans
Blanchard Family Caledonia
Blanchard, Edwin Clarence Orleans
Blanchard, Edwin Oscar Orange
Blanchard, Herbert Hancock Windsor
Blanchard, John C. Caledonia
Blanchard, Lee S. Caledonia
Blin, Samuel, Simon & William Chittenden
Bliss, George Yemens Chittenden
Bliss, Joshua Isham Chittenden
Blodgett, Ernest Herbert Windsor
Bloomer, Reuben Bennington
Blossom, Howard Bishop Caledonia
Blossom, William Ripley Rutland
Bogle, Byron Leslie & Clarence Clinton Windsor
Bogue, Homer A. Addison
Bolster, Levi J. Washington
Bolton, Plynn Caledonia
Bond, George Herbert Windham
Bond, John A. Chittenden
Bone, Herman David Washington
Bone, John Chittenden
Booth, Edward Judson Chittenden
Booth, Isaac Phillips Washington
Booth, William W. Addison
Boright, Sheldon Franklin
Bostwick, Arthur, Nathaniel & Samuel B. Chittenden
Bostwick, Edmund Chittenden
Bostwick, Erastus Chittenden
Bostwick, Joseph & Joseph Morton Bennington
Bostwick, Lemuel Chittenden
Bosworth, David Addison
Bottum, Lemuel Bennington
Boyce, Osmore Baker & William A. Washington
Boyce, Willard Jairus Washington
Boyden, Charles Asa Windham
Boyden, Nelson Luther Orange
Boynton, Albert Julius Rutland
Boynton, Jedidiah Chittenden
Boynton, Thomas Jefferson Washington
Boynton, William Seward Caledonia
Brackett, Wilford Henry Windham
Bradford, Philander D. Washington
Bradley, Harry Chittenden
Brady, Charles N. Orleans
Bragg, Azro D. Washington
Brainerd, Ezra Addison
Branch, Charles Franklin Orleans
Breakenridge, James Bennington
Brewster, Charles Jr. Chittenden
Brewster, George Benjamin Orleans
Bridgman, Dorman Jr. & John Caledonia
Briggs, William Penn Chittenden
Brigham, Charles Orson Rutland
Brigham, Frederick Lucian Rutland
Brock, William Wallace Orange
Brookins, Harvey S. Addison
Brooks, John & Reuben Bennington
Brown, Adna Windsor
Brown, Albert L. Essex
Brown, Andrew Chandler, Joseph Green & Rome Green Washington
Brown, Benjamin Essex
Brown, Benjamin Franklin & Joseph Clement Orleans
Brown, Curtis Lamoille
Brown, Elisha W. Caledonia
Brown, Frederick Clark Bennington
Brown, George Addison Windham
Brown, Henry F. Caledonia
Brown, Henry Thomas Windsor
Brown, Joseph Chittenden
Brown, Nathaniel King Chittenden
Brown, Rufus E. Chittenden
Brown, Thomas Stephen Chittenden
Brown, William A. Windham
Browne, Thomas H. Rutland
Brownell, Chauncey Wells Sr. & Jr. Chittenden
Brownscombe, Fred J. Washington
Brownson Family Bennington
Bruce, George Asa Bennington
Buck, Solon A. Caledonia
Buckham, Matthew Henry Chittenden
Buckley, William H. Chittenden
Buell, Ozias Chittenden
Bugbee, Coy McMillan & Locke Harwood Windsor
Bugbee, Herman Windsor
Bulkley, George Washington
Bullard, Bertrand E. & Vernon A. Lamoille
Bullock, Elmer J. Bennington
Bunker, Charles Albert Caledonia
Burdett, Jesse Rutland
Burditt, Dan D. Rutland
Burgess, Frederick E. Chittenden
Burleson, George W. Franklin
Burlington, Asahel Caledonia
Burnell, Milo S. Lamoille
Burnham, Elmond Arthur Windham
Burnham, William A. Bennington
Burns, Thomas F. Addison
Burr, Joseph Bennington
Burroughs, Albert Wesley Caledonia
Burton, Oscar Augustus Franklin
Butler, Fred Mason Rutland
Butterfield, Alfred Harvey & Alfred Mitchell Orleans
Butterfield, Don O. Windham
Butterfield, Ezra Turner & A.Augustine Windham
Butterfield, Franklin George & Frederick David Orleans
Button, Charles Ira Addison
Butts, L.Porter Lamoille
Buttum, Nathan H. Bennington
Byron, Benjamin, George Washington & Eliza Augusta Essex


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