Vermont Biographies State List

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Abbott, George Oscar Windham
Abell, Charles E. Addison
Abernethy, Frank D. Chittenden
Adams, Andrew N. & Joseph Rutland
Adams, Bailey F. Orange
Adams, Benjamin Franklin Windsor
Adams, Charles Chittenden
Adams, Edward Payson Franklin
Adams, Edwin Philetus Windham
Adams, Elmer B. Windsor
Adams, Frank G. Essex
Adams, Frank Willard Windsor
Adams, Frederic Charles Windham
Adams, James Pickney Henderson Rutland
Adams, Placide Ephraim Windsor
Adams, Ransom W. Franklin
Adsit, Elbridge S. Chittenden
Agan, Frank W. Windsor
Aitken, George Windsor
Albee, John Mead Essex
Aldrich, Henry Otis Windham
Aldrich, Walter Johnston Caledonia
Alexander, Eldad Caledonia
Alexander, John F. Windham
Alexander, Marshall Henry Franklin
Alford, Albert Gallatin Franklin
Alford, Alonzo Franklin
Alfred, John B. Franklin
Alger, Luke A. Chittenden
Allard, Christopher G. & Francis E. Chittenden
Allen, Charles Edwin Windham
Allen, Charles Edwin (2 bios) Chittenden
Allen, George Bassett Lamoille
Allen, Heman Chittenden
Allen, Heman (2nd bio) Chittenden
Allen, Heman Woods Chittenden
Allen, Ira Chittenden
Allen, Ira R. Rutland
Allen, John Clarence Rutland
Allen, John Clayton Chittenden
Allen, John H. Chittenden
Allen, John M. Caledonia
Allen, Joseph William Chittenden
Allen, Lyman Chittenden
Allen, Lyman Richards Lamoille
Allen, Mrs. Ann White Franklin
Ambler, Ebenezer Chittenden
Amsden, Charles Windsor
Amy, Caleb & Micah Essex
Anderson, George Pomeroy Franklin
Anderson, George R. Windham
Andrews, John Atwood & Sumner A. Lamoille
Andross, Dudley Kimball Orange
Angell, William Henry Windsor
Annis, Jere Wright Orleans
Annis, Orien S. Orleans
Archibald, Frank C. Bennington
Archibald, Samuel Henry Rutland
Archibald, Thomas Henry Addison
Armstrong, Jonathan Bennington
Arnold, Fenelon Windham
Arnold, Francis J. Chittenden
Arnold, Fred Windsor
Arnold, Lemuel Hastings Caledonia
Arnold, Seth Fenelon Windham
Arthur, Chester Allen Franklin
Arthur, John A. Chittenden
Aseltine, Azro M. Chittenden
Ashley, Alton B. Chittenden
Atherton, Luther Henry Washington
Atkins, Hiram Washington
Atwater, Phineas & William Chittenden
Atwood, Francis S. Windsor
Atwood, Frank C. Addison
Atwood, Harrison Henry Windham
Aubery, James Madison Chittenden
Auld, Joseph Chittenden
Austin, Orlo Henry Orleans
Austin, Warren Robinson Franklin
Averill, Charles Weston Washington
Averill, George C. Windham
Averill, Wilson Albert Washington
Ayer, Harlow C. Franklin
Ayer, Horace R. Franklin
Ayers, Charles Erwin Washington

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