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March 2, 2000 Sandy Spaderna

I am looking for information on Samuel H. Green...who is on the 1840 Census owning 4.2 acres of land in Tolland.
Am trying to find his parents.  His wife at that time was Judith Rounds Taft Green.
Children: Alvin Cook Green, Georgianna Florella Green, Mary Harkness Green.
Would love to find someone looking for same.

March 17, 2000 Kathy Thomas

I am writing to request information on the King Family (John King/Mary Blucks, Samuel King/Experience Phillips, Hezekiah/Mary Shaw, Hezekiah/Sarah Reed, Hezekiah/Anna Thrall, William/Betsey Derby) who settled in Tolland at
its beginning.  Anything you may have would be greatly appreciated.

March 29, 2000 Lisa Merglewski

Searching for ancestry of Lucy Fenton born around 1800 in Tolland County, Connecticut.  She married a Smith West and they moved to Wisconsin with their sons Hiram and Asa.  Hiram is my GG-grandfather.  If you think we have the same family, I would be glad to exchange
information with you although all I have are Lucy and Smith's descendents.

April 4, 2000  Eileen L. Garey

I am looking for information on Elijah Babcock born in 1820.  It appears that he may have been married more than once and at one time moved to Wisconsin.  He was the son of Isaiah.  Thank you.

April 10, 2000 John R. Clarke

I am looking for information on a Nathan GROSVENOR ca 1796-1846 who married a Catharine M ca. 1825   They had children born in NY named Hiram, Lucy, John Allen, Nina, Cyrus. H., and Wellington.  We have what I would call an Anglican Prayer book inscribed by Nathan Grosvenor in the year 1812 and published by John Babcock, Hartford in 1799.  For some reason I think this Nathan is one of the sons of Dr. William GROSVENOR who lived in Tolland,Tolland, CT and died in 1798.  I know that Dr. Grosvenor's wife's father was Nathaniel Williams and he and his wife tried very hard to have a son named "Nathan" and some researchers list several "Nathans" as being born to this couple but died shortly after birth.  However these Nathans are not buried with their father in Tolland.  I also know that a Launson (?) GROSVENOR is buried with Nathan in McLean TWP, Shelby County, OH and we have no idea who this person is or his/her relationship to Nathan.  If you have any information on this family I would appreciate hearing from you.  Thank you.

July 20, 2000 Merle G. Ladd

I am searching for information on Miriam Hatch b:1/29/1750, Tolland, Tolland Co, CT.  She married a man by the name of "Ladd".  I believe they were married in Tolland.  They had seven children.  Miriam also later married Joshua Crain (Grain).

I am looking for the full name of her first husband "Ladd", the date of their marriage, and any information about their children.  Specifically did they have a son named "Corrin or Corin"?  Corrin was born in 1778.

Miriam is the daughter of Joseph Hatch, b: 8/15/1718, Falmouth MA, d:3/6/1802, Tolland CT and Sarah Stearns b:2/29/1720, Tolland Ct, d:1/25/1805.  Joseph and Sarah were married 9/12/1740 in Tolland.

Thank you for your assistance.

July 30, 2000 Barbara J. Pulley

Searching for information pertaining to a Jabez/John Bradley born 1771 in Tolland, CT.  I think his parents may have been Jabez Bradley and Hannah Lathrop Bradley, married in Tolland on 7 Feb 1771.  I'm trying to see if this Jabez/John Bradley is the one that married Martha Johnson on 14 March 1793 in Stafford, Tolland, CT.  He died in Stafford 5 Oct 1846.

September 4, 2000 Ginny Nicol Yount

I am looking for Ebenezer Knight's son. I believe it to be Daniel, my ggggrandfather. Eb. Knight m.Mary Barton, d. of Elkanah and Mary Grant Barton. Mary is d.of Ephraim and Mary West Grant. My family papers from 1850s and 60s refer to many ties between Grant, Delano, Knights, Capens. The Daniel Knights moved to Rushford, NY but stayed close to cousins Almira and Caroline Knight of Tolland. My gggrandpa Albert Knights cousin, Minor Milton Delano was amb. to China under US Grant. Any help would be so appr.

September 5, 2000 Gene Brown
I'm looking for ANY Information on a Thankful Matilda CHAPMAN, dau. of Eliphalet CHAPMAN and Abigail CHASE.  I THINK she was born in Tolland and (M) a Lynde Lord LATIMER.

September 6, 2000 Marylinda Wheeler

Timothy Paine married Azubah Warren  17 Feb 1777 in Tolland, Tolland Co, Ct according to the International Genealogical Index in Salt Lake City.  My impression is that the record was abstracted from a Tolland County record.  I would appreciate a copy of the record with a listing of the source and its location.  Any information on Azuba Warren's family?

November 4, 2000 Probbchild

Looking for info (birth certificates and parents of) Rowanna Bestor born 7-2-1792 in Tolland. She married Daniel Warren jr. in 1811 in Trenton NY.

November 8, 2000 Leslie Kraus

I found in an 1840 census that Leavitt C. COLE was living in the town of Tolland.  I was wondering if anyone has any connections to Leavitt, or if they knew who would have been in his household at the time.  I am specifically trying to find a connection between a James CHURCH, born 1835, and Leavitt COLE, born 1805.

November 8, 2000 Armand La Barge

I am looking for information on Nathan Flint and his wife Mercy Holton.  They are the parents of Billa Flint Sr. who was born on Nov 3rd, 1774, in Tolland Connecticut.  They had 5 other children.  Nathan apparently served as a private in Tolland during the American Revolution.  I am advised he was heading to Canada in 1784 and got sidetracked in Brandon Vermont where he settled down and died.  Interesting in any information about Nathan Flint, Billa Flint Sr. or Nathan's parents, Nathaniel Flint and Marie Stearns.

April 15, 2001 Becky Pyle

I'm trying to find the parents of Mary SCOTT who married Noah SKINNER on Mar 12, 1741 at Tolland. They had a daughter, Mary/Mercy who married Seth BAKER. Noah died Oct 1757 and Mary is said to next have married Edmund/Edward FARRINGTON. Noah was married first to Patience DUNHAM and I'm wondering if this was a second married for Mary, too. Maybe she wasn't even a SCOTT. Any help will be appreciated!!!!

April 15, 2001 Gerald Knepp

My ancestor was Jacob Benton, son of Daniel Benton, Jr.  Jacob (born 22 Apr 1760, died 9 June 1743 in Tolland) married Sarah Ladd on 1 January 1789.  He was in the Revolutionary War four times and had a pension that I have a copy of the application from the Nat't Archives in Atlanta.  I have quite a lot of info on the Bentons, Ladds and Kingsbury families and am interested in other data that might be available.  My e-mail address is   everettjk@yahoo.com

Any information on Hosa Chapman (In Battle of Bunker Hill, etc. but was from Boston area (I think) would be of interest.

April 15, 2001 Sydnee Doherty

Am searching for ancestors of John Stearns Abbott born 7/14/1826 in Tolland, CT.  He was orphaned at the age of 12.  Two siblings Luther and Lucius. (Lucius Abbott was a doctor). I thought the mother may have been named Stearns.  Any help you can provide would be very much appreciated.

July 22, 2001 Joan Tatro

I have been told that Francis Hugh Ludlow and Sally Colrain m. in Tolland,Ct ca 1800 that Sally's mother was Sally Coltrain daughter of John and Rebecca (Maxham) Coltrain.    I would like to know if anyone has information on this family.

July 31, 2001 Kathy Tolland

My name is Kathy Tolland.  My husband Mark is a Tolland and has been told that all "LL" Tollands are related.  He was interested in the town
of Tolland and how it became named.  That information I found in the historic marker.  I was curious though.  Were there ever any Tollands
who lived in Tolland, Connecticut?  If so, who and when?  I am doing some geneology research for my husband.

August 1, 2001 Robert Rosbrook

I am looking for information on Solomon Howe who was born in Tolland, Ct  February 1780 and his wife Persis Baker who was born July 22, 1781.

August 10, 2001 Carol Gohari

Thomas Eaton d. ca 1773.  Administration granted to son John & widow Hannah.  Any further information on this?  Thomas was previously
married to Elizabeth Parker, mother of his children.

August 20, 2001 Keith Bohacik

Tanner, Julia I - born around 1870 - wife of Byron Parley Phillips.

August 28, 2001 MHo4048036@aol.com

Would like any and all information about the Howard family in Tolland, CT in 1790.

September 24, 2001 Bernice E. Swimmer

Looking for Information about Nancy Potage.  She is listed in the 1850 federal Population Index page 006 as living in Tolland.  It is belived that she married a man named White.

October 11, 2001 Maureen Lemek

There is a street in Tolland that is named Lemek Lane.  I was told it was called that because "...from early days there was a Lemek family who lived in the house at the end of the lane."   I know there are still Lemek families who live on that street; but, can anyone tell me how I can find out who the original Lemeks were who settled at the end of Lemek Lane (and when)?

November 6, 2001 Wayne Damerow

Am looking for info on Jonathon Nye (1790 census has him in Tolland) his family and esp. his daughter, Margaret (b. 4-24-1780).  Margaret is my g-g-g-grandmother and left Tolland with her husband, Thomas Tripp in 1817 for Ohio.  Also, any info on Thomas Tripp would be great!

November 16, 2001 Edyth Skinner

Looking for Elisha Skinner born about 1791, married Sarah Loomis in 1813 in Pomfret, Chautauqua, NY, died 1839 in Van Buren Co. Iowa.

January 3, 2002 Nancy Hernandez

I have a copy of a vital record page that shows several Harrington children born between 1790 and 1806, would anyone know how I can follow this family? as this is the only info I have on this particular family. The family I am inquiring about is as follows:

Ezeck and Hannah Harrington children are
         1. Morey Harrigton b.May 20,1790
         2. Willard Harrington b. Oct  8,1792
         3. Polly Harrington b. May 13, 1796
         4. Nathanial Harrington b. April 27,1798
         5. Nancy Harrington b.Aug 23,1800
         6. Ira Harrington b. May 2,1803
         7. Alvin Harrington b. Dec. 29,1806

Any help would be appreciated as I have found what I believe to be this family in Michigan but not until 1839.  Thank you so much for your help.

March 23, 2002 Mary J. Knepp

I am looking for information on Elisha Hatch who was born in Tolland, 1792 and later moved to Corry, PA.  Thank you!

April 8, 2002 Mike McGee

I live in the house that was built by Calvin Willey as a store in 1819.  I am looking for any info in regards  to what Calvin Willey sold in his store etc...

April 10, 2002 David McGarry

I am searching for the parents of  Ada Winter, born in Tolland, Connecticut in 1856. She became the wife of Dwight Henry Webster. They are my Great Grandparents.

May 4, 2002 Lianne Cook

Looking for any info re: Joseph and Jemima, parents of Joseph B. Eaton b Dec 1800 other children may have been Mary, and Thomas b 1807

May 5, 2002 Kathleen Marek

I'm looking for info on my ggrandfather Benjamin Franklin Pease who was born in Tolland Cnty, Ct around 1844.
Looking for parents names as well as any siblings.  Thanks for any help.  Kathy

May 29, 2002 Andrea Canaday

Looking for Richard WOHLLEBE in Tolland Co.  He came from Germany about 1885.

August 8, 2002 Faith Quade Munson

I am looking for a marriage certificate or verification of a marriage in Tolland on 18 NOV 1816 or thereabouts between Martha HOWARD and James Palmer SMITH.

Supposedly this marriage took place in the home of Aurelia Williams (Martha's half sister).

Are there any records to support this?  Did a minister come to the house and later issue a certificate?

Martha HOWARD was the daughter of Captain Stephen Howard and his second wife Esther LYMAN.  Stephen HOWARD's first wife was Grace GRANT.

Thanks for any information on this matter.

September 1, 2002 Vernon Goodrich

Would like any information about, Salmeda/Sylinda/Celinda Jewett, b. bet 1810-1820 in CT., m. abt 1836 to Filander/Philander Goodrich.

October 14, 2002 Marilyn Green Day

Do you have anything further on Hugh Wentworth Greene who was an editor of the Tolland Advocate in 1832 when he married Amanda Colby of Hopkinton, NH?  How long was he with the paper?  Hugh and Amanda were in Cambridge, MA at the
time of their daughter, Anna Neverson Green's, marriage in 1859 to Samuel Grimes Field of Conway, MA.

October 14, 2002 Bob Tulo

I am interested in learning more regarding the origin of Daniel Tulo (1790 Census).

December 12, 2002 Debbie

Am looking for anyone with the surname of Charshee, Charsha or Charshe. There was a Jacob Charshee in Tolland in the 1930 census. Thats all I have. They were from Russia and religion was Hebrew.

January 25, 2003 Sharon McClure

Help!  My gg grandfather Caleb C. Spencer came from CT, was b. abt 1795-1796.  He married Lavina Kibbe, daughter
of Timothy Kibbe, b. abt 1767, from Somers.  Can anyone supply information about this branch of the Spencer
family?  Thanks so much!

February 8, 2003 Suzy Parker-Sherman

My name is Suzanne Parker-Sherman and I am descended from the Rawdon Family.  I have been able to track my ancestry back to Tolland CT to Thomas Rawdon, born about 1734, died 1816 and married to Lydia Bosworth, but I can't seem to get any farther.  I think Thomas' father's name was Samuel, but if I could find information on Thomas' parents and where they came from it would really help!  Thanks so much

April 11, 2003 Bill Shultz

I am looking for a record of marriage between Sarah Loomis and Abraham Blackman.  My research to date tells me that the
marriage took place in 1762 in Hebron, Tolland, CT.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I am researching the Blackman line, which began with Joseph Blackman and his marriage to Elizabeth Church.  I have all the
information I need on this union, but it falls apart for a couple of generations after that.

Cost is no problem, if someone can point me in the right direction.  Thank you for your help.

Diane Hearne April 27, 2003

I am searching for the birth date and parents of Thomas Steel(e) who married Roxanny West.  Their son, my ancestor, Warren
Steele, was born in Muskingham, Ohio on March 3, 1824 and they later moved to Dearborn County, Indiana.  Roxanny's parents were Zadock West (1773-1834) and Roxanny Parsons (1780-1863).

Carol May 24, 2003

Would like any information on Simeon Stevens and Laura Larraby Stevens.  Had a daughter, Abigail b. 1812(?), who married John R. Marsh in Springfield, MA in 1839.  Abigail's death certificate listed them as her parents and that they were from Tolland, CT.

RbrownB@aol.com June 10, 2003

I have ancestors from tolland, CT, and I enjoyed your website. Do you know the ancestry of Urana Sprague? died Tolland 9/12/1848 aprox 77 years. Was probably married to Esek Joslyn; had Marvel Joslyn, then Edmund Joslyn, then Charles
Mason Joslyn (a very prominent lawyer in Hartford around 1900), my great-grandfather.

Ronald Nowak July 2, 2003

I'm searching for family members of the late Franklin Prague. If Frank was in the military and served in either California and/or Fort McCoy Wisconsin, I'de be interested in speaking with relatives. From what I can gather, if this is the correct Franklin, he fathered a daughter through a relationship he had with an Elizabeth Mull, possibly Brown or Belky at that time (1940s). The daughter I speak of is my mother and she never knew her father. Elizebeth also provided the name of Frank Prague over the years and leading up to her passing. I'm not intersted in causing the family any sort of grief, just a desire to know of my own history and my mothers history. If the family has no desire to respond, I will fully understand and respect that.

John and VaDonna July 2, 2003

I am looking for Nathan and Hannah WHITE WHIPPLE and their children.  Especially interested in Patience WHIPPLE that married Thaddeus GILBERT and  a son Thomas WHIPPLE that was born in1760 in Tolland.

Sally Bauer-Percey July 16, 2003

Looking for birth of 2 children to Herbert and Dora Scrivener between 1897-1891.  One should be Florence - approx date of birth is 1889.  The other name or sex is unknown.  They lived in Rockville, Tolland, Connecticut.

Robert Dominy October 4, 2003

Do you have any information om the following.Paul Jackson Carpenter died 10-20-1943 in Tolland buried in a local cementary in father in laws plot.  was building family home at time of death have no address and would like address of last known residence. was working on a local dairy farm at time of death.  Edward Schmidt date of death 05-08-1958 at a Hartford hospitol.was a property owner in Tolland Lived in a salt box house in area.This is Pauls father in law buried in tolland area.  possible there are no grave markers. His wife Hermance know noth ing abou t her.  Pauls parents were Henry Carpenter possibly born in Union or Ashford CT.  Carrie Bassett carpenter Died 10-l5-1948.  If possible would like lasr known residence.  Been told that she died in a local nursing home.  would like name of and place of burial.     Thank you so very much for any bit of information so that I may put this family together.

Judy Smith Magons October 18, 2003

Seeking Thomas Lewis and wife Betsy Sims, said to have originated in Tolland CT; parents of Sims Lewis, b 2 Jul 1791 in VT.  Thanks.

Joe Tolland May 20, 2004

I have long been curious as to the origin of the name Tolland.  In my travels of fifty plus years around the country and indeed to a number of areas around the world I always check the name in the phonebooks to see it if appears.  Most often it does not.  It is, to say the least, not overused as a family name.  Do you have any idea where the name of your town came from?  Was it selected by the group of men who bought the land from the Indians or was it chosen later?   Any idea why they chose Tolland?

Thank you for any information you might have to share.

Sherrie Johnson June 2, 2004

The listing on this website of original families in Tolland Town shows Stearns.

My ancestor, Jonathan Paulk married Rebecca Ruth Stearns, b. 10 Nov. 1707 in Essex County, MA.  Their son Micajah Paulk, Sr. was born in Tolland, October 7, 1733 and married Sarah Stearns, b. 11 May, 1732 in Worcester County, MA.

Are these Stearns women of this same Tolland line?  Does anyone have information on these Paulks and Stearns?

Betsy Walker June 26, 2004

I would deeply appreciate ANY information about the following family names:


I am a descendant of the CROUCH family by way of  ~
William CROUCH  b. ABT. 1654.
son Christopher CROUCH  b. ABT. 1685
son Christopher CROUCH  b. ABT. 1709
son Christopher CROUCH  b. ABT. 1740
son Christopher CROUCH  b. ABT. 1765 m. Lydia HUTCHINSON   ~ dau. Lydia CROUCH  b. 1790
Lydia CROUCH m. Joseph LOVETT ~ dau. Eliza LOVETT  b. ABT. 1815  m. John O. RUTHERFORD  b. ABT. 1807  (lived in Bath, Steuben Co., NY)

Children of John O. RUTHERFORD  and Eliza LOVETT:
Joseph William RUTHERFORD   b. 19 NOV 1834
Thomas A. RUTHERFORD  b. AUG 1838
Julia A. RUTHERFORD  b. ABT. 1850

Joseph William RUTHERFORD was my maternal great grandfather.  He settled in the Chicago, Cook Co., IL. m.
Emily Gertrude MERRILL.

Gould Query  July 20, 2004

While researching Gardner Dyer Gould, I found listed a John Gould born in Tolland, Connecticut (my question would be is this the town or the county???)   He supposedly was born in 1796 and married 2 times:  first to Permelia Holden and then Phoebe Holden.

Matt Putnam August 10, 2004

Hello I am searching for any information concerning members of the Putnam family who may have lived in the town of Tolland, Conn. in the 1780s.

There was a Frederick Putnam born in Nov. 1786 somewhere in Connecticut who died in 1864 in Clarendon, Genesee Co., NY. On his death certificate it is stated that he was born in Tolland, Connecticut. This death reference may mean either Tolland Town or County. The certificate however did not state the name of Frederick's parents.

There are descendants of this Frederick Putnam who have been trying for years to discover the names of his parents. I am co-writing a Putnam Family genealogy book and have been trying to help solve this mystery with little apparent success.

The best clues we have are two deeds on record in Shaftsbury, Vermont. On 21 June 1784 Asa Rose of Norwich, New London Co., Conn. for 50 pounds sold two lots of land in Shaftsbury, Vt. to Charles Putnam of Tolland, Hartford Co., Conn. This deed was witnessed by Lucretia Huntington and Rufus Lathrop (Shaftsbury Vt. deeds, book 2: page 17). On 15 November 1784 Charles Putnam of Tolland, Hartford Co., Conn. for 56 pounds sold the same two lots of land to John Holley of Shaftsbury. This deed was witnessed by David Galusha and Charles Spencer (Shaftsbury Vt. deeds, book 2: page 20).

This Charles Putnam is well researched and is known to have married Martha Rose on 27 May 1762 in Preston, New London Co., Conn. They had nine children including Frederick (b. 1763), Eleazer (b. 1764), Sarah (b. 1766), Apphia (b. 1768), Alice (b. 1772), Charles (b. 1774), Lucy (b. 1776), Catherine (b. 1778), George (b. 1781), Martha (b. 1785), and Roderick (b. 1789).

The son eldest son in this family, Frederick Putnam, later married Mary King and had a family of his own. However the Frederick Putnam born in November 1786, apparently in Tolland, Conn., is not one of them. The name Frederick was common in this family though and Charles Putnam was a resident of the town of Tolland in 1784. The Frederick Putnam born in Nov. 1786 seems to be somehow connected to this family. If anyone has any information on this family please post a message here or e-mail me at MPutnam823@aol.com.

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