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A collection of letters from various towns to the town of Hebron in reference to people who were originally from Hebron but living as indigents in other towns. Evidently, native towns were billed for the support of indigents-paupers-the insane who were living in and being supported by their "non-native" towns. The original letters were donated to the Hebron Historical Society and are on display there for anyone who wishes to visit. A quote from the Historical Society states: "The letters are marvelous, and give us a huge boost in understanding Hebron's indigent in the mid-19th century. Many of the names are very familiar, and also help genealogists figure out "whatever happened to...." 

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written Dec. 1846 & references the widow of Wm. K. O'Brien, a native of Middletown

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cannot read this one

hebr3.jpg (270216 bytes)

written at Colchester in 1834 & is in references to bridge & road building payments

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written at Colchester in 1852 and refers to Charles Hutchins

hebr5.jpg (129724 bytes)

written at Windham in 1852 & refers to Nelson Longtiton (cannot read this last name well at all)

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written at Manchester in 1852 and refers to Esther Strong

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written at Saybrook in 1853 and refers to a man named Gates who has typhoid fever

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written at Colchester in 1852 and refers to Emily Barber, Austin Barber (her son), Abby Ann Barber (her daughter) and Infant Barber

hebr9.jpg (232745 bytes)

written in 1829 & right side of this sheet is cut off of the photo....also cannot read this well at all...3 page letter

hebr10.jpg (218780 bytes)

continuation of the previous sheet written in 1829

hebr11.jpg (143346 bytes)

continuation of the previous sheet written in 1829

hebr12.jpg (182456 bytes)

written at Middletown in 1828 and refers to Palina Powers

hebr13.jpg (176667 bytes)

written at Wethersfield in 1851 and refers to Wm. Culver...also mentions Manchester


hebr14.jpg (260981 bytes)

written in 1829 and refers to Paulina Powers...2 page letter

hebr15.jpg (177820 bytes)

continuation of the previous sheet written in 1829

hebr16.jpg (214878 bytes)

written at Tolland in 1847 and is from Gordon Isham referencing a business deal

hebr17.jpg (29058 bytes)

written at Marlborough in 1847 and refers to Ira Peters and Family





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