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Posted February 21, 2010

I am a descendant of Lyman (b. abt 1820) and Louisa Rice who lived in Salisbury, CT. Would anyone have any information on the RICE surname? They were Native American, but not sure of the origin. We were told Scaticoke, however, I have some documentation on one cousin of being Mohawk. Any information would be helpful

Melissa Ford Dimery

Posted February 20, 2010

I would like to know who the father of Edmond Fitzgerald is. I suspect his name is Henry because
of the information below.

From Nat'l Archives Microfilm M246 Roll 17; Revolutionary War Rolls--Connecticut:
A Henry FitsGerald mustered into Captain Martin Kurtlands Company of the Connecticutt Regiment of Foot (foot soldiers) in the service of the United States under the command of Colonel Jonathan Meigs as a private on May 7, 1777 (signed up for the duration of the war) [The only Fitzgerald found in the 660 pages of this document was Henry Fitzgerald] No township or county was given, but I find a Henry Fitzgerald in Salisbury.
Source Information: Jackson, Ronald V., Accelerated Indexing Systems, comp. Ohio Census, 1790-1890 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: from microfilmed schedules of the U.S. Federal Decennial Census, territorial/state censuses, and/or census substitutes..
A Henry Fitzgeralds is listed on the tax rolls of Ohio Northwest Territory in 1801
A John Fitzgerald is listed in Hartford, Connecticut, on the 1790 Fed Census. He is a young man with a young family... in his 20s; 1800 Federal Census. He’s over age 26 under 44 (New London, Connecticut)
What led me to this:
File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by
Deb Breniser <> January 6, 2000
This biography is taken from Biographical
History of Northeastern Ohio,
Embracing the counties of Ashtabula, Geauga and
Lake; Lewis Publishing Company, 1893.

Abel Gerald (Fitzgerald)
Abel Gerald (the name being originally Fitzgerald), who is now deceased, but was for many years one of the most prominent and popular farmers and stock men of Saybrook township, Ashtabula county, Ohio, was born in Austinburg in 1819. He was of New England ancestry, his father, Edmund Fitzgerald, having been a native of Connecticut, born in the latter quarter of the eighteenth century. The father of Edmond was a loyal patriot of America, who helped to fight the battles which freed her from British misrule.
In going to the point of enlistment for this service he took with him his son, Edmund, to whom was entrusted the driving home of the team. On the return trip young Edmond, then a lad of half dozen summers, was captured by Indians, and he was not heard from until seven years had elapsed. The war was over and peace declared, and the boy was given up by his parents as dead, when a
party of Frenchmen, who were trading with the Indians, saw the boy, discovered his nationality and bought him, in which way he managed to reach his family again.
His (Abel’s) father subsequently emigrated with his family to Ashtabula county, Ohio, where he died about 1840, aged about eighty-five years. Edmund, his son, father of this sketch, learned the trade of making woodenware, and on his arrival in Austinburg established a factory for the prosecution of this business, which proved a most profitable industry. Edmund was accompanied on his westward trip to Ohio by his father-in-law, Ambrose Humphreys, the journey being made in a jumper. They
afterward returned to the East for their families.
Mr. Humphreys was a millwright by trade and erected the first mill in Austinburg, the mill being the first in the county.
Edmond and Amanda (Humphreys) Fitzgerald had seven children: Harriet, who married Baldwin Morris; Henry: Abel, whose name heads this sketch; Olive, now Mrs. Barney Lyons; Hiram; Rebecca, who married James Callaway; and Ruth, now Mrs. A. J. Brakeman.
The subject of this sketch received slight education advantages, attending school; it is said, only about three months in his life. He had, however, a naturally active and retentive mind, and by self-culture overcame these early disadvantages, becoming a well-read prosperous man. So well had he managed, by industry and economy, that by the time he had attained maturity and had chosen his life companion, he had already secured a home and other means.
He early engaged in the stock business, buying and selling fat cattle and butchering and shipping the product to California. He was a member of and the prime mover in a company formed for the purpose of butchering and handling cured meats. He made money rapidly and was liberal with it, no worthy or charitable cause failing of assistance at his hands. He thus gained the deepest affection and gratitude of the people. He was domestic in his tastes and devoted to his business interests, and did not participate
in public affairs, preferring to be of the governed rather than to become responsible for his actions to others.
He was too old for military duty in the Civil War, but gave a son to the ranks. He was a member of the Methodist Church and a strong supporter of all worthy objects.
He was married twice, first in Ashtabula in 1831, to Lucinda Ellis, and they had six children: Mary Jane, who married Orange Lockwood, of Tonganoxie, Texas; Helen M., wife of Henry Wilkinson, of the same place; Susan Amelia, wife of Charles Collins; Pruilla Eliza, wife of A. J. Beckwith; Abner; and William H., who ran away from school at the age of fifteen and joined the army dying in camp at Columbus, Ohio. In May 1857, the family was called upon to mourn the death of the loving wife and mother, whose life had been one of devotion to their interests. August 10, 1859, Mr. Gerald married Amanda Lavina Humphrey, widow of Harvey Humphrey and daughter of Dr. Nathaniel Leonard Church, a native of New Haven Connecticut, and a physician and surgeon in the war of 1812, who died August 14, 1863, universally regretted, by reason of his many brilliant qualities. His wife before marriage was Thirza Wheeler, a woman of superior ability and energy, and a member of an old and honored family. They had six
children, the surviving members of whom occupy prominent positions in business and society. Mrs. Gerald had one child by her
first marriage, Lulu, wife of Dr. L. B. Bartlett. Her son by the second marriage is Fred C., who is a prosperous and well-known stockman. He married Jennie Garner, and they have four children; Austin, Percy, Susie and Ralph. May 20, 1876, death once more entered the family and left its members bereaved of the devoted husband and father, who was widely known and fully appreciated as great and good man. Few have done more to benefit the community, and none more justly deserve the esteem of all worthy people. His life was a success in the best sense of the term and his noble, upright example cannot fail to exert great influence on the present and rising generation.
Abel Fitzgerald was father to Mary Jane who married Orange Lockwood
Orange and Mary Jane were parents to my great grandmother, Susan
Lockwood whom I knew when I was a little girl.

I would like to find some proof that Henry Fitzgerald was father to Edmund (in above article), but
I do not know how to search in your state without knowing the town the family came from.


Posted February 20, 2010

I am researching the Perry family, and the trail has lead me from Newtown , CT to Salisbury CT , as that is where
my ancestor, William Perry (b. 1838) lived in 1880. Below is the information that I have so far. Can you
help me with who William’s parents were and where they came from? I think William’s wife Marian may have had the
maiden name of Comstock, but I’m not sure. My line from William (born 1871) had the middle name of Comstock.
And Somehow the family moved from Salisbury to Norwalk, but I haven’t been able to connect those dots yet.
1880 Census, Salisbury , Litchfield County , CT
William Perry b: 1838 – Constable and Tax Collector
Marian Perry (wife) b: 1836
William Perry (son) b: 1871
Charles Perry (son) age 8
Marcella Farley (house servant) age 13 b: 1867 (Parents b: Ireland )

William Perry Seanor

Posted October 20, 2009

I am looking for the family of Pierre Thomen and Myrtle Ball. Myrtle Louise Ball was born in Salisbury and is buried there also with Pierre Thomen..I can't find the cemetery they are buried in...thank you ahead of time for anyone that can help me in my search.

Marcia Thomen

Posted October 9, 2009

I am looking for parents of Henry Comstock who was born in 1801 in this part of CT.  I am also looking for the parents of Lucinda Wright Holmes Comstock who was born in North Adams, MA, in 1808, but suspect her parents were from this part of CT.  Thank you for your help.

David Grace

Posted September 15, 2009

I am looking for Indian named of Lyman Rice who lived in Salisbury most of his life and died in Salisbury in the 1880's.  I am not sure if he was born in CT although the census says he was.  He was born approx.1820 and was married to a Louisa. Any information is greatly appreciated.

Melissa Ford Dimery

Posted September 15, 2009

Hello. I have been researching my family in Salisbury.  In 1824 I have a marriage performed in M. E. Church.  Can you tell me which church this would have been, and where I can find further records?


September 15, 2009

My ancestors came to Salisbury CT in the mid 1700's from E. Gilford, CT. They were the Everts or Evarts brothers (John, Nathaniel, Sylvanus). They came with some Chittenden family members from E. Gilford (Elisheba was my relative's wife). My relative Sylvanus later moved to Vermont in the Castleton area.

Penny Hocking

September 15, 2009

JOHN OWENS bn NY 1791/1800
His father SOLOMON OWEN b 1757 in Salisbury CT. Mother's name Hannah unknown b 1765 Salisbury CT. 
Thanks in advance for any information.

Janet   or

September 15, 2009

BATES 1917: Looking for info on Truman BATES (approx 42 yrs old). He and his family lived in Salisbury in 1917, as recorded on his draft registration card of 1917. Wife's name, Catherine BATES (approx 22 yrs old). Catherine is my grandmother. Children at that time Ellen (or Helen) age 3 and possibly one son (under 1 yr). His occupation is listed as Woodsman, working in a saw mill. Also, was told they lived in Lakeville, near the train station, possibly 1920. Catherine and children moved to Massachusetts in 1921, without Truman. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Catherine King

Posted September 15, 2009

I am seeking more information on my ancestor, the Reverend Adam Reid, who was a Congregational Minister in Salisbury,CT, between about 1837 to 1878. If you know of any way I can obtain more information about him, I would be VERY grateful! Thank you very much,
Laura Haggarty

Posted November 2, 2008

I'm trying to find the identity of the wife of John Holley (Hawley), resident of Salisbury, CT from the 1750s - 1770s. They were likely married in NW Litchfield County 1776-1780. Her first name was Mary and she was born ca. 1758.

John was born about 1754, probably in Salisbury. He had a brother Stephen, b. 1756, who married Lucy (Hurlburt?) around 1780 in Canaan. Their father was probably Stephen Holley, b. Bedford NY 1720, and who had several children in Salisbury by 2-3 different wives.

John and Mary's oldest child John, Jr. was born Aug 1781, possibly in CT.

The brothers John & Stephen Holley moved with their families to Cornwall, VT no later than 1784. John & Mary later moved to Malone, NY where they died in 1827.

I have searched CT vital records and the Barbour index but haven't found any record of the marriage of John and Mary. Others have searched church records without success, but they indicated they weren't sure if they were searching the right churches or whether the church records were complete. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Ned Hawley

Posted November 2, 2008

I am trying to find additional information regarding a George A. Armington who married a Louisa F. Hubbard and they had two sons that were born in Salisbury.  First son was Elliott born March 1899 and second Clifford born 3/1900.  George was born in NY and Louisa in MA, and they were my ggrandparents.  Do you have any information?
Deborah J. Graffuis

Posted November 2, 2008

I am researching the surnames of Winslow & Spoor in the town of Salisbury; a Nathaniel Winslow died there in 1778 using his integrity to help with the cause of the War of the Revolution.  He had 2 sons, Jonathan & Jared who married sisters, Polly & Lydia Spoor from the neighboring town of Sheffield, Massachusetts.  Thank you.
Blaine F. Winslow

Posted November 2, 2008

I am researching the family Tousley  John Wesley  born 1824 Salibury Litchfield cty   CT
 married a Samantha Eunice Crosby  had 7 children 2 died at birth.  This is all the info I have on them.  If anyone can assist me in finding any thing about them I would really appreciate this.
Kathryn Vesely      kathy.vesely@usfamily/net

Posted November 1, 2008

I am seeking information for my ancestors who were born in Salisbury, Litchfield, Conn.   My gg grandfather was Heman McIntyre, born in 1799.  It is believed his father might have also been named Heman and was born in 1772 and that his father might have been Stephen MacIntire.  Of all the information on Salisbury or Litchfield I can find nothing on any of these three people.  Can anyone help me..

Posted October 26, 2007

Looking for any information you might have on the family of Ruluff White. I know there was a Ruluff born in Salisbury in 1724, and another in 1762 but I cannot find out if there were any more until 1811. I am trying to link the 1811 Ruluff White to the 1762 one. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Debby Evangelista

Posted October 26, 2007

Want any information on the John Grant (b. 1805 NY or MA) and wife Julia Goodrich (b. 1806 NY or MA) who are on the 1840, 1850 and 1860 census of Salisbury, CT. Particularly interested to find out their parents. Note they also are on the 1830 census of Otis, MA, and are related to other Grant families from Berkshire County MA headed by Titus, Jacob, Rensselaer, Franklin, Sylvanus, Washburn, Sylvester, etc... These Grant families have Native American and/or African ancestors and are enumerated as colored, black, mulatto, Indian. The children of John and Julia Grant include Sylvester, Ann, Lyman, Mary, John, Sarah Celestia, Julia, Marcia, Elisha Lee, Edward, George, Emily, and Laura. These children variously married: William Leonard Coons, Alvenia Hall, Harvey Harris, Julius Steadman, Henry Sharpe, Sarah Freeman, Mary Wheeler, etc... Their families are enumerated on census records for the CT towns of Canaan, North Canaan, New Hartford, Canton, Winchester, etc... from 1850 on. Thanks!

Posted October 26, 2007

I am looking for Alonzo Gale, born circa 1800 in Duchess Co. NY, married in 1827 in Copake, NY (West Copake Reformed Church) to Phoebe Peck (father Foster Peck; mother Rachel Wiltze), removed to Salisbury circa 1834, and died in Salisbury circa 1844 at 44 years. He was a farmer. After his death, his wife moved to Michigan where she died.

Sara Woodward

Posted October 26, 2007

I am looking for the address of the cemetery where my mother, Helen Chapin Allyn Jackson, is buried. I understand that her parents, Robert Starr Allyn & Laura Chapin Allyn, are also buried there, as well as members of the Harvey family.

Elizabeth (Betty) Raitt

Posted October 26, 2007

Philp Jackson and Betsy Jackson.  I found these relatives in the 1850 Connecticut census records for Salisbury, located in Hartford at the state library. I can't find other records , births ,deaths , tax , marriage that would confirm the existence of the my family in town. the family included children , Polly , Henry , Samuel , Betsy , and maybe a Richard . Can anyone please direct me as the next move I can make to get more information.........Thank- you.

Earle L Jackson

Posted October 26, 2007

Would like know how Salisbury land was laid out in early (1738 - 1800) land grants. For example, how are the Lots and Divisions (i.e., div 1 to 7) located on the land, for example, where is lot 18, Division 4, and lot 16, Div 6? Do the Division lines run parallel to each other from south to north or from west to east or some other combination? Can one obtain a map of these divisions? Would also like to know how large the original rights/shares were. I have found a reference where Salisbury is 450 square miles in area and that there were 53 rights or shares originally auctioned off. Thank you.

Stuart Weldon

Posted October 26, 2007

The great grandfather of my great grandfather was a resident in Salisbury until he departed Salisbury for Clarksfield, Ohio (Western Reserve Firelands) in 1828. Benejah Furlong was born March 6, 1785, apparently in Salisbury. He married Rhoda Galusha of Bennington, Vermont in 1807. Benejah learned a few trades - blacksmithing and tanning.

Five children of Benejah and Rhoda were born in Salisbury - Norman Galusha Furlong 1809, Maria Louisa Furlong 1812, Orrville P. Furlong 1813, Myron C. Furlong 1815, and Mary Ann Furlong 1819. During my visit 2 years ago, a school record revealed the names of all except Mary Ann.

A census record from the 1810 survey indicated that a second 'Benejah" Furlong, age 55 and born in Connecticut, lived with Benejah and Rhoda in Salisbury at the time of the census. That notation is the only evidence I have found regarding the generation of Furlongs preceding my great grandfather's greatgrandfather.

Please add the surname FURLONG to your list of early residents. My search for information about earlier members of the family has been unsuccessful. Family lore has it that County Wexford, Ireland was the earlier home of the Furlongs.

Richard Wilson Furlong

Posted October 26, 2007

My name is Bill Day and I am the researcher for the Jackson County Genealogical Society in Indiana. I am interested in knowing death date and cemetery for Lois M. Day Reed. She is listed in Salisbury in 1850,1860,1870, and 1880 Census records. She is not listed in 1900. She was 63 yrs old in 1880 Census. Her husband was Henry J. Reed, son of Chauncey Reed, who died in 1860. Thank you for any help.

Bill Day

Posted October 25, 2007

I am looking for any information I can find on the Johnstone/Berray family, which as far as I can tell began in Salisbury, CT. My grgrgrgrgr-grandfather James Johnstone immigrated to the US during the old French-Canadian War during the 1700's. He married a woman by the name of Hannah Berray and they had, according to my records 3 children (Seth, Jerusha, and Ruenna). Seth was born, again according to my family records in Salisbury, CT. I am looking to verify the marriage of James and Hannah and the birth of their children. Any information would be helpful. Thank you very much.


Posted October 25, 2007

I am looking for information on James Ball born in England in 1716 and settled with his wife in Salisbury, CT. I am looking for his wife's name. Their son Daniel Ball was born in Salisbury on July 25, 1744 and died there on December 20, 1825. His son Sylvester Ball was born there on June 14, 1784 and died in 1825. Sylvester's son Erastus Ball was born there in 1805 and died there in 1882. Erastus's son also named Erastus Ball was born in 1846 in Salisbury. He married Sarah E. Woodin who I also need information on. My grand father Sidney C. Ball was born on July 16, 1889 in Salisbury and died on November 21, 1954 in Salisbury. I need information on my grandmother who was married to Sidney her name was Minnie and I do not have her maiden name or much information on her. My father was born to Sidney and Minnie his name was Russell Edward Ball and he was born on March 30, 1930 in Salisbury and died in Oklahoma in 2001.

Theresa Hunter

Posted October 25, 2007

I am looking for information about my aunt Mary Belcher she was born in Salisbury in 1923, her father was Alexander John Belcher, her mother was Jenny Beatrice [Doty] Belcher, she had two brothers John and Richard Belcher. If anyone has any information about my aunt We would appreciate hearing from you.

Barbara Peigare

Posted October 25, 2007

I am looking for any info on William Griffin, b. around 1760 in either Salisbury, CT or Boston, MA. William married Loana Welden in Salisbury, CT in 1785, then moved to St. Albans, VT, where he died around 1830. I am seeking any information on his pedigree and descendants, particularly his son, Willard. Any help is much appreciated.

Gerry Williams

Posted October 25, 2007

Based on recent DNA testing, it is now clear that Benjamin Cory b ~1750 who married Mehetible Heath in Litchfield CT is NOT the son of Jonathon Corey b. 1723 E. Greenwich, Kent Co, RI. Benjamin is descended from the Thomas Cory line of Chelmsford/Harpole Eng., not the Wm Cory line of Tiverton. I am hoping to find some evidence from some descendents of Benjamin about the location of his birth or identity of his parents. Benjamin's children were mostly born in Litchfield CT and include Lavina b 1770, Benjamin b 1771, Jacob b 1773, Elizabeth Ann b 1777, Isaac b 1779 and William b 1786. (I assume that the Benjamin who is descended from Jonathon Corey is the one who married Hannah Rice and who died in Pinkney Lewis Co in 1829.) I have detailed information of the descendents of Samuel Cory b 18 Dec 1783.

Laura G. Cory

Posted October 25, 2007

I was just reading the Salisbury page and thought I'd email you regarding the Rev. Joseph Warren Crossman you mentioned. I am researching my husband's family "Crossman". We both had visited Salisbury several years ago and spoke with Virginia there. I believe she was the town historian. We shared some information about the Rev. Crossman and I was able to take a photo of his gravestone for my genealogy records. My question is, does anyone have any information regarding Rev. Crossman or a photo of him? Also, he died in 1812 of an epidemic, after ministering to many who were ill. Does anyone know what that epidemic was?

Marie Crossman

Posted October 25, 2007

I am searching for information on my 4th great grandmother Hannah Dyer Woodworth. She died in Salisbury, Conn about 1790. She was the daughter of Henry and Mary (Royce) Dyer. She was the wife of Abner Woodworth. Can anyone tell me if there are still existing records from 1730 through 1790's. Thank you,

Arline Brown

Posted August 25, 2005

Trying to locate parents of Richard Williams who married Sophia Spafford/Spofford 7 Jun 1807 in Salisbury Litchfield Connecticut. He would have been born about 1787 but I do not know where.  She was the d/o Col John Spofford, a Revolutionary War hero, who later moved to Rutland Vermont then Lewis Co New York where he died in 1821. Sophia [Mrs Sophia Williams] turned up as a visitor to a Vermont Historical Society Meeting to talk about her father in 1867 but I have been unable to find out where she lived [perhaps Vermont/Canada] and no record of Richard at all past their marriage date. They are my ggggrandparents. Can anyone help me find Richard and his parents? Thank you.

Jean Noseworthy RR#3 Caledon Ontario Canada   

Posted August 25, 2005

Seeking information on Evelyn Hill raised in Salisbury,Ct. in late 1800's.
Nancy Sweet

Posted August 25, 2005

I am looking for any information about Mary Frink  Lowell born May 1861 possibly Salisbury, her mother was Sarah Mclain from Salisbury and her father Seth Frink. Mary died of TB in Torrington, ct in 1910 she is buried in Salisbury cemetery. There is another name on her stone, Sarah Horton (I think Sarah her mother was married twice?) Any help would be appreciated, Mary's son James Warren Lowell was my grandfather.

Myra Lowell Brandt

Posted August 25, 2005

I have found a James Holmes from Salisbury, Litchfield Co., Conn who had a son named Samuel, born there April 15, 1760.  I have reached a dead end on Samuel.  My great, great,great grandfather's name was Samuel as well as his son's.  I am wondering if the Conn. Samuel could be related. My name is Betty Holmes Barding and I am a 7th generation Holmes of Samuel Holmes (b.1786; d.1827) in Crab Orchard, KY. Any help you could give me would be appreciated.
Betty Holmes Barding

Posted August 25, 2005

David Slater,1761-1843 of Salisbury, Ct. father of Mary married a sister of John Russell junior .I sure could use help on this one. Thank You.


Posted May 28, 2005

I found a copy of: "New Year's Discourse, delivered at Salisbury, On Lord's Day, January 2d 1803, containing the Ancient History of the Town"  by Joseph W. Crossman, pastor of the church there."  In this talk Rev.  Crossman mentions " The first person that died in town, was a Capt. Dyke, who was killed, in the hollow by the falling of a tree", about 1740.  Do you know any other information about Capt. Dyke or any Dyke families, living in or around Salisbury in the late 1700's or  early 1800's.  I would appreciate any information that you might have.   Thank you.

Pam Hillman

Posted May 28, 2005

I am searching for information on the Castle family who may have lived in Salisbury and later moving to Castleton, VT in the late 1700s.  I have found reference that Amos Bird purchased from "a man named Castle, from which the town probably took its name" about 1767. Out of desperation I am hoping some kind person may do a look up to see what might be in the Salisbury records referencing Mr. Bird and the "man named Castle".  Because I do not live in the area I can not do the searching myself, and I have not been able to find anything on the Castle family. I am looking for the parents of Roswell Castle who would have been born about 1780, and married Roxanna Hartwell on April 2, 1802 in Castleton, Vt. From most of the records I have found to date, it is probable that the Castle family would have come from Litchfield County. Any leads will be appreciated.

Joyce Grady

Posted May 28, 2005

I am trying to find the birthplace and parents of Joseph Williams, who died in Manlius NY in 1836, having moved his family there around 1795 from CT. There is a Joseph Williams born in Salisbury CT 8 Apr 1752, so I am trying to find out if he might be the one, since no date or place of death is indicated. My JW was a Rev War veteran. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Robert C. Williams

Posted May 28, 2005

Information needed regarding children of Reuben Chapman lived in Salisbury Twsp. in 1830 census.  Any help appreciated.

Posted March 30, 2005

KING, PHILLIPS; Seeking any info re Sarah Ann "Sallie" KING, based on family tradition, daughter of Magdelan and Sarah (Boles) KING, born Salisbury, CT abt 1800, married ____ Phillips, died abt 1870. Her parents and siblings removed to Onondaga County, NY abt 1823 but she apparently did not accompany them. What happened to her? Will happily exchange family genealogy.

Robert K. Salin

Posted March 30, 2005

I am searching for information about my grandmother, Mamie Elizabeth Koch.  I do not know her maiden name but I understand that she was born in Salisbury on June 22, 1885.  She died in Springfield, Missouri on May 18, 1944.  She may have been related to John Fox, Sr. who died in Salisbury in 1900 or so.  Any information, no matter how remote, would be greatly appreciated.
Matt Koch

Posted Nov. 30, 2004

Looking for information on Silas Leonard Hall b abt 1754; m. Eunice Titus 4 April 1774, Salisbury CT; known children: Lydia b Salisbury 25 Oct 1776, Amos b Salisbury 28 Oct 1778; Leonard b Salisbury 5 Mar 1781; and Silas L. b Salisbury 10 Apr 1783
Hollis Hatfield

Posted Nov. 30, 2004

Seeking information on my grandmother ,Rhoda W. Owen born in Salisbury abt.1897. Rhoda had a brother named George Owen. Would like to know her parents names and any information about the family..Any help would be greatly appreciated..

Lisa Camp

Posted Nov. 30, 2004

I am looking for information on EDWARD CONN born in Salisbury CT in the early 1800s.  Married RUBY ALLEN in Bethlehem, CT around 1824. Also, information on ALEXANDER C. CONN born in Salisbury, CT in 1804. I am looking to trace them to my grandfather WALTER DENNY CONN.  Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Elizabeth Conn OBrien

Posted Oct. 30, 2004

My ancestor Eleazer Barrett (Barrit) purchased 60 ac at north end of Saisbury from Henry Dutcher in 1749. The land was the 1/4th part of Lot 18 in the 4th Division. He sold this land in 1768 to Jedediah Lane. The deeds also refer to adjacent parcels belonging to Jacob Vosburgh, John Holms and Vandusens Land. Does anyone know where the Barret Land was located? Is there a source for proprietors maps in Salisbury?

Brian Barrett

Posted Oct. 30, 2004

I'm searching for my husbands family in CT, John Martin.  In the 1880 CT census I found what I think may be my husbands grandfather;  There is a long list of  children's names in the census and at the bottom it says...'This ends the Village of Lakeview'.  Was this an orphanages? If so how can I contact them?  John Martin was born around 1865 +-3 . I appreciate any help I can get in this matter. Thank you

Carolyn Martin      cjmaine @

Posted Sept. 12, 2004

I'm desperately seeking information about Jesse Mead, who I understand was born in Salisbury, Litchfield, CT about 1754.Do you have access to birth or marriage records for the town? If so might you be willing to look up whatever you can find on him, please? Those of us who have worked on this family believe his father was Daniel, but we can't find much evidence for that. I can't find anything on-line, and live too far away to do on-site research. By 1790, and until 1820, Jesse and his family were in Mt. Washington, Berkshire County, CT - and it's my understanding that records for that town were burned. He died intestate in Wayne County, NY, in 1830 so finding information about him has been very, very difficult. Thanks for any help.

Shirley Roemer

August 5, 2004

I am looking for the family of Pvt Edgar S Bates. The info I have so far:
Edgar S Bates
birth year:1915
From Salisbury, Litchfield county, Connecticut
Father's name Shedrick Bates
Sister: Shirley
brothers: John and Joseph
Purple heart recipient
Killed in action: 29th of october 1944
He was in 7th armored division/48th armored infantry battalion
Buried in Margraten in the Netherlands
Reg number 31457302
I assume this info is right, but I am not 100% sure
I am inquiring because someone I know is taking care of his grave. She wants the family to know that she will take care of the grave as long as she is able to. Also she wants to contact the family. Thanks in advance for your effort to help me. 
Best Regards, Niek Hendrix........The Netherlands.

Niek Hendrix

August 5, 2004

My name is Hayes Hendricks and I am the proprietor of a website called Builders of Wooden Railway Cars at

I have written an article on the Ensign Manufacturing Company, founded 1871 at Huntington, WV, by several gentlemen from Lime Rock, CT. One of these men was William H. Barnum, who was the company's President in 1879. I have been able to find out something about him. Another was E. Ensign, who was the company's Treasurer in 1879. While I have been able to identify the ensign surname with Lime Rock, I have been unable to find an "E." Ensign other than J. Ellen Ensign.

I would appreciate any help you or one of your volunteers could give me in identifying this elusive individual.

Hayes Hendricks

August 5, 2004

Researching Johnston family. Would like contact with others who are also interested in this line. Did James Johnston marry twice or three times? Archiblad Johnston resided in Salisbury, Connecticut. His descendants moved to Shelby County, Kentucky and to the Western Reserve in the state of Ohio. Johnston county is named for James Johnston, Archibald's son. Thank you for your assistance.

Michele Robbins

June 29, 2004

Searching for a Benjamin Dibble, b.1765-1784  [Litchfield Cty] ? Salisbury, CT;  d. 1830-1840  possibly Vermont, Rupert or Manchester,Bennington Cty or New York State.
                         m. Lucy______, b. 1782-3 in  CT, d. 1860, Springfield, Erie Cty,Pa.
Children: Henry Dibble, b. 1810,Vermont, d. in MI.
              Alfred F, b. 1812,Vt., d. in MI
              Emily     b. 1810-1820,Vt
              Franklin A.,b. 1919,Vt., d. in MI
              William S., b. 1822-3, Vt., d. in NY state
Benjamin, possibly, had a brother, Samuel, who lived in both Manchester, Vt, and Salisbury, Conn.,m to Lucy Surdam. His will was probated in Manchester, Vt., but Lucy and two of his children, Byron (1834-1866) and Dorcas(1832-1882) are buried in Salisbury, Ct.  Any info ab't  the Benjamin as described  above would be appreciated.
Barbara Dibble Kuenzig

Posted May 29, 2004

Trying to determine the maiden name of my gggg grandmother.  Her given name is Elizabeth and she married a Jonathan HULL we believe in Salisbury or Litchfield County about 1781.  Jonathan was born in Litchfield Co. in 1761.  If someone has access to old marriage journals or licenses and can find the maiden name of Elizabeth I would appreciate it.  They did relocate to Granville, Washington Co., NY in 1782.  Thanks.

George W. Morton

Posted May 29, 2004

I am looking for information on Lewis Samuel Farwell and his wife, Evelyn. He died in Salisbury,Ct. [in 1951,I think.] He was born in Harrisville,Chesire,N.H.,1870; son of Charles Carter Farwell and Hannah Jane Knowles (Farwell). At some point, he moved to Connecticut. 


Posted May 29, 2004

Hello,  My GG Grandmother was Eddice Hamilton b 1831 and died 23-dec-1900, who married George Hurlbut in Torrington CT as recorded in their vital stats.  They were married 10-Dec-1853.  The vital stats says she "hailed" from Salisbury.  I have been unable to find anything on this family.  I would appreciate any help or information on her.  Thanks.

Ginny Hewitt

Posted May 29, 2004

Looking for info. on Joseph Corpe, son of William Corpe and Bathsheba Fuller. Joseph Corpe, born 9/16/1758 in Salisbury. Also, another child, Phebe Corpe, born 12/22/1756. William Corpe and Bathsheba Fuller were married on 4/1/1755.  I believe Joseph Corpe had a brother, Nathaniel Corpe, and they both served in the 12th Regiment of Albany Co. Militia during the Revolutionary War.  Any info. on any of these families would be greatly appreciated.
Daniel Corp

Posted May 29, 2004

SEEKING INFORMATION FAMILY OF MARY born 15 Sept. 1863 Salisbury, Litchfield Co., CT.  Married Charles E. Hungerford from Woodstock, Ulster Co., NY.  Mary's father believed to be Daniel Flynn and mother believed to be Alice Smith . Mary and Charles had ten children, some moved to Hampton Co. Mass.  Any information appreciated.

Posted May 29, 2004

John Grant is my 3rd grt. grandfather, he appears on the 1850/1860 Fed. Census and I believe he died between 1860 to 1870. His wife Julia is living with one of her daughters Julia Harris in Canaan, Ct. listed on 1880 census. This couple lived in Salisbury and the children must have gone to school there yet there's no mention of them. There were 5 children Julia, Sarah, John, Marcia and Elijah there was also a Frank Grant but I don't know if he was one of the children or a grandson because he to was mentioned on the 1880 census living with Julia. I'm not sure if this is all you need, also these people were of color. Elijahs' children are listed as Indian also one of the girls Sarah is listed as Indian and German on one of her childrens birth certificates. Thanks. 

Posted May 29, 2004

I am searching for the burial place of my ancestor Hannah Dyer Woodworth. She died abt 1790 in Salisbury CT. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,
Arline Brown

Posted April 1. 2004

Moses Reed/Read and Rebecca Pratt moved to Ontario Canada in 1784 as part of the Loyalist resettlement; they had lived in Salisbury. One of their sons, Obadiah Read and his wife Lydia Landon also moved to Canada in 1785. I am seeking information on two sons who did not move to Canada, but remained in Connecticut:  Moses Read, Jr. who would have been about 24/25 when his father left Connecticut and Benjamin, who would have been about 17.    I am seeking information on who Moses, Jr. and Benjamin married, where they lived and the names of their children.

Greenwood     katyg@Central.UH.EDU 

Posted January 7, 2004

A Great Great Aunt of mine, Mary Ann WRIGHT, married Henry ROEBUCK in Sheffield, England in 1855. In 1880, together with their children, they emigrated to the USA and through the U.S. Censuses on-line, I have found members of the family who were living in the Lakeville and Lime Rock areas of Salisbury township in 1900, 1910 and 1920. Henry ROEBUCK reappears in the U.K. in 1891, living with a Grand-daughter and described as being a Widower. As I have not been able to find any record of the death of a Mary Ann ROEBUCK in the U.K., it would seem that there is a strong possibility that she died in the USA sometime between 1880 and 1891. I would be most grateful if some kind person could advise me how best I could find out whether she died in the Salisbury township area.

 Keith Wright of Sheffield, England

Posted October 25, 2003

We have just published a book of over 200 letters, Kate Hill Kelley, Letters from Vermont Families, 1850-1889, through Gateway Press, Inc. of Baltimore, MD.  One of the families is the Hooker family.   In The Descendants of Rev. Thomas Hooker, by Edward Hooker, 1909, Marion Procilla Hooker (1827-1863), was m. to Alva Dunning Roe in Poultney, Vt. and together they conducted a seminary in Salisbury, CT.  In one of the letters, Marion's sudden death on 18 August 1863 in Salisbury is reported.  Can you tell me anything about the seminary and the Roes?  I can find nothing on the Internet and was pleased to find your page on the early history of Salisbury.  Professor Roe evidently did not stay in Salisbury.  He remarried and moved to Afton, Washington Co., Minn.  I have found out that Marion was buried at Salibury Cemetery in 1863 but that in the following spring of 1864 her husband removed her remains to Poultney, VT where she had grown up.
Hope G. Luedeke

Posted August 24, 2003

I'm looking for the children of Abraham and Sarah Reed. A daughter Sallie was b. 1785. Abraham was the son of Moses and Rachel Hotchkiss Reed. Can anyone direct me to other vitals for others in the family. Thanks. 

Tom Reed

Posted August 24, 2003

My father grew up in Salisbury in the 1940s and lived there till about the 1950s.  He passed away in March of 1999.  I'm trying to trace his tree to prove my native American heritage.  His name was Charles Gordon Bramon.  His mother was Katherine Bramon.  Although I am not sure of the spelling of her first name.  She used her maiden name, since my father did not know his father, but she died in the early 1930s.  I'm not sure which cemetery she is buried in, I have been there before.  My father was taken in my friends of his mother with the last name Washington.  They are buried in the same cemetery as my grandmother.  I am trying to find more information about my grandmother.  Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Elizabeth Bramon

Elizabeth Bramon

Posted July 4, 2003

Trying to obtain family history for Mabel Reed - Born in Salisbury CT 1890.  Married Richard Stearns Sanders from Acton, MA  Subsequently resided in W. Hartford CT.
Mabel had one daughter, Dorothy Elizabeth Sanders born in W. Hartford CT May 16, 1915.  Mabel died of TB about 1916.
Mabel Reed Sanders'  Father was Frank H. Reed
We are trying to establish what Mabel's Mother's Name was and any information about her family (maiden name, siblings etc.) As we understand it Mabel's Mother had a sister Mary who married a man named William and they went to live in New York City.
Mabel had 3 sisters
   Sadie Reed  (Gillette)
   Emma Reed   (Murphy)
   Mamie Reed  (Pulver)
We would appreciate any help that we can get
Jean & Dave

Posted June 22, 2003

I seek information on the Fross/Frost family of Salisbury. Abijah and wife Eunice Frost/Fross had a son, John Fross, b. 2 June 1770 in Salisbury. The family changed the spelling of their last name from Frost to Fross. John and Abijah later moved to the Spencertown/Ghent/Kinderhook area of Columbia County, New York, where they can be found on the 1790 census, and in a few earlier deeds. Abijah had a brother, John Fross/Frost, who married Abigail Curtis at Agawam, MA (near Suffield, CT), dau. of Deodatus Curtis, of Warren, Litchfield Co., CT. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated. I hit a brick wall 15 years ago! Thanks!

Clark Kidder

Posted April 8, 2003

Looking for information on the marriage of Betsey Benton to a Haskins/Hoskins about 1789. She was b. Dec. 22, 1768 in Salisbury, Ct. and died January 18, 1838 in Duxbury, Vt.. She was the  daughter of Nathan Benton b.Feb 28, 1742/43 in Tolland County, Ct. Their children were Nathan Benton Haskins, b. 1790 Ct. and Wright Benton Haskins, b. 1794 in  VT. Any information re. the identity and family of Betsey's spuose would be apprectiated.  He probably died before 1795.

Jennifer M.Nelson

Posted April 5, 2003

MORRISON: Edward/Edmund Morrison and Jane Mary Burns were both born in Ireland and lived in the Chapinville section of Salisbury, CT. Edward was born abt 1815 and Mary was born abt 1835. Their children who were born in Chapinville (according to the census) is as follows:
Jane Mary
(married Matthew Duffy of Hartford) b. abt 1851
Michael B. (married Katherine) b. June 1853 and d. Hartford, CT.
John H. (married Delia Nangle of Hartford) b. Dec. 1854 and d. 1920 in Hartford, CT.
Edward b. abt 1856
Christopher b. abt. 1867 (married Minnie Bronson)
Mary Jane (married Michael J. McMahon of Meriden) b. abt 1859 and d. in Meriden, CT.
The following children were born in Copake, NY.
Joseph Francis b. June 1863 and d. 1912 in Hartford, CT.
James A. d. 1897 in Meriden, CT.
Richard T. b. 1871
The Morrison's lived in Salisbury, Hartford and Meriden, CT; Copake, NY; and I am lead to believe Great Barrington, MA.
If you have any additional information please contact me and we can share information. Thank you.

Jill Morrison

Posted March 16, 2003

Isaac WILLIAMS married Elizabeth LOOMIS in Salisbury CT on March 12,1749/50. They had three sons born in Salisbury, Soloman born December 7, 1750 ; Isaac born February  6, 1753 ; Hiram born June 14, 1757. I am searching for the parents of Isaac, the father.  

Jacqueline McCarron

Posted February 23, 2003

Seeking marriage record of Nathan and Eunice BENTON, married about 1765, Salisbury, CT.  Nathan, born 28 February 1742/43, Tolland, CT, was the son of Isaac Benton and Ruth Norton of Hartford, CT.  Eunice's last name is unknown, hoping record will provide last name. Esther was born 1742 according to her gravestone, place unknown. Although, they were married in Salisbury, they lived in Tolland, CT until the 1790' s when they removed to Moretown, VT. Any information will be most appreciated.


Posted January 31, 2003

I'm looking for info on Frederick Peck, b. abt. 1754 in Ct.     He may have been married to a Sarah White before 1780. Frederick & Sarah were either born in Salisbury, Ct. or lived there before moving to Vt.   I believe they were already in Vt. by 1780. I would like to find out for sure if the Sarah that I mentioned was Frederick's wife.   I would also like to find out who his parents and siblings were, along with the names of his children to confirm what I have listed here. I do have the names of Benjamin, b. 1780; Sally, b. 1783; Harriet, b. 1786; Julia, b. 1786; Sidney, b. 1788; and Perlina, b. 1796. Thanks.


Posted October 21, 2002

Looking for information on William Burroughs and Bede Bingham.  They were married 1799, Salisbury, Ct.  I think this William Burroughs is the s/o Joseph from Stratford, Ct.  This line of Burroughs is related to Rev George Burroughs of Witchcraft fame. Charles Burroughs b 1710 is the grandson of Rev George.  Any help would be appreciated.

Dennis Swann


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