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Posted February 21, 2010

I was recently in Norfolk and couldn’t help but notice that among others items that there is a Greenwoods Road, a Greenwoods B&B and a Greenwoods Station Pub in Norfolk. I became curious and wondered if there was a town founder named Greenwoods, was there a station (what kind?) that provided the name, or is the name just a lasting tribute to the area’s densely forested origins of the past?.....I didn’t find my answer on the web page and additional Google and Bing searches didn’t help me learn the origins and significance of the link between Greenwoods and Norfolk.

If it’s not too much trouble, I wonder if anyone knows the connection, and would be willing to take a moment and satisfy my curiosity regarding the connection of Greeenwoods and Norfolk? Thank you in advance for considering my request.

James Cappellano
Hartford, CT

Posted October 9, 2009

This is an update to my query posted on October 24, 2007.

I am seeking genealogy information for Alexander P. Parsons and his wife, Jemima Palmer, who lived in Norfolk in the 1800's. I estimate Alexander's birth to be abt 1793, and since my last post found place of birth to be Southington, CT. Alexander died early March, 1850 and is buried in Center Cemetery, Norfolk, CT. Jemima's birth is estimated abt 1794 or after, and she died in 1876. The last information I found on Jemima was the 1870 census of Sandisfield, MA showing she was living with her son, Andrew J. Parsons. I am seeking to know where Jemima was buried, since her name is not on Alexander's headstone.

Their son, William Lawrence Parsons, was my second g-grandfather. Alexander and Jemima probably had other children besides Andrew and William. I found they also buried children named Robert Parsons, aged 5 and Olivia Flynt Parsons, infant. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone regarding names of siblings, children, parents, etc., as well as burial records. Thank you.

Barbara P.

Posted September 15, 2009

I am looking for information on the artist Carsie Lennin from Norfolk....around 1895.

Thank you
Milly Hudak, President
Winchester Historical Society


Posted November 2, 2008

I am looking for others who may be search the family of William French and Bethiah Porter. This is what I have gathered so far

WILLIAM FRENCH was born circa 1760 in Massachusetts/Connecticut. He married Bethiah Porter circa 1787.
Children of Bethiah Porter and William French were as follows:
               i.       ALVIN; born circa 1794.
               ii.       SYBIL MARTHA, born circa 1796 in Massachusetts; married William Palmer Judd.
               iii.       ELIZA PORTER 'PEDDY', born circa 1797 in Connecticut; married Anson Couch.
               iv. &nb sp;     BETHIA ELIZA; born circa 1803 in Connecticut. ,
               v.       LEPHIA, born 10 Jan 1805 in Norfolk, Litchfield Co., Connecticut;      married              Spencer Pease.
               vi.       POLLY MARIAH; born circa 1809 in Connecticut; , , married William Pearce 28 Oct 1841.
               vii.      CHLOE; birth date unknown.

I have also found a Benoni French listed in the 1820 Census for Norfolk, Litchfield Co., Connecticut, living nearby. I do not know if they were brothers or not. Any help that anyone could give me or steer me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
Mark Martinson

Posted October 24, 2007

I am seeking information on Alexander P. Parsons and his wife Jemima, who lived in Norfolk in the 1800's. Alexander died early March, 1850 and they are both buried in Norfolk. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone regarding names of children, parents, where the family lived before moving to Norfolk, etc. One of their children's names was William Lawrence Parsons. Thank you.


Posted October 24, 2007

Want any information about the family of John C. Hall (b. 1767 RI) and wife Clara (unknown) who are on the 1850, 1830, and 1820 census of Norfolk CT. John Hall also appears as a head of household on the 1820 and 1830 Norfolk census but he’s enumerated as John George on the 1800 and 1810 census (long story...). Also note his neighbors were prominent Norfolk families with the Gaylord and Bigelow surnames; John Hall’s family was enumerated as unnamed “free colored persons” together with the Gaylord family in 1840. Local church records confirm oral history that John Hall was Native American; his family is enumerated as mulatto, black, colored, Indian, etc... on vital records. The children of John and Clara Hall include Moses, Nelson, Jane, and Laura. Jane Hall married Samuel Smith and their family is on the 1850-1900 census for Norfolk. Nelson Hall married Eliza Swan and is on the 1850 census for Torrington then 1860-1900 census for New Hartford. Moses Hall married Jerusha Wilson Haskell and is on the 1850-1860 census for Norfolk then 1870-1900 census for North Canaan.  Thanks!

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Posted October 24, 2007

I am looking for more information proving Luther Frisbie to be an inhabitant of Norfolk, CT. I have already found the information contained in "Record of Connecticut Men in the Revolution". Thank you.

Brent Kitt

Posted October 24, 2007

Seeking information on Herb Dietlin and his first wife, Fannie Bouchett, and her family (parents Paul and Mennie, brothers John and Paul, sisters Rose and Susan). Herb was born in 1888, Fannie was born in 1892. I know Herb is buried in the cemetery on Rt. 272 but I don't know where in the cemetery, and I don't know where Fannie or her family would have been buried. Bouchett family owned a house but am looking for the location. Herb also owned a house but I don't know where. Thanks for your help!

Kelly Toce

Posted October 24, 2007

I have been searching for my deceased grandmother's ancestry. I don't know her birthplace but I believe it may be Scotland. Her birth date is 9/21/1914. She lived in Norfolk. Her name is Irene Delnero. Married Arthur Delnero, children Brett, Brenda, Beth and Blair all born in Winsted. Previous marriage surname Vanseters. Thank you very much.

Kimberly Johnston Luckey

Posted August 25, 2005

Searching for the name of the parents of Lydia Rood born Dec. 7, 1777 (dau, of a Mr. Rood of Norfolk, CT)  Lydia married Jonathan Strong Aug 17, 1799.  Jonathan (son of Simeon and Polly Castle Strong) was an iron worker at Salisbury, CT and lived there all his life except the last two years in Ohio.  He died there May 5, 1842.  Lydia died at Salisbury, CT. Nov. 26, 1860.
Marilyn Widdifield

Posted August 25, 2005

I am inquiring about a home somewhere in or outside Norfolk, CT called CRISSEY PLACE, very large 3 story home with a top on it that a person could look out to sea from & a Crissey(Crissy) pond in back; there were some postcards on this place. Crissy pond still shows on a map. Someone thought that this place still existed today as a Boarding house or Bed & Breakfast in Norfolk, CT. Any help is very appreciated on this!! Thank you!!


Posted May 28, 2005

My 3grt grandparents, Thomas and Silence Goodwin were married in Norfolk 1759.  I only have her first name,  She was 18 at time of marriage and I can't imagine her being in Norfolk at age 18 without her parents.  Also, was there any locations most the early settlers came from before settling in Norfolk.  Is there a list of the 27 families in 1758?  How did people get married during those early years if there wasn't a clergy?  Were there civil people charged with this duty? Will sincerely appreciate your input.

Howard Cain 

Posted May 28, 2005

Looking for info on the CRISSEY PLACE NORFOLK, CT, I was told the place still is there as a Boarding house or Bed & Breakfast. Large 3 story house with porches & a top cube thing that you can see out to the sea when ships come in, don't know what that is called & a Crissey/Crissy pond out back somewhere. Crissy pond still on a map as number 646. Can anyone help me locate this place or tell me if it is still there, there were postcards of this place suppose to be 1930's. It had been in several families of Crissey's! Any help very appreciated here. Thanks. I am in northern Wisc. Sincerely,

Patricia Crissey-Young

Posted August 29, 2004

My Grandfather Bill Curtiss was born in Norfolk, Ct in 1906, I think. Someone told me that the Curtisses of Norfolk sold a lot of the family property over the years. My name is Tim Curtiss and traveled thru Norfolk many times over the years but never sought out the family there. My Great Grand father was James Curtiss and his wife was Brigitt Garity whose family was from Simsbury where that part of the family was from and supposedly the Garity family had a lot of land in that town too. Don't know for sure. Anyway, if there is any info it would be great as I have procreated and my son and daughter might be interested later on. Hope all is well back east. Your friend out here in Hawaii.

Tim Curtiss

Posted August 8, 2004

I have been looking for the family of Milo Dyke, who married Lucy Brown daughter of Rueben Brown of Norfolk. I have reason to believe he was born in Canaan abt. March 1806.  If you have any information about a Dyke, Dike, Dykeman, or anything similar I would appreciate hearing from you.  Even if you have any information on where I might find records indicating an out-of-wedlock birth I would appreciate that as well.  Thank you.

Pam Hillman

Posted August 8, 2004

Seeking any information on Jedediah WHITE; b 07 MAY 1752; a Rev. War soldier. Jedediah had at least two wives: Sarah STORER and Mabel (last name unknown). Jedediah died 26 AUG 1841 in Norfolk. Jedediah's daughter Nancy Burr WHITE m Albert PARRITT. They relocated to Michigan and then Ohio. Nancy and Albert had five children: Frances Elvira, Benjamin F., Andrew, Josephine and William Wallace. Frances married a BUTTON; Benjamin married Experience Jennette ANDRUS; Josephine married (1) Jabez BROOKS, (2) Enoch S. Parmelee and William (my Gt. grandfather) moved with his parents to Ohio and married there Caroline E. MOHLER. I would like to correspond with any descendants of this family.

Jo Darling

Posted April 1, 2004

Seeking info on Eunice COMSTOCK, b. 17 Apr 1778, Norfolk, CT.  Whom did she marry?  When and where? Children?  She may be my ancestor but can't be sure.  Any help greatly appreicated.
Jane Swan

Posted October 25, 2003

I am looking for information on Luman Pettibone Mills, b. 1801 in Norfolk, Father may be Augustus Mills, b. 1772 in Norfolk, and Mother may be Martha Pettibone, b. 1774 in Norfolk. Thank you.

Kathleen Callum

Posted August 30, 2003

In the process of gathering any and all information on my grandfather “Alton F. Smith” he was born in 1882 and died in 1963.  He was one of Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders during the Spanish American War and also the Chief of Police in Norfolk somewhere around the 40’s.  His wife’s name was Exilda Lamothe and they had 6 children: Norman , Alton , Louie, Edward, Alice , and my mother Marian.  Any help would be greatly appreciated
Alan Lancello

Posted August 30, 2003

My ancestral grandfather Samuel GAYLORD b. 5 July 1709 Durham, CT. d. October 1778 Norfolk, CT. and grandmother  Thankful MUNSON b. 17 January 1710 Wallingford, CT., d. 15 May 1797 Norfolk,  CT were early settlers of Norfolk.
 Both died in Norfolk in the late 1700s. Does anyone know if  there are identified graves or other historical sites relating to these individuals?  Thanks.
Ron Truman

Posted August 30, 2003

Has anyone ever heard of the Norfolk Cornet Band that was in Norfolk, CT, probably, late 19th century....Thanks.


Posted June 22, 2003

Looking for info on Volney E. Smith born in Norfolk CT on Aug 22 1822 and died in Indiana on March 5, 1907. Trying to find any family related to him - (mother -father -brother's -sister's and so on).


Posted May 30, 2003

CLARK(E) brothers Myron and George, long time residents of Norfolk. Need any and all information regarding these brothers and their families.

Tom Clarke

Posted May 4, 2003

My 3 great grandparents, Thomas Goodwin and Silence were married in Norfolk in 1759.  I do not know my 3 grt. grandmother's maiden name. The town record only says Silence. I'd like to know her maiden name.  Since she was 19 when married,  I don't think she arrived in Norfolk without her parents. Since they were married in 1759 and Norfolk was incorporated in 1758, I'd also like to know where they came from before settling in Norfolk. Is there any special location where most of the early Norfolk settlers came from? They left Norfolk in the early 1760's and  where they went I don't know but they turned up in Poultney, Vermont in 1772. He served as a "Minute Man" during the revolution while living in Poultney. He died 1797, age 64, and she died 1822, age 82. Both are buried in Poultney, Vt. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Howard Cain

Posted April 5, 2003

I am looking for information about Rachel Barden, who married Elijah Knapp in Oct 1769 in Norfolk.  They already had five children.  Elijah married a second time in 1779.  When did Rachel die?  Where buried?

Marjorie Nelson

Posted January 18, 2003

Highland (Hyland?) BEACH, born 21 February 1785 in Norfolk, CT married Abigail (surname unknown). Their son, Seymour was born 2 November 1806 in Middlebury, VT. Can anyone help with Abigail's surname? Thank you.

Lore Dearing

Posted January 3, 2003

I have been looking for the family of Milo Dyke, who married Lucy Brown daughter of Rueben Brown.  I have all the info on Lucy and her family but cannot find anything on Milo before he was baptized at the Norfolk Congregational Church in 1827.  If anyone could be of some help, please let me know.  I have been to Norfolk a number of times checking Town records, Library and Church records, to no avail.  Thank you in advance for any help that anyone might give.

Pam Hillman

Posted November 30, 2002

I was born and raised in Norfork,  CT and was wondering if anyone has any information on my surname as it has been in existance since 1830's.  Any info anyone could provide would prove helpful to me. Thank you.

George Christinat

Posted November 30, 2002

I would like some info on Ebenezer and George Norton that are listed under marriages on this site. I am seeking a father of Eliakim Norton born in 1801 either in USA or Canada?

Posted November 30, 2002

I am researching CORBALLY in Norfolk. Patrick, Simon and Christopher were blacksmiths owning a shop next to the forge on the Blackberry River near the spillway. Does anyone have pictures of the forge and shop from 1860-1880 period ? Thank you.

George Ferguson


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