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JEDEDIAH RICHARDS - one of the first settlers of Norfolk.

The Norfolk CT web site has helped me pin down the location of my ancestor Rebecca Richards, granddaughter of Jedediah Richards who was one of the first settlers of Norfolk (along with Titus and Cornelius Brown and John Turner). I surfed around the various links reading background material and looking for other relatives.

Rebecca Richards was born on 1 Nov 1758 in Norfolk, Litchfield County, CT. Her father was Elisha Richards (b. 18 Jull 1735 in Hartford CT), son of Jedidiah Richards (b. 2 Jul 1770 Hartford CT).

Elisha Richards immigrated from CT to the Wilkes-Barre area of Pennsylvania as one of the original settlers of what was then known as Westmoreland County CT in the area of PA claimed by the Susquehanna settlement of Connecticut. During the American Revolution, Elisha Richards fought in the Wyoming Massacre of July 1778 during which Elisha and Rebecca were kidnapped by the British allies, the Iroquois. Elisha was murdered by the Iroquois, and died on July 7, 1778 in White Plains NY. Rebecca Richards escaped and returned to her family.

On April 7, 1784, in Middletown CT, Rebecca Richards married Stephen Roberts (b. 1-22-1706 or 11-23-1759 in Middletown CT). My mother Natalie Roberts (married name: McDermott) is the gggg granddaugter of Stephen Roberts and Rebecca Richards.

Following the Wyoming Massacre, the Richards and Roberts families (and other CT settlers in the Wyoming Valley of present-day PA) returned to CT. Then, after things had returned to normal, Stephen and Rebecca Roberts in 1797 returned to PA, living first in Plymouth (Luzerne Cty) PA and then in Union Township (Luzerne Cty) PA, where the next 3 generations of Roberts were born.

I look forward to learning more about the Richards family of Norfolk, Litchfield County, CT.  As I find out more about the Richards family history, I will give you an update.

Submitted by:  Mary Lynne McDermott ggggggg granddaughter of Jedidiah Richards, a first settler of Norfolk CT.





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