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Allen, George Bassett
Allen, Lyman Richards
Andrews, John Atwood & Sumner A.

Bacon, Oliver Durkee
Barrows, Gilman Addison
Bates, George Lucian
Beebe, William Asahel
Bingham, William Henry Harrison
Brown, Curtis
Bullard, Bertrand E. & Vernon A.
Burnell, Milo S.
Butts, L.Porter

Camp, Lyman L.
Campbell, Alfred H.
Chapman, Donly Horace
Chase, Zina Goldthwait
Cheney, Thomas Charles
Clark, George Washington
Cole, Leonard Townsend
Culver, Frank Munroe

Davis, Frank William
Doty, George W.

Eddy, Charles Fremont
Ellsworth, Asaph Kenfield

Fancher, W. Grant
Fleetwood, Frederick G.
Fullington, Frederick H.

Gates, Amasa O.
Gates, Calvin Leo

Harris, Lucius L.
Hendee, George Whitman
Hubbell, Myron Rodney
Hulburd, Roger W.

Kenfield, Frank

Landon, O.B.
Leach, Moses J.
LeBaron, Isaac Newton
Lewis, L. Halsey
Livingston, Fred B.

Macoy, Byron Grafton
McFarland, Henry Moses
Morse, George A.

Page, Carroll Smalley
Parker, Charles S.
Pearl, Isaac L.
Pike, Paphro D.
Powers, Horace Henry

Raymond, Albert C.

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