Jefferson County, Wisconsin
Biographical Index
W Names

Wadleigh, A.J.
Wagner, Jacob
Waite, Willard
Walker, David H.
Walter, Joseph
Walther, Andrew
Ward, John
Washburn, Royal J.
Webb, George W.
Weber, J.H.
Weber, Jacob
Webster, James
Wegemann, August
Wendtland, C.F.
Wenham, James
Werlich, Gustavus
Werner, Dr. Fred C.
Wescett, Walter
Wickert, E.C.
Wiedermann, F.
Wigand, William
Wigdale, Ole
Wilbur, Miles
Wilkin, Charles B.
Windau, A. F.
Winkenwerder, Frederick
Winkenwerder, Henry
Winn, John
Wedemeyer, H.A.
Whitcomb, A.L.
White, Dr. H.O.
White, John
White, R.S.
Whittet, James D.
Whittet, John
Wiener, S.M.
Wiggenhorn, C.
Wiggenhorn, Eugene
Wigginton, J.M.
Wilber, Charles H.
Wilber, Gordeus J.
Wilber, Havens
Wilcox, C.H.P.
Willard, Horace B.,M.D.
Willard, William
Williams, David J.
Willis, Nelson
Willson, Mrs. B.R.
Willson, Z.C.
Winslow, Dr. Joseph
Wolf, Philipp
Wollering, Henry
Wood, Charles J.
Woodard, M.J.
Woodard, Stephen S.

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