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Posted February 20, 2010

I am seeking anything about the car factory in Hebron or Amston, Ct.?? any clues? THANK YOU.
Margaret O'Brien

Posted October 23, 2007

I have been reading a book called "the unquiet" author John Connely and i was wondering if the book is based on a true story. In the book it reads that a few families moved to Gilead and made it their home and community, there was a massive stone church which is the centre piece of the settlement. I would be grateful if anyone could give me any more information on this topic. Thank you so much.


Posted October 23, 2007

An ancestor of mine, namely Jacob Skinner married a Phebe BUCK according to 1790 family records, in Hebron and they removed to Chenango County, NY. However, under " Marriages Prior to 1800 from the records of The Second Congregational Church organized in May, 1748 at Gilead" I see reference made to Jacob Skinner marrying a Phebe Palmerter. Can anyone give me any clue as to why we have the name BUCK but it may be PALMERTER?!

This has been a "brick wall" for ages and it would be fun to have it straightened out.

Maxine Boyce Buckman

Posted October 23, 2007

I am trying to find the parents of Joseph Peters and Sarah Wells who married in Hebron October 1778. Thank you.

Dale in California

Posted October 23, 2007

We are trying to get more information about the PHELPS family from Hebron. So far we have researched backward as follows: Effie Mae Phelps DeSerio William Burton Phelps Jesse Phelps David Phelps Levi Phelps (not certain if Levi is first or middle name). If anyone has any other PHELPS family history connected to us, please email. Thank you.

Maureen DeSerio Perreault

Posted October 23, 2007

Seeking when and where Orlando Frank Porter b 1881/2 married Mabel Belle LaMere about 1908?.... They lived in the Gilead, Hebron area? ANY CLUES.........thank you.

Marge Porter

Posted October 23, 2007

NATHAN STILES b. 22 July 1757 in Hebron, Ct. I am Nathan Milton Stiles Jr. 6th generation descendent. Would like more info on Nathan & his ancestors. I have from him to my father if anyone else is looking. Thanks all.

Nathan M. Stiles, Jr.

Posted October 23, 2007

I am seeking the source and answer to the following:   The date and place of death of Jordon Post, 1st husband of Phebe Lay. I have information showing it as 20 Jan 1748 in Hebron but I need something official such as a vital record. Also, I need the date and place of birth of Phebe Lay, wife of Jordon Post, said to be from Lyme, Ct., married in Hebron 14 Nov 1703. Information says that the birth was 13 Jan 1683/4 but again I have nothing "official" . There were several Phebe Lays with dates that do not jibe. This one evidently married Bennoni Trumbull in her second marriage.

S. Camp

Posted October 23, 2007

Trying to locate the parents of Lois WATERS who was supposedly born on 9 December 1762 in Hebron, Tolland, Connecticut. She married Abner BAKER supposedly on 20 August 1781. His parents are John BAKER and Abigail CLARK.  Most of Lois and Abner's children were born in Northhampton, MA. from about 1782 to 1800 then it appears that they removed to New Hampshire. Any help on finding Lois WATERS parents would be appreciated. Thanks.

Marcel Jussaume

Posted August 25, 2005

Prior to Hebron being in Tolland County, it was part of Windham County; but prior to the formation of Windham County, it would have been part of either Hartford County or New London County.  Do you know which one?  Thanks.

Ellen Rissman-Wong

Posted August 25, 2005

I am a descendant of Capt. William Shepard and his wife Rachel Hutchinson who were married in Hebron Oct. 16, 1755.  They are list on "rays-place" from early CT marriages prior to 1800, First Congregational Church, Hebron. They relocated in Pittstown, NY during the Revolutionary War.  Their 4 children were: Elenor, Mary, Anna & Israel. Thank you.

Mrs. Jerrell Cleaves

Posted August 25, 2005

Seeking where and when Francis E. Porter born 1846 married?? Ellen Louise Gilbert born about 1845?  Seeking where Judah Porter born 1772 in Hebron, Ct. married Anna Mann about 1799 where??  Seeking where? and when? Orlando Frank Porter born 1881 married Mabel Belle Lamere born 1892 (married 1908?) poss. in New Jersey??  Thank you.

Marge Porter

Posted May 28, 2005

In about 1780 several families from Hebron, CT moved to Lyme, NH and then on to Thetford, VT which is just across the CT River. Among the families making the move was my ancestor Peter Post, b. in Hebron in 1736, m. Mary Thompson 1757 and had six children all born in Hebron. Peter Post d. at Lyme in 1811. Peter was the son of Deacon Thomas Post of Hebron.
What was the connection that took them to Lyme? I'd appreciate your help solving this mystery.
G. R. Post    JGRP@AOL.COM

Posted May 28, 2005

I am researching the Tennant family that lived in Hebron in the late 1800's. George C. Tennant was married to a Frances ?. I am trying to find out what her maiden name was. Anything on George Tennant would be helpful also. Thanks.

Karleen Badore

Posted May 28, 2005

I am looking for information about Hebron in regard to my 6g grandparents, Jonathan Sackett, b. 20 Mar 1696 in Westfield, Mass., and his wife Ann Filer, b. 12 Sep 1705 in Windsor, Conn. According to the information I have so far, they were married in Hebron on 23 Jan 1724 and had 8 children. I'm wondering if there was an epidemic of some kind in Sep and Oct 1749, because at least three, maybe four, of their children died during those two months, ages 6 through 9. They apparently moved to Litchfield County, Conn. sometime after 1749. Both Jonathan (1773) and Ann (abt 1787) died in Warren, Litchfield Co. Does anyone know of such an event around 1749? And does anyone know of  Sackett graves in cemeteries in Hebron?

Jean Carpenter

Posted May 28, 2005

My name is Edith Chivers, and I am searching for any and all information on my family name of Hutchinson.  I know from my research that my 9th Great Grandmother Hanna (Roote-Root)  Hutchinson lived and died in (Gilead) Hebron.  I wish I had more information and wish I could come there to get the information that I am looking for.   I live in Port Huron, MI and my Grandfather, Daniel William Hutchinson, lived here. If you can direct me to someone who can or may help me, I would most appreciate it. Thank you so much,
Edith Chivers

Posted May 28, 2005

PORTER: I am searching for info on a David PORTER (I need his wife's name and his children names and their date of birth and who they married) who was on the 1800 census for the Town of Coeymans, Albany Co., NY. I believe he was in Dutchess Co., NY before he migrated to Albany Co., NY. He probably migrated to Albany Co., NY ca. 1790. He lived next to my 4th ggrd. Sylvanus KELLY. A dau. of David PORTER may of married my 3rd ggrd Sniffin KELLY in 1801. Two of David PORTER sons, David Jr. and a William were living next to David PORTER Sr., also. David PORTER was in Dutchess Co. by 1766. He was listed on a tax list for the southern Precinct, which is now Putnam Co., NY. (formed from Dutchess Co., NY in 1812). David served in the 7th Regiment of the Dutchess Co. Militia. He was a Lieutenant. Also on the tax lists were a John (first shows up in 1759), Joseph (1742 -when shows up), Joshua (1756- when shows up), Nathaniel (1741/42 when shows up), Robert (1761-when shows up), and William PORTER (1760- when shows up). A David and John PORTER are
still on the tax lists in what is now Putnam Co., NY in 1772-1779. Some folks from what is now Putnam Co., NY migrated to the town of Coeymans in Albany Co., NY ca. 1790.

I see that there was a David PORTER (b. 1708 in Windsor, CT. d. 1761 in Hebron, CT) who married a Ruth MACK in 1739 in Hebron, CT. They had a son David Jr. b. 1743 in Hebron. Do you know if this David Jr. migrated to Dutchess Co., NY? What other children did David and Ruth have? Do you know who this David Jr. married and what the names of their children were and their date of birth? I also noted that the ggrd (John PORTER) of the David PORTER who m. Ruth MACK had children by the names of Nathaniel, John, and Joseph (same first names that show up on the tax list in Dutchess Co., NY as stated above). So the David PORTER who was in Dutchess Co., NY by 1766 and on the 1800 census for the town of Coeymans, Albany Co., NY must be a descendant of the PORTER family of Windsor, Hartford, CT and Hebron, Tolland, CT.  I sure would appreciate any help that anyone can give me. Thanks very much!

Joe Kelly

Posted August 29, 2004

I am trying to learn the names of the parents of Jerusha Gott, born in Hebron area about September, 1761.  She married Ezekiel Birge in October, 1777.  Think she may be a daughter of Story Gott, or one of his brothers. Thanks.
Barbara Weakley

Posted August 29, 2004

Hi, this is to Doug Peters (whose e-mail is bouncing). It seems that we may be in the same family! My husband's family is as follows:
Kent LaRue and Wilma Peters - grandfather
John and Alzina Peters - G Grandfather
Samuel and Dorcas Peters - GG Grandfather
John and Esther Peters - GGG Grandfather
The lineage goes on but I'm not sure if it's the right connection since we haven't verified John and Esther's parents yet:
Samuel and Huldah Peters - GGGG Grandfather
Joseph and Deborah Peters - 5G Grandfather
John and Mary Peters - 6G Grandfather
William and Mary Peters - 7G Grandfather
Andrew and Mercy Peters - 8G Grandfather
William and Elizabeth Peters - 9G Grandfather
George Peters - 10G
William Peters - 11G
John Peters - 12G
We believe that the reason the Peters left Hebron, CT and moved to Ernestown, CAN was because they became Loyalists. Thanks

Angela Munro

Posted August 29, 2004

I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the car factory that was in Hebron in the 1910's. If you have any information, please contact me. Thank you.

Stan Mirecki

Posted August 29, 2004

My grandfather, Henry Porter, was born around 1844.  When he enlisted with a Massachusetts regiment in the Civil War, he listed his residence as Hebron, Ct.  He subsequently moved to Sag Harbor, New York, married, had four children and passed away in 1899. Any information would be appreciated.

Tom Porter

Posted August 8, 2004

I am seeking info on Esther Hill who was married to Epaphras Lord Phelps born 1779, Hebron Conn;  father Solomon Phelps.  I have info on the Phelps back to England.

Posted May 29, 2004

I am looking for any info on Hezekiah Marks b.c.1730 who m Mary Polley b.c. 1735 on Sep 15, 1756 at Hebron, Tolland.  Their son, Hezekiah, was b July 1, 1759 at New London, CT.  Many thanks for your courtesy

Don Timmons

Posted May 29, 2004

I could use a little information. On the USGenWeb site you have the churches of Hebron. Who would I write to for the actual church papers?(if they still exist)I am attempting to prove the parentage of Thomas Buck who married Sarah Judd. Their son Ebenezer Buck and wife Deborah moved to Hebron and raised their family in the early 1740's. They were active in the New Haven 2nd Church in Hebron. Ebenezer Jr(b. Feb. 1750) was married in this same church in Oct 1784. I found on the net that the early church records were burnt. It didn't say for what period. I would love to find the church records and Christening date for Ebenezer. Ebenezer Buck Sr, was believed to have been a deacon. I wrote to the church in New Haven over a month ago and have heard nothing. 

Jane Buck

Posted May 29, 2004

Timothy Dwight Porter was b. 1802 Hebron to Judah Porter and Anna Mann Porter. He left CT in 1829 with a wife, Dycey.  His diary says they "rode down the river, arriving Wilmington two weeks later, where they walked the streets."  That is the last we know until they are in Shelby Co. Republic of Texas, 1846.  Dycey is alive on the 1850 census. Cannot locate in 1860. In 1865 Timothy remarries and I descend from 2nd mg.  I would like to know who Dycey (Dicey?) was and if they had grown children before they came to Texas, Any lead on Dycey would be great.
Norma Hudson 

Posted April 1, 2004

Seeking any information on Hessian soldier prisoners held in the Kellogg-White house during the Revolutionary War.

Bob Webler

Posted April 1, 2004

I am looking for the last name of the Phebe who married Israel Post.  I don't have a wedding date for them, but he was born May 13, 1709 in either Hebron or Saybrook and died May 21, 1776 in Hebron and is buried in the "Old Cemetery" in Hebron. Phebe was born either about 1715 or about 1708.  I have conflicting information as to her age at death.  The Barbour Collection for Hebron lists her death as June 2, 1786 in the 78th year of her life which would put her birth date as about 1708.  However the "Old Cemetery" listing gives her death date as Jan.9, 1786 , 71 years, which would put her birth year at about 1715.  According to an article in the NEHGR she could be Phebe Griswold, born in Lyme April 22, 1716, but I believe that Phebe married Jonathan Parsons.  Any help anyone can give me will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


Posted January 7, 2004

Reuben P. and Betsey GODFREY moved sometime between 1790 and 1800 from New London to Hebron with their children including sons Benjamin P. and Reuben. The families lived there into the 1820’s. Reuben Jr. moved to Sweden, Monroe Co., New York between 1810-1830. Benjamin moved to Canterbury, Windham Co. between 1820 and 1830, probably with his father Reuben P. Before 1840 they moved on to Groton, New London Co.. Any information on the family is welcome, but specific questions are: What happened to daughters Polly, b. Oct. 21, 1777 and Jennettee, b. Apr. 16, 1785, and son William b. Apr. 16, 1791. When did Betsy die? Who was the wife of Benjamin P. GODFREY ? And what happened to his sons born in Hebron : Benjamin b. 1800-1810, William H. b. abt 1808, and George b. abt 1817. Orlando Hallam GODFREY b. Mar. 17, 1817 in Hebron according to his own declaration in 1890 is my gggrandfather. Evidence of the births in Hebron is required. Thanks for any assistance.

Charles Allen Godfrey (Amsterdam, Netherlands)  

Posted January 7, 2004

Orlando Henry GODFREY declared under oath on Feb. 1st, 1894 in Montour, Tama Co., Iowa that he was born March 17th, 1817 in Hebron , Tolland Co. and that his first born child, Charles Henry GODFREY, was born in Hebron in the fall of 1846. We assume that Orlando belonged to the families of Benjamin and/or Reuben GODFREY who are found in Hebron in the census data of 1800-1830. Any information on these families and persons is welcome. Also, there is a GODFREY Hill in Hebron on which the St. Peters Cemetery is located and we wonder when and how the hill got its name.

Charles Allen Godfrey, Amsterdam , the Netherlands

Posted August 30, 2003

I seek the marriage of Orlando (Frank) Porter of Andover-Hebron  to Mabel Belle LaMere of  Newport, Vt. in about 1908..  WHERE AND WHEN??     Thank you (any clues?)
Leonard Tarantino

Posted August 30, 2003

Trying to find more on the O'Keefe, Keefe family, mainly a Dennis Keefe, and Wife Margaret (Tynan)Keefe. They had six sons, Edward B. abt 1893, Arthur B. abt 1899 , William B. abt 1887, Maurice B. abt 1886, Clarence and Alphonse B. 11 Oct 1902. One daughter Florence B. 21 June 1898. The family were all dairy farmers in Hebron and Andover Ct. According to the 1920 Census, they resided on West Gilead Rd. Hebron Ct. At that time Dennis was 59, Margaret 56 and William unmarried was 33.  Dennis would be my great great grandfather. Any information about the Keefe's of Hebron, would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you.
Diane (Keefe) Donovan

May 30, 2003

Looking for information on Charles and Nellie (Lockwood) Banning who lived in Hebron, Connecticut between 1894 and 1904. Any information on the family would be helpful. I would love to connect with family members.

Jason Cornelius

May 30, 2003

John Jones b. about 1729 per church records in Hartland, CT given ae at death of 92.  d. Apr 1, 1821 Hartland.  m. in Hebron Mar 24, 1747 Amy Phelps d/o Charles & Hepzibah (Stiles) Phelps.  7 children, 5 recorded in Hebron VR: Mary b. 1748, Samuel b. ca. 1750, John b. 1752, Thomas b. 1756, Hepzibah b. 1758, Charles b. 1760, & Timothy b. ca. 1767.  This family moved to Hartland, CT before Rev. War.  Questions: who was John's parent's, and how was he related to other Jones family members in Hebron.

Arthur Sikes

May 30, 2003

I am interested in any information available on my family, believed to be from Hebron Ct. According to our records, my 5th great grandparents, Nathan Ingraham Sr and Mary Pitts, were married there April 17 1744.  Nathan's parents, Joseph, and Mary Ingraham, lived with Nathan; they are believed to be buried there.  My 4th great grandfather, NATHAN INGRAHAM JR was born there August 23 1751 along with brothers John 1756, Samuel 1754, and sisters Sarah 1749, Waitstill 1746,  Mary 1745, and also Lidia and Rhoda. I am curious about whatever information anyone might have on the family.

Gene French

Posted April 19, 2003

I have searched the web--up one side and down the other--unsuccessfully, for any mention of this prolific WEBSTER, who was enumerated in the 1790 Federal Census, in Hebron, Tolland County, CT, with a wife (presumably). a son, and four daughters. No Martin WEBSTER was enumerated in the 1800 Federal Census in any state, nor was there an obvious widow enumerated in Hebron, CT, in 1800.

There is no mention of a Martin WEBSTER in the authoritative "History and Genealogy of the Governor John WEBSTER Family of Connecticut", nor is there any mention of this family in the BARBOUR Index.

He apparently belonged to the First Congregational Church of Hebron, CT, the records of which--at least up to 1787--were burned. There were other early WEBSTER families in Hebron, CT, but they belonged to the Gilead Congreational Church. These are the WEBSTERS who are included in the aforementioned WEBSTER Genealogy and in the BARBOUR Index.

What became of this Martin WEBSTER? Who was his wife? Who were his children? Are there any Hebron, CT land, cemetery, or probate records that would shed some light on this matter? Could Ruby WEBSTER (m. Justus BROWN), Jane WEBSTER (m. Andrew BROWN), and Philotha WEBSTER (m. Abraham BROWER)--all of whom lived in Herkimer County, NY, Montgomery County, NY, and/or Otsego County, NY--been daughters of this Martin WEBSTER?

Charlie Cabiac

Posted April 8, 2003

I am researching the Hinckley family tree. So far I can go back to a William B. Hinckley, died 1854. He is buried in the Hamilton Ave. Cemetery in Norwich with his wife Lucy Carter and two daughters Sabra Wilbur, and Loezer L.  The plot is not listed on the internet, but I have been there.  My question is William was born in Hebron,CT. I am searching for his family, Father,Mother, brothers, and sisters if any.  Do you know of any of these?  And is Russell Hinckley related. Thank you.

John Hinckley

Posted February 16, 2003

I am trying to find where Peggy Dow, wife of Preacher Lorenzo Dow.   I read she died in Herbron, CT on January 6,  1820. The epitaph on her gravestone reads: "Peggy Dow. Shared Vissitudes of Lorenzo."   Thank you for any infomation you can give me!!!!

Anne Marie Charland

Posted January 3, 2003

 I am doing the history of my family, HIBBARD. Specifically, William Hibbard or Hebard. He died in Hebron 4 June 1834. There are also other members of the Hibbard family in Hebron. Does anyone possibly have any information concerning him or the other members of the family? He was in the Revolutionary War. Thank you for any help that anyone can give me.

Ramona Hibbard Mizne

Posted November 9, 2002

Moses Stark born in Groton Ct.about 1720, married Elizabeth Holdredge May 29 1739 in Groton and had several children born in Hebron. The one my husband descends from is John Stark(s) born in Hebron Ct. Feb.26th 1754. He served in the Rev. war. He died in Whatley Ma. Dec. 1825.

Mary Stark

Posted November 7, 2002

I am doing the history of my family, HIBBARD. Specifically, William Hibbard or Hebard. He died there 4 June 1834. There are also other members of the Hibbard family there. Does anyone possibly have any information concerning him or the other members of the family? He was in the Revolutionary War. Thank you for any help that anyone can give me.

Ramona Hibbard Mizne

Posted April 13, 2002

James SLADE was born in Hebron Twp, Tolland Co, Ct 18 Apr 1730. He died 19 Apr 1812 in Barkhamsted, Ct and Buried in Center Cemetary. He was a Revolutionary War Patriot. Can you give me any additional info on his service in the Revolutionary War. Thank You very much for any help you can provide.

Jim Gibboney

Posted March 14, 2002

Looking for surnames: SKINNER, BUCK, and PALMERTER in Hebron area. Specific query is related to Jacob SKINNER b Nov. 19, 1766.  He was son of Joseph SKINNER and Ann DAY of Colchester. Jacob m Phebe BUCK and they came to Norwich, NY in 1790.  I want to know who Phebe BUCK's parents were. Family records have always said Jacob m a Phebe BUCK.  However, once in awhile the name PALMERTER shows up in that regard.  I just found under the section, "Marriages Prior to 1800" records of the 2nd Congregational Church on this website, a Jabob SKINNER m Phebe PALMERTER Oct. 1790 which has really confused me.  Would like any info on this that might straighten things out!


Posted February 5, 2002

I've searched the Hebron web page and failed to find any reference to my gggrandfather.  According to what I was told, William Nathan Gray was born (I don't know where) December 25, 1824 and died December 20, 1915 in Hebron.  I do remember being at the family farm in Hebron back in the 1930s but don't have any further information.  William Nathan married Jane Green and their children included my ggrandfather Charles Amasa Gray (10/1/1858 - 3/3/1947) and his siblings Idella (1853-1953) and Robert Charles.  Charles Amasa later settled in Windsor and married Emily Jane Williams on July 23, 1883. If you have any information beyond this, or if you can confirm my information, I'd be most appreciative.

Bob Tanguay

Posted February 4, 2002

Does anyone know where David CULVER and Mary YOUNGS are buried? My information says that David and Mary were married at Hebron on Feb. 12, 1758. They had at least 11 children. He died on Aug. 3, 1814. She died July 9, 1830. Where are they buried? He was a Rev. War soldier and so was at least two of his sons. Does anyone know? Thank you for your time.

Terri Kukla

Posted October 11, 2001

I have a great deal of data on Simeon BAXTER and both his antecedents and descendents. I would be willing to exchange information with people with an interest in this surname.

Jerry Cahill

Posted October 11, 2001

I am seeking any information on my elusive HOWARD family. They lived in Hebron in the early 1700's. Some of their given names were: Edward, Isaiah, Abner and Elijah just to name a very few. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cindy (Howard) Newton

Posted October 11, 2001

I have relatives who fought in the Revolutionary War and I was wondering if anyone has any information on them. They are Austin WELLS born in (according to my info) Hebron on February 14, 1759; James A. WELLS, born May 17, 1786; Walter Raleigh WELLS, born August 25, 1820. Austin was a soldier and the son of Edmund WELLS.

Posted August 25, 2001

I have traced my LATHAM family line back to Amos B. LATHAM (b) 1 June 1816 in Hebron, Tolland, CT (d) 1893.  Married to Caroline Matilda LOOMIS of Colchester, New London, CT, (b) 23 Sept. 1820, (d) 1856. She is a grandaughter of Corp. Samuel Loomis who was in the revolutionary war.  Two of their daughters, Harriet and Betty were also born in Hebron. Amos and Caroline are buried in the Marlborough Cemetary, Marlborough, CT.  Family bible records show father of Amos possibly William LATHAM (b) 20 Feb. 1769 (d) 31 Dec. 1834.  His wife was Elizabeth BURNS  (b) 19 Feb 1770 (d) 1849.  The 1810 Fed. census lists a William Latham (p.293)  with 3 males 10-16, 2 males under 10, 1 female under 10 and 1 male 26-45 and one female 26-45. I would appreciate any help you could give me in connecting these lines.  I would especially like to know the parents, g-parents of this William if he is Amos' father.

Beverly A. Cosby

Posted August 25, 2001

I was looking on the Hebron web site for an ancestor's name that supposedly resided in Hebron around the mid 1700's. I could not find the name listed, but found it interesting to see another "WILCOX" listed. A Jonathan WEBSTER married an Elizabeth WILCOX in May of 1763. My record shows a David WEBSTER born 1738- ?, married a Molly WILCOX born 1743- ?, and resided in Hebron, Connecticut. Has anyone heard of this WEBSTER? He was the son of Thomas WEBSTER 1703-1802 of Lebanon, Connecticut. This is the first time I have sent a genealogy inquiry. I find this field exciting, researching the past. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Craig Webster

Posted August 25, 2001

My grandfather lived in Hebron..........James ALDRICH lived on Paper Mill Rd. Am looking for info on the following family members: Gordon E. Aldrich Frances MURPHY Aldrich, William E. Aldrich, Tobie D. Aldrich (Stahle), James P. Aldrich. Polly Aldrich, Jean Aldrich, Larry Aldrich, and Gary Aldrich.

Tobie Stahle

Posted July 22, 2001

Nathaniel Moore, Rev War soldier, was born in Hebron, c. 1732.  He married Mary Eaton, also of Hebron, sometime around 1766.  I have other ancestors from Hebron as well, such as Thomas Wells, and Prudence Shipman, Jonathan Hutchinson, and Hannah Sawyer, etc., but I have been able to trace their lines.  Nathaniel, however, and his wife Mary have been elusive.  I do know that they eventually migrated to Castleton, Vt. where they both are buried. I would appreciate any help that anyone can give me.

Ann Page

Posted July 22, 2001

Looking for information on the LEE family in Hebron in 1774. Mary LEE married Benjamin FORD.

Yvette Seldin

Posted June 30, 2001

Searching for WARRENDER, Charles or Mary, known to be residing in Hebron Town in 1880. Thank you.

Donna Hodgson

Posted May 18, 2001

Looking for the descendants of Joseph PETERS (1726-1761) and Deborah BURCHARD of Hebron, CT. In particular, descendants of their son, Samuel PETERS (Dec. 1750-1841) who married Hulda YOUNG and moved to Esrnstown in southern Ontario, Canada. Would appreciate any info on their descendants and the conditions/reasons why they left Hebron, CT.

Doug Peters

March 11, 2001

1800 census Hebron, Tolland County, CT.
Branches and Twigs, Genealogical Society of Vermont, vol 6 #4 gives sons Alfred Chase BRIDGES and Dudley BRIDGES.
christened Nov 17,1765, New London, CT. Parents Samuel BRIDGES & Anna FOOTE.
married Hannah JONES of E. Haddam, August 17, 1786, Fair Haven Church, Colchester-Westchester, CT.
Dudley BRIDGES married Mary House HUBBARD April 7,1813, Berlin, VT.

Bob Cruse

Posted December 29, 2000


I would love contact with anyone researching the above family names.A brief synopsis of my connection is below.  Thanks.

Cornelia W. LOCKWOOD, daughter of Timothy LOCKWOOD and Elizabeth DERBY, was born 9 May 1836 in Gilead, Tolland Co., CT, and died 28 Aug 1898 in Hebron, Tolland Co.  She was known as Wealthy C. MOULTON in one record. Cornelia married (1) Lyman MOULTON 1 Apr 1855 in Andover, Tolland Co., son of Howard MOULTON and Octavia CHAPPEL of Bolton, Tolland Co. Lyman was born 24 Jul 1831 in Andover, and he died 7 Sep 1864 in Hebron. Cornelia married (2) John Michael FOGIL c1868 in Gilead, son of Andrew FOGIL. John was born 15 Dec 1847 in Germany. He farmed in Hebron, then Gilead, throughout his life.  His death details are unknown as yet.

Children of Cornelia LOCKWOOD and Lyman MOULTON are:

i. William F. MOULTON, b. 15 Feb 1856, Hebron; d. 14 Nov 1875.

ii. Mary Frances MOULTON, b. 7 May 1858, prob. Hebron; d. bef1870, CT; m. Frederick GOSS. [I realize that a married woman should not have died before age 12, but I have to go with what I've got!]

iii. Frances MOULTON, b. c1859, prob. Hebron; m. Fred [UNKNOWN] (5 children).

iv. Newton Howard MOULTON, b. 20 Aug 1861, Hebron; d. 11 Nov 1941, Hartford, CT; m. Clara Roena STOWELL of Hartford, 20 Sep 1888, Hartford (4 children).

Children of Cornelia LOCKWOOD and John FOGIL are:

v. Georgiana FOGIL, b. 14 Dec 1869, prob. Hebron; m. (1) James COUGHLIN; m. (2) James DELMORE (4 children).

vi. Clarence J. FOGIL, b. 29 Jan 1872, prob. Hebron; m. Minnie PARKS (2 children).

vii. Florence Idella FOGIL, b. 15 Jul 1874, prob. Hebron; d. 10 Jun 1877.

I am the great great granddaughter of Newton Howard MOULTON and Clara Roena STOWELL.

Mary Jo C. Martin

Posted December 25, 2000

Need information on Daniel PHELPS, Sr. (born 1761) or Daniel PHELPS, Jr. (born 1797). Both were born in Hebron, Tolland County, CT. Daniel Sr. married Diana Halmin in 1791. Daniel Jr. married Eliza Anthony in 1821. Also looking for information on Barrett PHELPS (born 1722) or Noah PHELPS (born 1693). Thank you.

Joan Marcinko

Posted December 25, 2000

Need ancestors of Asa BROWN who married May 1774, Hebron, CT, Elizabeth DUNHAM, possibly daughter of Isaac and Jerusha (Loomis) Dunham, born 17 Jan 1748, Hebron, CT. They moved to Middlefield, MA where three children were born: Anna, born 8 Jan 1780; Jerusha, born 26 Jan 1782; Abigail, born 14 Apr 1784.

Jerry Mattison

Posted October 12, 2000

I am looking for any info concerning the MOREY family of Hebron, CT. Specifically, I am wondering if anyone has any info regarding Thomas MOREY (b. 1788, Hebron). Thomas was the son of John MOREY and the brother of Caleb and Salmon. This particular family moved to Oxford, Maine before 1830. Any info would be welcomed. Thanks in advance!


Posted October 12, 2000

My cousin and I are researching the TARBOX family to whom we are related. We have found our Godfrey TARBOX, then our Solomon TARBOX in Hebron. Our line comes through Solomon and Asenath PHELPS to their son Zenas who married Phoebe ? in Hebron and then immigrated to New York state and had a son named John. From John we are 5th removed. We have found most of the siblings to Zenas in Hebron. From there we are still researching. A cousin goes to Hebron from time to time to research and has found a good many of the TARBOX's. If anyone has any information on Zenas or Phoebe? we sure would appreciate a quick e-mail from them. Thank you in advance.


Posted July 18, 2000

I am researching Nathan FULLER and his wife Hulda EDWARDS (of Coventry). They are listed in the Barbour Collection as having married in Hebron on 12 Dec 1757. I am descended from them through their 1st born son, Nathan Jr, who is also listed in the Barbour Collection as having been born in Hebron on 10 Jun 1759. I have uncovered a fairly complete account of Nathan Fuller (the son) including he and his father's service in the Revolutionary War along with his and his wife's requests for pensions, which were granted. Nathan Jr. married Hannah Welch, 18 Jun 1786, in Theford, VT after Nathan Sr. had moved to Orange County, VT.

If anyone has further information on Nathan FULLER, Sr. and how he came to be in Hebron in the 1750's I would certainly be interested in corresponding with you and sharing my 8 forward generations. Thank you.

Bob Ellingwood

Posted June 29, 2000

My gggg grandmother was from Hebron, Tolland County. Her name was Hannah Chub; she married Beriah Tree in Attleboro, MA in 1734. Looking for parents of Hannah Chub as well as siblings and other vitals.

Also, this tree has another missing link. Margaret Tree (daughter of Beriah and Hannah Chub Tree) married Simeon Allen in Attleborom MA. Some information I have places him from CT, possibly Tolland or Wyndham county. I also have information that he served in the Revolutionary War, 6/1776 to 12/1776 as a 1st Lt. in Motts CT State Regiment. I am looking for concrete vitals. Can anyone HELP?!!!

Kristy Nortz

Posted June 4, 2000

Looking for information regarding the descendants of Seth Sutton (1705-18Apr 1784) of Hebron, CT. In particular the descendants of his sons John (b. 23 May 1733) and David (b. 26 Dec 1736; m. Phebe Peters 25 Jun 1769).

I have a John Sutton (b. ca. 1774/5) who settled in Salem's Bridge (modern day Naugatuck, CT). He was a member of the Episcopal Church at Gunntown in Salem's Bridge. I do not know if there is a connection to the Suttons of Hebron, but would like to check out all possibilities, especially if the Hebron clan was Episcopalian.

Other Suttons in the Waterbury area during my John's time were Henry Sutton of Watertown, CT, Isaac Sutton of Waterbury, CT (b. ca. 1754), and William Sutton of Cheshire, CT. These may be siblings/relatives of my John and may also be connected to the Hebron Suttons.

Thank you.

Michael Smith

Posted April 16, 2000

Moses and Dority Yeamons witnessed a deed of Joseph Dewey on 4 Apr 1728. Later, Moses Yeomans "of Hebron" purchased land in Colchester. The Moses of Colchester who married Sarah Pratt (1738) in Colchester is said to be the son of Edward and Thankful (Bidwell) Yeomans m. 5 Sep 1716. The Moses who witnessed the deed cannot be son of Edward. Was he the same who m. Sarah Pratt? Was Dority a first wife, a sister? Can anyone identify this "extra" Moses? Any info appreciated.


Posted March 25, 2000

Looking for information on Percy Cole CRAW, b.abt 1781, Hebron, CT. Father of Orrin E. CRAW, b.13 Apr 1807, Hebron, CT, d. 2 May 1869, San Bernardino, CA. Wife of Orrin was Jane Ann PORTER, Parents unknown, b.abt 1816, Hebron, CT. Orrin and Jane lived in Florence, Michigan before moving on to California. They had two boys, Charles Jesse and Hyrum Lewis, and three girls, Mary Jane, Caroline Marie and Mary Ann. Any help on the CRAWs or PORTER families would be of great help.


Posted February 8, 2000

Looking for information on Jacob SUMNER, B: 1772 Hebron, Tolland, CT.; D: 5 Oct 1852, Saline, Washtenaw, MI.

M: Margery LOVELAND, B: 26 Dec 1776 Hebron, Tolland, CT.; D: 13 Jan 1849, Saline, Washtenaw, MI. Married at Franklin, Delaware, NY.

I have been unable to locate any information on Jacob. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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