Clintonville, Waupaca County, Wisconsin
July 3, 2000
partial listings
mostly KRUEGER

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Krueger, Louise 1861 1929 Mother shared stone with Charles F.W.
Krueger, Charles F.W. 1862 1950 Father shared stone with Louise
Krueger, Edward F. 1887 1955   shared stone with Anna I.
Krueger, Anna I. 1885 1964   shared stone with Edward F.
Krueger, Grace   1913   small stone; buried with Anna I. & Edward F.
Krueger, Adolph J. 1885 1973   shared stone with Hulda E.
Krueger, Hulda E. 1889 1976   shared stone with Adolph J.
Krueger, Alfred Aug. 1, 1909 Apr. 28, 1910 Geb 1. Aug. 1909 Gest. 28. Apr. 1910
"Du warst so fromm, Voll liebe treu, bescheiden,
mit dir enflohen unsre lebensfreoden."
shared section with Adolph, Hulda, Leonard & Betty Jane
Krueger, Leonard J. 1911   husband shared stone with Betty Jane;shared section with
Adolph J., Hulda E., & Alfred
Krueger, Betty Jane 1927 1990 wife shared stone with Leonard J.;shared section with
Adolph J., Hulda E., & Alfred
Krueger, Alvin H. 1920 1979   shared stone with Irene P.
Krueger, Irene P. 1930     shared stone with Alvin H.
Krueger, Donald W. May 29, 1930   September 26, 1953 marriage date? Shared stone with Janet R.
Krueger, Janet R. July 26, 1934   September 26, 1953 marriage date? Shared stone with Donald W.
Krueger, Hulda R. 1910   Mother shared stone with Gilbert A.
Krueger, Gilbert A. 1907 1982 Father shared stone with Hulda R.
Krueger, Alvin J. 1889 1983 father shared stone with Selma B.
Krueger, Selma B. 1891 1975 mother shared stone with Alvin J.
Krueger, Art J. 1889 1984   shared stone with Myrtle S.
Krueger, Myrtle S. 1890 1976   shared stone with Art J.
Krueger, Carl W. 1859 1921 "Nur hier wo er ruht werde ich einst ruche
finden". On back of stone is carved the name
"Rindt". Footstone marked: Vater
shared stone with Louisa W. and also a large Krueger monument.
Krueger, Louise W. 1861 1938 Footstone marked: Mutter shared stone with Carl W.
Pingel, Audrey 1920 1983   shared section with Carl & Louise Krueger and Clara & Henry Pingel
Pingel, Clara 1883 1968 mother shared stone with Henry; shared section with Carl & Louise Krueger
& Audrey Pingel
Pingel, Henry 1879 1941 father shared stone with Clara; shared section with Carl & Louise Krueger &
Audrey Pingel
Krueger, Betty R. Mar. 26, 1922     shared stone with Henry C.;shared section with Guyer
Krueger, Henry C. Aug. 21, 1916 Dec. 29, 1998 Sgt. US Army World War I shared stone with Betty R.;shared section with Guyer
Guyer, Frederic E. Oct. 15, 1894 Oct. 7, 1951 Pvt HQ Co 69 Arty CAC
World War I Wisconsin
shared stone with Ruc C.; might be parents of
Betty R. Krueger; shared section with Henry & Betty Krueger
Guyer, Ruc C. Sept. 11, 1899 Apr. 10, 1989   shared stone with Frederic E.

**Please Note**
My family line includes the KRUEGER and PINGEL families, but none of the Kruegers or Pingels listed above
are in my line (not that I know of....yet). Feel free to contact me regarding my lines. I was visiting
Graceland hoping to find NICOLAIs (another of my direct lines), but alas, found none.
So, if anyone visits this page and knows the whereabouts of the Nicholai's
from Clintonville, please contact me. I have a picture of "Aunt Guste" Nicolai
taken with my father and uncle in about 1926(ish), but do not know
where she ties in to the family.



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