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Gilead, Connecticut......a small rural community located within the township of Hebron, has long been in the hearts and minds of those who have either lived there or visited family and friends there. My name is Linda Pingel and I want to welcome you to this treasure trove of memories from this small community. This site is a part of the USGenWeb Project and is a "spin-off" (so to speak) of the Hebron genealogy web site that I also host for USGenWeb. The small community of Gilead seems to be somtimes lost amongst the genealogical information for the larger township of Hebron. So, when I was approached with an offer to publish anecdotes, school stories and personal stories from Gilead's past, I immediately jumped into gear. A volunteer, Thomas Adams, has graciously offered to author and submit stories from his youthful past and/or pictures plus stories that should be either historically worthwhile or should result in fond memories and recollections by anyone whose lives were influenced by life in this small town.

Please understand that Thomas Adams holds the copyright on these stories, and although one can assume that his material may be used in your personal genealogical family files.....they are not to be sold for profit. It might be prudent to contact Thomas Adams before copying any of his information. And, of course, if you have enjoyed any of his stories, you might also like to contact him with a "thank you."

Do not be discouraged by the lack of quantity (to date). Stories will be added on a regular basis as Tom is able to develop them.


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Mrs. Montigny and The One Room Schoolhouse
Life on the Buell Farm
Next Story Coming in the Fall - Author is on Summer break

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