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Taken from "History of the St. Croix Valley", published in 1909

O'LEARY, JOHN, comes of good old Irish stock. He was born in County Cork, May 27, 1856, son of Daniel and Catherine (Hurley) O'Leary, both of whom were respected residents of Ireland. The father was a railroad man in his early days, but later took up the hotel business in his native county, continuing in this business until his death in 1866. His wife died in 1876. Daniel and Catherine O'Leary were the parents of three daughters and two sonsJohn, Nora, Minnie, Catherine and Daniel. Nora lives in England; Minnie in Waupun, Wis., and Catherine in Milwaukee, Wis. John received a good common school education and attended the National Model School at Dunmmanway, Ireland. He came to America in April, 1874, and located at Waupun, Wis., farming there for two years. He then went to Colorado, where he was department foreman in a large smelting concern. After six years there he went to Denver, Col., where he had charge of a branch of the Grand and Omaha Smelting & Refining Company. He returned to Waupun in 1885 and worked on his father-in-laws farm until 1903, when he purchased 165 acres for himself. He later sold this place and purchased 197 acres in Hammond township, where he now resides. He has greatly improved the farm, raising some large general crops and live stock. Mr. O'Leary was married in 1882 to Viola Hartshorn, of Fond du Lac, Wis., daughter of John P. and Martha Jane (Somers) Hartshorn, the former of whom was born in Vermont and the latter in New York State. In 1848 they settled in Waupun, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. O'Leary have six childrenHerbert, Don, Cecil, Florence, Clarence and Martha. Herbert is a cadet at the United States Military Academy at West Point, N. Y. The rest of the children are at home. Mr. O'Leary is a Republican in politics and has served as supervisor of the town of Hammond several years. He has also served on the school board. Mr. and Mrs. O'Leary stand very high in the community. They are believers in education, and their children have had the advantage of an excellent bringing-up. Mr. O'Leary is widely honored and respected, honest to the core and a gentleman of unquestioned integrity. He is a man of much ability and has made a pronounced success of all his undertakings.


This rough draft was compiled from  St. Johns Lutheran Church Records, New Fane, Auburn Twp., Fond du Lac Co., Wi.  Along with census and newspaper articles. If anyone finds any errors please contact me.
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1. OPPERMANN, F. (FREDRICH) AUGUST was born 29 Sept. 1828 in Lenz, Stargart, Germany. At age 25 (abt. 1853) , he immigrated to the United States and settled in the Town of Herman, Sheboygan Co. There he met and married Emilie Maria Friedricka Krueger , who was born 11 May, 1841 and died 27 Dec. 1928. They married in 1858 and in 1859 moved to a farm in Auburn Twp., Fond du Lac Co., Wisconsin, where they resided till 1901 when they decided to retire from farming and moved into town. This farm was located on Hwy. G., just south of Youth Camp Road.
August and Emilie were  some of the first settlers in the area and had to clear their land and even had encounters with local Indians. August was one of the signers of the first incorporation papers of the church, St. Johannes Church of the Town of Auburn dated o8 July, 1861.  (St. Johns – New Fane)Thirteen children were born to this couple . Friedrich Wilhelm Reinhold, Johanne Wilhemia Auguste, Emilie Johanna Henrietta, Magdalena (Lena) Wilhemia, Henricka, Anna Catherine Sophia Freidricka, Wilhelmine Maria Louise, Johannes Friedrich August, Wilhelmina, Sophia Johanna, Elsie --- Amalie, Martha Emilie Louise, Heinrich (Henry) Samuel Johann, Max ----Franz, and one other.
*August died 20 Sept. 1911 of old age but had been ill for the two years prior. He and Emilie are buried in St. Johns Cemetery at New Fane, Auburn Twp., Fond du Lac Co., Wi.
2. Friedrich Wilhelm Reinhold …was born 12 Jan. 1860 in Auburn Twp., F.D.L. Co. and died in 1940 and is buried at St. Johns, New Fane, Wi

2. Johanne Wilhelmine Auguste  …was born 01 AUG. 1861 IN Auburn Twp/. F.D.L. Co. On 01 Jan. 1887, she married Heinrich Jakob Schneberger and moved to Milwaukee, Wi.

2. Emilie Johanne Henriette  …was born 30 March 1863 in Auburn Twp., F.D.L. Co. On 12 Sept., 1886 , she married Johannes Philipp Elbert and moved to Augusta, Wi.

2.Magdalena Wilhelmine Henr. … was born 10 March 1863 in Auburn Twp., F.D.L. Co.. On 12 Sept. 1886 she married David Knickel and moved to Campbellsport, Wi. They had one daughter Lylian Christine

2.Anna Catherine Sophia Fredericka  …was born 03 March 1867 in Auburn Twp., F.D.L. CO.. On 27 Nov. 1890 she married Franz William Baumann and moved to Sullivan, Wi.

2.Wilhelmine Maria Louise … was born 30 April 1869 in Auburn Twp., F.D.L. Co.  On 06 Jan. 1897 she married Samuel J. A. Moldenhauer

2.Johannes (John) Friedrich August … was born 01 April 1871 in Auburn Twp., F.D.L. C.o.  On 14 May 1898 he married Emilie (C.)Karoline Wilhelmina Bartelt ,who was born 26 Aug. 1879 and was the daughter of Ferdinand and Augusta Reimer Bartelt. Ferdinand b. 20 June 1849 and d. 19 April 1886 and Augusta b. 09 Aug. 1854 and d. 27 July 1928. They took over the home farm. They had 12 children. Walter Friedrick August , Martin Ernst Johannes, Max Heinrich, Johannes Emil, Arnold Wilson, Frances Emilie , Wilson Ferdinand, Flossie Auguste, Emilie Johanna, Ruben August, Harvey Lambert, and Armin Alfred.

3.Walter Friedrich  August …was born 11 Aug. 1899 .  On 29 June 1924 he married Frieda Johanna Maria Heberer. They had 4 children. Walter, Harold, June ,and Jean.  Frieda died 06 April 1995 in Port Washington, Wi.  She is buried in Union Cemetery of same city.

3. Martin Ernst Johannes …was born 31 March 1901   and married Meta Wegner.  They had two daughters ,Dorothy Erna and Marcella Elise

3. Max Heinrich …was born 01 Oct. 1902 and died 05 Jul. 1921

3. Johannes Emil …was born 16 June 1905

3. Arnold Wilson …was born 11 May 1907

3. Frances Emilie …was born 12 June 1909 and married Wilhelm Albert Ferdinand Klabuhn on 28 Nov. 1929

3. Wilson Ferdinand …was born 21 Feb. 1911,  and married Evelyn

3. Flossie Augusta …was born 17 April 1913

3. Emilie Johanna … was born 02 Sept. 1915

3. Ruben August … was born 16 Oct. 1917  . He married Virginia   and died 1974. He was a Tech 4 U.S. Army

4. Ruben A.   b.1951 – d.1996
3.Harvey Lambert …was born 17 Sept. 1919 and died 25 Nov. 1919

3. Armin Alfred …was born 01 Dec. 1922
2. Wilhelmine Sophia Johanna …was born 30 Dec. 1873  in Auburn Twp., F.D.L. Co.  She married M. R. Steimke and moved to Stratford, Wi.

2. Elsie ------ Amalie …was born 13 May 1876 and died 09 Feb. 1918 of epilepsy

2. Martha Emilie Louise  …was born    ?  married?  O.K. Koepke of Marion Wi.

2. Heinrich (Henry) Samuel Johanne …was born 16 Feb. 1883 in Auburn Twp., F.D.L. Co.,  On 17 Oct. 1906 he married Ida Emma Emilie Bartelt, who was born 03 Oct. 1883. She was the daughter of Ferdinand and Augusta Reimer Bartelt. Ferdinand b. 20 June 1849 – died 19 April 1886 and Augusta b. 09 Aug. 1854 – died 27 July 1928  By 1910 they had bought a farm located on Auburn/Ashford Road just west of New Fane. This being the former property of Wm. Kleinke.  On 05 July 1935, Henry was hurt while unloading hay at the Edw. Kreawald farm where he was pinned between the tractor and barn..He survived this accident. Henry and Ida had four children . Lucinda Emilie Augusta, Malinda Augusta Emilie, Maria Ida Johanna, and Heinrich (Henry) August.   Henry died in 1948 and Ida died in 1978. Both are buried at St. Johns Cemetery in New Fane, Wi.
3. Lucinda Emilie Augusta …was born 19 Jan. 1911

3. Malinda Augusta Emilie …was born 30 Sept. 1913

3. Maria Ida Johanna …was born 08 March 1916

3. Heinrich (Henry) August …was born 15 Feb. 1919
2. Max Franz …was born 21 July 1887 in Auburn Twp., F.D.L. Co.  and died 07 Aug. 1899