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Essex County, VT
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Adams, Frank G.
Albee, John Mead
Amy, Caleb & Micah

Balch, William Everard
Barron, William T.
Benton, Everett Chamberlin & Jay B.
Berry, Joseph
Bishop, William H.
Brown, Albert L.
Brown, Benjamin
Byron, Benjamin, George Washington & Eliza Augusta

Carbee, Scott Clifton
Chase, Willard
Clark, Ezra Warren
Cobb, Luther A.
Conway, John
Coyne, Peter M.
Cushman, Isaac & Seth
Cutler, Benoni & Children
Cutting, Hiram Adolphus
Cutting, Oliver B.

Dale, George N.
Damon, Charles
Dana, Daniel
Darling, John M.
DeForest, Mills (plus Lemington History)
Dewey, John

Farnham, Archie L.
Flanders, Frank B.
Fogg, Lester D.
Ford, Benjamin S.
Ford, Samuel W.
French, George B.
French, Hains & Volney
Fuller, Henry

Gallup, O.M.
Gaskill, David
Grapes, Philip
Green, Edwin Canaan
Grout, Jonathan

Hale, Franklin D.
Hall, Samuel R.
Hartshorn, John Willard & William H.
Heywood, Henry, William & William Henry
Hibbard, David (Sr., Jr., III) & Harry
Hill, George W.
Hobson, Samuel Decatur
Holbrook, Arthur T.
Holton, Charles O.
Hopkinson, David
Howard, William Sumner
Howe, Reuben & Simon
Howe, Samuel
Hubbard, George A.
Hudson, Solomon S.
Hugh, John & Samuel
Hunt, George L.
Hyde, David

Johnson, Russell Thayer
Judevine, Harvey

King, Charles W.

Lillicrap, Harry
Lucas, James
Lund, Henry W.

Matthews, Charles W.
McLean, Albert
M'Lellan, Henry Blake & Isaac
Morse, James

Nelson, Wilmot G.

Philbrick, Jonathan

Ramsay, George Lafayette
Reed, Marcus L.
Rich, John
Rosebrook, Eleazer

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