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WILLIAM WIERS  is a well known and successful citizen of Somers, Tolland county, where his high character and fine business sense have made him many friends.  He is a grandson of Walter Wiers, a life-long farmer in East Glastonbury, where he died at the age of eighty-two years.  Walter Wiers served at New London during the War of 1812, and was known as a well-to-do man.  Twice married, his second wife was a Miss Churchill, by whom he had the following children:  Lorana, who married Joseph Hopkins, and died in Willimantic, Conn.;  Betsey, who wedded Andrew Fox, died in New Britain;  a daughter that died in infancy;  Hiram, the father of William Wiers;  Truman, a cabinet maker, who died at Newington, Conn.;  Alanson, a cabinet maker, who died at Winsted, Conn.;  Henry, a farmer in East Glastonbury; and Albert, also a farmer in East Glastonbury.

Hiram Wiers, the father of William, was born in 1806, in what is now East Glastonbury, where he lived until he became of age, when he went to Wethersfield, Conn., to enter the employ of Dr. Welles as a farmer and a driver.  During his residence in Wethersfield he was married, and then removed to Tolland county, where he lived on a rented farm for a year.  At Stafford he bought a small farm, for which he contracted a heavy obligation.  This farm was located in the southwest part of the town, where he began in a modest way, but by hard work, careful economy and wise business deals he presently accumulated a handsome property.  At one time he owned more than 800 acres, and was one of the largest land owners in the county.  He dealt heavily in cattle, and was widely known as an honorable and enterprising man, with whom it was always possible to do business.  Throughout his life he followed farming, and he died in Stafford, in August, 1888, and his remains were interred in the cemetery near Crystal lake in that town.  Mr. Wiers was a hard worker, and an unusually shrewd stock dealer.  In early life he was a Whig, but later became a Democrat, and represented Stafford one term in the General Assembly.  In religion he was a Spiritualist.  Mr. Wiers and Sarah Wicks were married in Wethersfield, where she was born, a daughter of John Wicks, a cooper, who ran on vessels engaged in the West Indies trade.  She died at the age of forty-five years.  To them were born:  Eliza, who married Dennison Pierson, and died in Tolland;  William;  Ralph, who married Eliza Neff, and is living in West Stafford, Conn.;  Hiram, who married Nellie De Forest, and became a physician, but who died in Hartford; and Charles, who married Mary Lawton, was a real estate dealer, and died in Hartford.

William Wiers was born Aug. 28, 1836, in West Stafford, and was reared to hard work on the farm.  His education was obtained in the district school before he reached the age of eighteen years.  At that time he began working for a Mr. Clark, of Springfield, Mass., who employed him on a peddling wagon through Connecticut and Rhode Island.  Afterward he entered the employ of a Mr. Woodworth, of Enfield, and continued to travel the same route.  For about three years he was on the road, and did well.  Shortly after his marriage Mr. Wiers bought a farm near his birthplace in Stafford, which he cultivated several years.  He bought and sold several farms, and in April, 1872, purchased a farm in the Tenth district of Somers, which he made his home for ten years, when he sold it, and bought and sold several farms in Somers.  In October, 1895, Mr. Wiers purchased his present farm of Almeron Allen.

Mr. Wiers has made real estate his principal business.  He would buy farm lands and houses that were known as "run down" places, and fixing them up, would sell at a good profit.  In this business he is still engaged, and has handled real estate in many parts of the State, dealing in both city and farm property.  In years gone by, Mr. Wiers would go to Vernon, Canada and the West, where he would buy all kinds of stock, which he would ship to his home, and dispose of them as opportunity offered.  A shrewd business man he has become very prosperous.

In Stafford William Wiers and Madula S. Kendall were married Sept. 4, 1861.  Mrs. Wiers was born Oct. 23, 1839, in Tolland, a daughter of Lloyd and Anna (Mauley) Kendall, the former of whom was a farmer and blacksmith, and served at New London during the war of 1812.  To this union were born:  Carrie S., born July 1, 1864, died March 13, 1896;  Minnie A., born Aug. 10, 1869, died Feb. 21, 1872;  Hattie E., born Dec. 17, 1871, married Everett Brace, and died in Somers, Aug. 9, 1888;  Ida F., born Nov. 20, 1874, married Edmund Pease, a farmer in Somers, and has three children, Clesson W., Lawrence E. and Lila;  Lizzie M., born March 13, 1877, died Aug. 26, 1879; and Gracie M., born Dec. 14, 1879, married Nelson Nash, March 23, 1901, and has her home in Somers.

Mr. Wiers is a Republican, and is the only one of his family to hold to that political faith.  He is well known, and has held various local positions.

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