Including:  Ichabod Post, Gilbert H. Ellis, & Mrs. Julia S. Ellis




PUBLISHER: J.H.BEERS & CO., CHICAGO; 1903     P. 899 - 900

POST.  This family, to which Mrs. Julia S. Ellis, of Rockville, Tolland county, belongs, came from England to America at an early day and settled at Saybrook, Conn., and descendants of these pioneer settlers are still to be found in that part of the State.  One of them located at Hebron and from him descend the Posts of Tolland county.

Stephen Post, the founder of the family in America, was born in Chelmsford, County of Essex, England.  He crossed the ocean with his wife and four children in the ship “Griffin,” in September, 1633, landing in Boston.  He was a devout Puritan, and was one of the devoted flock which Rev. Mr. Hooker led through the wilderness in June, 1636, to found the Colony of Connecticut.  His name is inscribed on the monument erected by the citizens of Hartford in honor of the city’s founders, in the ancient burying ground of Center Church.  Mr. Post, however, did not remain in Hartford, but removed to Saybrook where he built a house at the place called Oyster River some two miles from the fort.  There he died Aug. 16, 1659, his wife, Eleanor, surviving him until Nov. 13, 1670.  To Stephen and Eleanor Post were born four children:  John, 1626;  Thomas, 1628;  Abraham, 1629; and Catherine, 1631.  All were born in England.

Abraham Post, son of Stephen, became the father of ten children all born in Saybrook, as follows:  Stephen, Dec. 3, 1664;  Ann, May 4, 1667;  Abraham, June 9, 1669;  James, March 14, 1671;  Esther, Dec. 14, 1672;  Daniel, Nov. 28, 1673;  Gurdon, May 20, 1676;  Joseph, Feb. 6, 1678;  Mary, Feb. 21, 1680; and Eleanor, Feb. 10, 1682.

Gurdon Post, grew to manhood and like his predecessors of the name held an honorable place in the estimation of his fellowmen.

Jedediah Post, son of Gurdon, was the next in direct line.  He lived and died in Hebron.

David Post, son of Jedediah, was born in Hebron Nov. 25, 1752.  He made his home in Gilead Society in Hebron, where he extensively engaged in farming and in shipping beef and pork to the South.  On May 20, 1784, he married Martha Warner, daughter of Dr. A.I. Warner, of Bolton.  Mrs. Post died Aug. 14, 1846, aged eighty-five years, preceded by her husband, who passed away Oct. 5, 1840.  Their children were as follows:  David Warner, born March 4, 1785, died Feb. 11, 1824;  Diodate, is mentioned below;  Jedediah, born July 18, 1788, lived in South Glastonbury, and died Aug. 20, 1866;  Elijah, born July 31, 1792, lived in Hebron, Gilead Society, and died April 20, 1869;  John Henry, born July 19, 1794, made his home in Hebron, and died there Oct. 17, 1825; and Ichabod, born March 4, 1798, died at the age of fifteen.

Diodate Post, son of David, was born in Gilead Society, Hebron, Aug. 31, 1786, and he became a successful farmer in his native community.  He was a very active man and was of a decided character.  In his political views he was originally a Democrat, but on the formation of the Republican party cast his ballot in its support.  In his religious views he was broad and liberal with a firm belief in the universal brotherhood of man.  On May 29, 1810, he was united in marriage with Permelia Birge, who was born in Bolton, Sept. 3, 1792, a daughter of Isaac Birge (born March 1, 1764) and his wife, Permelia (Warner) Birge (born Feb. 26, 1768).  Diodate Post died April 11, 1860, and his wife passed away July 30 of the same year.  Their children were:  William Alfred, born July 17, 1811, died unmarried June 13, 1856;  Mary Ann, born Aug. 17, 1813, married William Buell, and lived on the old homestead, where she died Aug. 30, 1883;  Ichabod, born Aug. 29, 1815.

ICHABOD POST,   son of Diodate, was born on the old homestead in Hebron, where he was reared.  After his marriage he resided there until 1862 when he sold the farm to his sister and moved to Vernon, buying property near Rockville.  Two years later Mr. Post bought a farm at the Center where he successfully engaged in agricultural pursuits.  All his life he was a hard worker, and being a man of unusual physical endowments, (standing six feet, four inches in height, with a frame in good proportion), he was able to accomplish much.  Politically he was a Democrat, and religiously a Congregationalist.  Ichabod Post married Lovina Dickinson, who was born Nov. 28, 1816, a daughter of Abner and Abigail (Curtis) Dickinson, of Glastonbury.  He died April 8, 1895, and his widow lives in Vernon Center with her son Albert Warner.  Their children were:  Subura, who died at the age of ten months;  Julia Sprague, who became Mrs. Ellis; and Albert Warner, born June 1, 1849, who is a farmer at Vernon Center, and is much interested in church and town affairs.  Albert Warner Post was married Aug. 23, 1876, to Fannie Morris by whom he has had the following children:  Elizabeth, Dora C., Truman Morris, Julia Louise, Fannie MacBell and Russell Albert.

Julia Sprague Post was born in Gilead Society, March 25, 1842.  Her youth was passed in her native town and she accompanied her parents on their removal to Vernon.  On Jan. 20, 1864, she was married to Harvey S. Ellis, who was born in Hampden, Mass., May 11, 1841, a son of Benjamin F. and Emeline (Kimball) Ellis, of the town of Somers, Mass.  Benjamin F. Ellis died Oct. 9, 1887, at the age of seventy-six years.  Harvey S. Ellis and wife had one child, Gilbert H., born Feb. 20, 1868.  Harvey S. Ellis passed the greater part of his early life in Somers, Mass., and in young manhood came to Connecticut, locating first at Tolland where he spent two years and then located in Vernon.  He was a farmer by occupation and in 1868 he bought a farm at Vernon Center and engaged assiduously in the cultivation of tobacco.  In political faith Mr. Ellis was a Democrat, but was never active in party work although he filled several local offices very satisfactorily.  His first thought was ever for his home, and there he spent all his time.  He was a member of the Congregational Church, and in the faith of that denomination he died March 2, 1895.  He was highly esteemed in the town and his death caused universal regret.

Gilbert H. Ellis, only child of Harvey S. and Julia S. (Post) Ellis, resides on the old homestead, and its well tilled fields and neat buildings attest  his industrious and progressive spirit.  He married Estella Andrews, and they have had seven children as follows:  Luther H. born Dec. 16, 1891, died March 16, 1892;  Harold G., born May 19, 1893;  Elton H., born Sept. 25, 1895;  Mildred L., born June 13, 1898;  Raymond L., born June 4, 1899;  Dora Estella, born Dec. 11, 1900; and Clifford R., born Jan. 3, 1903.

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