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PARK.  (I)  Eleazer Park, baptized Nov. 12, 1738, in Preston, Conn., had children:  Peter, Eunice, Simeon, Asa, Abijah, Elijah and Mary.

(II)          Simeon Park died July 17, 1812, aged eighty-three years, in Westminster, Conn.  He and his brothers, Peter and Elijah, took up a tract of 500 acres in Windham.  He married Anna----------, who died July 19, 1820, aged eighty-three years.  Their children were:  (1) Elijah, was born April 25, 1756.  (2) Elizabeth died July 30, 1816, aged fifty-nine years, unmarried.  (3) Ebenezer, born March 29, 1759, is mentioned below.  (4) Anna, was born Oct. 13, 1760.  (5) Phebe was born May 21, 1763.  (6) Elipha was born Nov. 28, 1766.  (7) Simeon was born March 21, 1768.  (8) Amy was born June 20, 1770.  (9) Thankful was born Aug. 24, 1773.  (10) Martha was born May 7, 1776.

(III)       Ebenezer Park, born March 29, 1759, in Westminster, Conn., married April 17, 1783, Mary Park, his cousin, daughter of Peter Park.  Ebenezer died June 2, 1849, aged ninety years.  She died Dec. 26, 1837, aged seventy-seven years.  He served in the Revolutionary war, enlisting from Windham.  Children:  (1) Abigail died Dec. 11, 1803, aged nineteen years.  (2) Eleazer, died Dec. 24, 1842, aged forty-three years.  (3) Abitha died Oct. 24, 1876, aged eight-five years.  His wife Sally died Oct. 30, 1871, aged sixty-seven years.  (4) Ebenezer died Jan. 18, 1866, aged sixty years.  His wife was Phebe Williams, of Preston, Conn.  Their son, Henry, now lives in Plainfield, Conn.  (5) Elijah was born June 14, 1788, and died Dec. 8, 1878, aged ninety years.

(IV)       Elijah Park, born June 14, 1788, in Windham, Conn., died Dec. 8, 1878, in Canterbury, Conn.  He married Hannah Preston, born June 2, 1788, at Great Neck, Conn., daughter of Shubael Preston, who served in the war of the Revolution.  She died July 30, 1857.  He married (second) Mrs. Mary Pollock.  Children:  (1) Norman, born Aug. 27, 1814, in Canterbury, Conn., is mentioned below.  (2) Harriet, born Aug. 2, 1816, died April 28, 1863, unmarried.

(V)         Norman Park married (first) Nov. 10, 1839, Emma Francis, daughter of John and Esther (Walden) Francis.  She died Oct. 13, 1860, in Canterbury, and he married (second) April 27, 1864, Mrs. Margaret Ewen, of Norwich, Conn.  She was married again to William Babcock, of Norwich.  His children, all born to the first marriage were:  (1) Susannah Francis, born Aug. 10, 1840, in Griswold, Conn., died aged fifteen years.  (2) George Boardman, born Dec. 30, 1841, in Griswold, Conn., died in a Rebel hospital while serving in the Civil war.  He was Sergeant in Co. F, 10th Conn. V.I.  He is buried in Church Flats, N.C.  (3) David Palmer, born July 25, 1843, in Canterbury, is now living in South Canterbury.  He has a wood-turning establishment and deals in farming implements, having taken up his fatherís business where he left off at his death.  He married Jan. 18, 1867 Emma L. Ewen.  They have no children.  (4) Emma Elizabeth, born Aug. 28, 1845, in Canterbury, married (first) Nov. 28, 1867, Charles Robinson Fowler, of Canterbury, Conn.  He was associated with J.D. Burnham, wholesale tobacco dealer, in Hartford, Conn.  He died June 27, 1873, in Plainfield, Conn., where he went on account of ill health.  They had one child, Carrie Edna, born Nov. 9, 1869, who died Oct. 30, 1871.  On Oct. 6, 1885, Mrs. Fowler married in Auburn, R.I., Elisha Park Beckwith, of New London, who died July 16, 1898.  There were no children by this union.  (5) Isabella Everett, born Sept. 20, 1847, in Canterbury, died April 4, 1892, in Middletown.  She married in October, 1870, Amos Kidder, of New Hampshire, and they had one child, Clarence Arthur, born Jan. 28, 1882, at South Canterbury, Conn.; he makes his home with Mrs. Beckwith.

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