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FRANK L. LOOMIS  is a prominent farmer in the town of Bolton, Tolland Co., Conn., where his high character and business ability have been recognized by his election to the position of selectman.

Jerijah Loomis, the grandfather of Frank L., was born in Bolton, where he married Susanna Risley.  He engaged in farming, having in his possession the old homestead, on which he died at the age of seventy-seven years.  With his wife he joined the Congregational Church in 1816.  All their children are dead:  Electa, was married;  Hannah, married Ira Lyman, and moved to Stockbridge, N.Y.;  Terza, married Jacob Sanders, and lived in Homer, N.Y.;  Sarah, married Judah Strong, and was his second wife;  Fidelia, married Lysander Chapman, and lived in Stockbridge, N.Y.;  Mercy, married Charles Lyman, of Stockbridge, N.Y.;  Jerijah, the father of Frank L. Loomis.

Jerijah Loomis, the father of Frank L., was born on the old homestead, where he attended the local school, and was reared to manhood.  He married Mary Ann Rice, a native of Belchertown, Mass., and a daughter of Christian Rice.  Mrs. Loomis died Jan. 17, 1898, at the age of eighty-nine years; her husband died Feb. 8, 1895, at the age of eighty-six years.  The other heirs to the homestead were bought out by Mr. Loomis, and he made the place, a fine Connecticut property of 100 acres, his home until his death.  Mr. Loomis was very successful in his farming operations, and became quite well-to-do.  In politics he was a staunch Republican, and was a life-long subscriber to the Hartford Courant.  In 1881 he was a member of the General Assembly.

To Mr. And Mrs. Loomis were born:  (1) Louisa, born Oct. 8, 1835, now the widow of Deloss Sanders, is living in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., where her daughter, Maude Louise, who married Dr. F.A. Faust, is living.  (2) Ellsworth J., born April 10, 1837, married Mary Rose, of Waterford, Conn., and is the father of two daughters.  (3) Mary, born July 25, 1840, married Dwight Warner, of Bolton, Jan. 3, 1866, and is the mother of the following children:  (a) Robert Loomis, born Aug. 1, 1870, married Hattie Howard, and has the following children:  Ruth, Mary Elizabeth and Hattie;  (b) Charles Royal was born June 15, 1876.  (4) Nathaniel, born Nov. 11, 1838, at Bolton, married Electa Thompson, and is the father of a daughter, Alta M.  (5) Frank L.  (6) Josephine, born Jan. 31, 1845, married Orville D. Burr, of Chester, and is the mother of Harry H. and Frank;  (7) Watie Adelaide, born Feb. 20, 1848, married Ferdinand Williams, of Bolton, Conn.  (8) John A., born July 2, 1850, now of Windsor, Conn., married Ella Alvord, who died in 1898.

Frank L. Loomis was born on the old homestead June 20, 1842, and there his boyhood and youth were passed, though from the time he was ten until he was fifteen years old he lived much out of town, having his schooling both in Bolton and in Manchester.  At the age of eighteen he began working on the farm for himself,  In Bolton he was married to Julia S. Martin, a daughter of Arnold and Julia Ann (Strickland) Martin.

The Martins and Stricklands are both old and honored families in this part of the State.  Charles Martin, the grandfather of Mrs. Loomis, married Sarah Armour, a relative of the noted Phil. Armour.  Mrs. Julia Ann (Strickland) Martin makes her home with her daughter, Mrs. Loomis, and though advanced in years, retains the control of her faculties to a remarkable degree.  She is a daughter of Chester and Sophronia (White) Strickland, and a granddaughter of Jonah and Annie (Cone) Strickland.  Annie Cone was a descendant of David Cone, of Haddam, in 1662, being one of its twenty-eight original proprietors.  Chester Strickland, who was born in 1797, was a grandson of Jonah Strickland; Sophronia  (White) Strickland was born in 1794; their only child, Julia Ann, became Mrs. Martin, as noted above.  Arnold Martin and his wife had two children:  J.W., born Nov. 7, 1842, is a commercial man, of East Hartford, and married Josephine E. Loomis; their daughter, Elulia Josephine, born Sept. 15, 1866, married William E. Alvord, of Bolton, and has a son, Martin Earl, born Nov. 9, 1901.  Julia S., who is Mrs. Loomis, was born March 18, 1851.

Mr. And Mrs. Frank L. Loomis have had the following family:  (1) Clinton F., born Dec. 15, 1872, married Josephine M. Clark, of Durham, Conn., and their daughter, Madeleine Louise, born Feb. 8, 1889, is the fifth generation to live in the old Strickland homestead in Bolton, which was built by Jonah Strickland;  (2) Freddie M., born April 29, 1875, died June 3, 1883;  (3) Bertha J., born April 11, 1880, married George B. Tryon, of Manchester, Conn., in December, 1899.

After his marriage Mr. Loomis was in North Coventry for four years, where he was engaged in operating a grist and shoddy mill and a saw mill, which he owned.  Then he bought a farm and spent four years in its cultivation.  In 1881 he removed to Bolton and settled on the place where his wife was born and reared.  There he has been engaged to the present time in farming.  In politics he is a staunch Republican, and has filled various local positions, such as selectman and member of the board of relief.  Mr. Loomis attends the Congregational Church, of which his wife is a member.  The family are all members of the Grange.

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