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JOHN BRIGHAM KINGSBURY was born Oct. 1, 1826, at the parental home on the Rockville road, Tolland, Conn., and there makes his home.  The land has been in the possession of the family for 175 years.

Nathaniel Kingsbury, Jr., great-grandfather of John B., was born in Coventry, a son of Nathaniel Kingsbury, Sr., who settled in Tolland about the time of his marriage, on land deeded to him by his father-in-law, and on this land his posterity still resides.  Nathaniel Kingsbury, Jr., was a deacon in the Presbyterian Church at Tolland.  His wife, Sarah, daughter of Capt. Samuel Chapman, died July 14, 1794, the mother of the following family:  Hannah, born in 1738;  Sarah, born in 1739;  three who died in infancy;  Ruth, born in 1750;  Nathaniel, born in 1753;  Jabez; and Samuel, born in 1763.

Deacon Jabez Kingsbury, son of Nathaniel, Jr., was born March 10, 1756, and died March 25, 1844.  He was a soldier in the Revolutionary army, entering when twenty-one years of age, and he drew a pension for his meritorious services in that struggle.  Born in Tolland, he lived here all his life, and built the house where his grandson, John B., was born, and which is still standing.  He was an active and public spirited man, and held the office of justice of the peace many years.  A man of deep religious feeling, he served as a deacon in the Congregational Church many years.  Deacon Kingsbury was married Aug. 15, 1776, to Anna Hatch, who was born Sept. 18, 1759, and died June 12, 1842.  They had three children, Sarah, Mary, and John.

Col. John Kingsbury, son of Deacon Jabez, and father of John B., was born Oct. 28, 1782, on the old farm.  He was an officer in the State Militia, appointed in 1821, and was a man of ability and character.  In his adult life he was a Whig, but became a Republican before he died.  A prominent man in the community, for many years he filled various local offices, and was selectman.  In the Presbyterian Church he was an active member and persistent worker.  His death occurred in Tolland, March 2, 1861, when he had reached the age of seventy-eight years.  In 1804, Col. Kingsbury was married to Sally Dimock, who was born Oct. 12, 1782, in Tolland, and died Dec. 11, 1819, at the age of thirty-seven years.  To this union were born a son and a daughter, twins, who died in infancy.  On Nov. 1, 1821, Col. Kingsbury married Sally Edgerton, who was born April 5, 1782, and died April 20, 1824.  Her only child died in infancy.  Col. Kingsbury married for his third wife, Mary Brigham, born Feb. 12, 1794, daughter of Don Carlos Brigham, and his wife whose maiden name was Greenleaf.  Mrs. Kingsbury died in November, 1871.  To this marriage were born the following family:  (1) John Brigham was the eldest.  (2) George Henry, born Nov. 22, 1828, was a farmer and engineer, and died Dec. 26, 1893; he married Mary Ora Crane (born July 11, 1829, died Jan. 2, 1894), by whom he had the following children:  Adalaide E., Jennie Ann, Lizzie Howard, George Lockwood (who died when ten and a half years old), and Mary Crane.  (3) and (4) Two children died in infancy.

John Brigham Kingsbury was born in Tolland, and received his education in District School, No. 5, and in a private school in Tolland Center, under Prof. Benton and William Starr.  When he was eighteen years old, he left school and devoted himself to farming on the home farm, which is still his residence.  During his more active years Mr. Kingsbury was an industrious farmer, and had under his management at one time a farm of 164 acres.  During the last few years he has practically retired from labor, and, as is said, is living on borrowed time, being now (1902) over seventy-five years old.  He is in good health, and he and his wife are genial companions.  Mr. Kingsbury is a member of the Masonic fraternity, where his kindly spirits and simple and unassuming manhood are very highly appreciated.  Mr. Kingsbury attends the Union Congregational Church at Rockville, of which his wife is a member.  In politics he is a staunch Republican, and has been selectman, also filling various local offices.  In 1889 and in 1890 he served in the General Assembly, where he served on the Towns and Probate Districts committees.

In 1850 Mr. Kingsbury was married to Mary Ann Kellogg, who was born April 9, 1825, daughter of Horace Kellogg, of Tolland.  To this union came a daughter, Mary Brigham, born Oct. 5, 1855, who died June 2, 1856.  Mrs. Kingsbury died Feb. 23, 1858, and Mr. Kingsbury was married April 17, 1861, to Caroline Ann Rogers, who was born April 15, 1829, daughter of Ariel and Judith (Towne) Rogers, of Monson, Mass.  Mr. Kingsbury is widely known for his kindly charities and his humane spirit.  His good deeds are numerous and his heart is full of sympathy for the needy and the afflicted.  With a large fortune at his command, his sympathetic disposition has had full play, and great good has been done by him in his own community.

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